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  1. crookedjackson44

    S33.E14: The Waterboy

    I am not sentimental about these performers, and I am glad as all getout that Paulie crapped out. Seeing he and Cara cry is just icing on the cake. They have been just cringeworthy all season long. I can only hope they break up in the off-season so she can hate on him like she has to Kyle in some future season (though, I really think she ought to retire and get on with real life).
  2. crookedjackson44

    S33.E09: American Psycho

    It was only two seasons or so ago when Cara was the face of the show; she was the one chosen to present the crossover questions between commercials. Now she is so toxic I can't think anyone could still like her. Maybe she needs some time off. Maybe like Johnny, she needs to retire. I don't like most of the Brits, because, as Kam said, I can't understand them, but it nice to see new faces. Kenny, Coral, Mark and Eric and many others don't compete anymore. These old faces need to go, too.
  3. crookedjackson44

    S07.E01: Iowa

    I truly missed this show. I can only guess that the writers have a blast writing for this show with little or no interference of the insults they can create for the characters. With this show and Game of Thrones soon finishing, I'll be a little less happy in the future.
  4. A bit off this week's show, but I'm seeing stuff on Steve Moore, and I've been wracking my brain to remember where I've seen him before. Hasn't been on Real Time a number of times?
  5. crookedjackson44

    S33.E07: This Means War

    Any episode in which Amanda gets the boot is a good one in my book.
  6. A bit of a yawner. Weak cast, and Bill seems as if he couldn't get out of the first interview fast enough.
  7. Milogate? Remember, that was only about a year ago. Good panel, bad Maher, as usual. He is truly a bloviator. McCabe may someday get a medal for his work. As for Maher, let him go back to Cannibal Women …, when his acting was better.
  8. Another night of an insufferable Maher. He calls himself a progressive, but he's really a conservative pretending to advance liberal causes. His bullshit about Israel not victimizing Palestinians is just beyond the pale. But it is in line with his long-term anti-Islamism.
  9. crookedjackson44

    S33.E05: The Greatest Showman

    I am glad that Wes made it. I thought that in the current stream, with Ashley, John and CT eliminated in successive weeks, that this was Wes' turn. I would rather support some of the old-timers over these fool Brits. Cara and Paulie have to go, soon.
  10. crookedjackson44

    S33.E04: It's Complicated

    Actually, Cara was once an underdog and was mistreated by some of the cast, back in her earlier days. She was likeable and a little goofy then. As I said in an earlier thread, I'd like production to pull Abram off of his ranch in Montana or wherever and bring him in - then there would be some really fun fireworks!
  11. crookedjackson44

    S33.E04: It's Complicated

    Cara has not aged well. Her closeups look terrible. The clown look makeup was quirky years ago, but now it just looks bad. I could certainly have lived without production filming her ass hanging out of her thong, too. Soon enough, I will not be able to understand any of the contestants, since all we will be left with are mumbly-mouthed Brits.
  12. I liked the French guy - he didn't give in to Bill's bullshit. And he is right - our failure to intervene in Syria in 2011 created ISIS and the huge immigration problem (as millions fled the civil war) that has fueled right-wing politics in Europe and America.
  13. crookedjackson44

    S33.E03: Casualties of War

    I had to turn on closed captioning to understand most of the Brit's speech. It sure isn't Received Pronounciation - most likely Midlands/Yorkshire or Cockney.
  14. crookedjackson44

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    Don't kid yourselves about Jenna - she has a great ass, which the program has consistently highlighted. Hell, it even had a beauty contest a few seasons back where she twirled to the amusement of Banana's cousin/whatever. That is all she has even been to this production.
  15. crookedjackson44

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    That elimination was far from being great, but I join in the general acclaim and joy that Ashley is gone.