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  1. I usually try to give this show a chance, hoping that it will go back to the way it use to be... But it's just getting worse believe it or not. Hunter's family bored me to death. And I am so annoyed how with these big events going on, no one is getting dressed, which just proves it is more fake. This sucks. the other girl I felt really bad for, the accident she had was no joke, but I am glad she is better. I wish Sondra made her dress. I wish she said she got her confidence back instead of her "gypsy bling". Im over it.
  2. I haven't heard much about Mellie in a while but I know she is currently pregnant with her third child. I just found this out from the Facebook page "the real Stanley sisters" but I think she lost custody of her first two kids 8( which is sad. I hope she gets her life together.
  3. It was nice seeing Trouble! She looks so gorgeous! She does seem like a real sweetheart. Wasn't a fan of her mother in law though :/ seems like a drama queen but glad her mom and the mother in law made peace. i am going to sound ignorant and I hope I don't come off as ignorant, but I didn't know there were Russian gypsies. Her daughter's party was nice, but I was wondering if their superstitions the Russian gypsy mother was saying was common or she just made them up. my family isn't gypsy but we are very superstitious.
  4. This episode was kind of refreshing, I kind of liked it.
  5. I like Priscilla as well, but her career choice sure is different. I kinda hope we continue to see more of her I like her and her family. The cousin and sister wedding was interesting, I was like, "oh this is so... ghetto?" Like really? Why would you go after your cousin's baby daddy? (This kind of happened with Dallas and Annie). Of course drama was going to happen. The only things that bum me are the weddings and events aren't as lavish as the use to be compared to the first couple of seasons. I missed seeing all that.
  6. I liked the candy theme and I wish I saw more of that party. The redneck wedding was just embarassing to watch. Like... Wtf...
  7. I am glad St. Marq is home I couldn't stand him, I couldn't believe he was working against his teammates instead of working with them. Like not only was it bad for the teammates but for the canvas too, because while the others tried to make their tattoos go together and match, he purposely wanted to make his stand out which would have looked weird on the canvas to have that one piece just stand out. I don't know, I couldn't stand his ego, I am just glad he is gone now
  8. @pheonix780 agreed! That was such a genius move! I am surprised St. Marq didn't get the annoying human canvas though. You would think he would have been picked for her just to get his nerves riled up and give him a hard time.
  9. @charlesman you know what? I didn't even realize what you said until you said it, but that is a good idea to have brought him on the show to have him tattoo with the other contestants. His time management was amazing, I am not a tattoo artist, but I am an artist and one of my biggest flaws is time management. I AM NOT GOOD AT IT. But it's nice to see a tattoo artist guest judge tattooing along side the contestants <3
  10. Kito hasn't been the best tattoo artist, but I am not going to lie I was sad to see him leave. I loved his personality, but I have to remember this is a competition :/. But that canvas I wanted to slap, she sounded like such a Whiney bitch. Forgive me if I am in correct but I know she said she didn't want water because... It doesn't move(???), then she only wanted one whisker? Then she was about to cry, because she was scarred it was going to hurt? I was like, "WHAT?! Why the hell are you here?" Someone posted her Twitter name under the #humancanvas hashtag on Twitter. Apparently she is a stri
  11. Has anyone been on the gypsy gossip Facebook page. Holy shit, as soon as it's announced the show has been cancelled, shit has hit the fan lol
  12. @shadowsixx I seriously couldn't stand Emily. She was such a bitch
  13. I was really surprised to hear this :( but what can you do? :/ wish it continued I liked seeing new faces like Dallas and Dovie
  14. I wonder what is going to happen to her kids... And how her brandy's father feels about all of this. Does social services get involved when this type on incident occurs (animal cruelty, Mellie (from what I read) beaten up)??
  15. WOW DID ANYONE READ THIS YET?! http://starcasm.net/archives/322852
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