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  1. GeorgiaRai

    S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

    UO: I was hoping Eddie would win LCK. I like him best, followed by Sarah. WTF is wrong with me?!?
  2. GeorgiaRai

    S02.E07: Head of Household #3; Nominations #3

    UO: I love Joey - have for years! If he & Kandi follow Jonathan & Ryan out the door, I will be out of people to root for/enjoy watching.
  3. I use Pinterest to save Christmas movie posters/ads for future reference. I hardly know any of the actors by name, so seeing the leads' names & faces along with the movie title helps me keep them straight. I also don't pay a lot of attention to whether the movies are Hallmark or non (though I think most are probably Hallmark). Favorites: A Gift Wrapped Christmas (personal shopper for widower with young son) Nine Lives of Christmas (and I'm not even a cat person!) November Christmas (town celebrates early for sick girl) The Heart of Christmas (town celebrates early for sick boy - true story, so almost too sad to watch) A Season for Miracles (aunt on the run with her niece & nephew) The Christmas Secret (Tutor Girl saves a life & loses a locket) A Dream of Christmas (Another alternate-reality setting, but married couple Nikki Deloach & Andrew Walker are so cute) A Christmas Wish (poor single mom works at a diner. And Ed Herrmann!) Christmas with Holly (those uncles!!) Runners Up: Naughty or Nice (Peyton finds Santa's list) The Christmas Note (search for long-lost brother...or not!) The Christmas Shepherd (Dog!) Borrowed Hearts (a real oldie) 12 Men of Christmas (don't judge) Home By Christmas (homeless Linda Hamilton) A Very Merry Mix-Up (I generally like Alicia Witt & this is one of her best, IMO)
  4. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    ^ Thanks so much!
  5. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    Do we know if Kaycee knew Tyler misled her about throwing HOH1, or did she think it was some kind of accident? I thought she commented something along the lines of "I don't know why Tyler couldn't drop".
  6. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    I'm not thrilled with a Kaycee win (there were a times I felt she didn't care much about winning, so it was hard to root for her) but I'm happy with Tyler losing. I agree with @rockibirdi that he seems so fake. None of his reactions felt authentic to me except his arrogance, and then his disappointment. I think the tears came when he had to accept that all he got was basically a consolation prize. And the girl. He got Angela. I'd cry, too.
  7. GeorgiaRai

    Big Brother Lexicon: BB Doublespeak

    I don't know if this is BB specific or forum wide, but what's the origin/meaning of "for me (for you)"? I laugh every time I see it so I hope it's meant to be funny/snarky.
  8. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    I believe he asked for no sugar, protein bars & 8 bottles of champagne (2 for each houseguest)
  9. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E32: Live Evictions #10; Head of Household #11

    I actually do, too, and basically have drawn the same conclusions you stated about his level of social skills. But if he purposely used his live eviction speech to talk about blow jobs, ick. I just see no reason for such a seemingly sweet, sort of clueless guy to go there on the live broadcast. If he's really the Scottie we saw earlier in the show and/or if he was convinced by someone else to say it, I think he's embarrassed himself, and feel bad he's now in that position. That said, I don't feel bad for Angela or Tyler -- getting "accused" of having sex doesn't rate high on my list of insults. And if they've made houseguests dislike them & want to throw them under the bus, that's on them & the way they've chosen to play the game. Even now, I'm not sure what exactly Scottie said or what he meant by it. There's a transcription posted of words I couldn't hear, but who knows if it's accurate? I hope he explains at some point because until then, for me, the jury's still out (bad pun intended).
  10. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E32: Live Evictions #10; Head of Household #11

    I didn't see pre-edit and am sure it was fine, but....thanks for that! :) If true, it's gross and so wrong to say on the live show. I liked Scottie before his battle-back; I'm regretting that now.
  11. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E32: Live Evictions #10; Head of Household #11

    Could Scottie possibly have meant that, because Tyler wanted Haleigh out but didn't fight for Scottie, Tyler was sucking up to all the HG's? That seems more in line with Scottie's thinking (i.e. Tyler's a coward; Tyler caved; they can all suck it, just like Tyler's been doing all along). Scottie didn't seem obsessed with Tangela (gag) like JC is - and he was oblivious to Fes & Haleigh earlier - so he may have not have meant his words to come across as they did. He seemed so completely wigged out last night, his nerves & social awkwardness cranked mile-high - but I'm holding out hope he didn't actually say what he actually said. That answers my question. Thanks, green!
  12. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E32: Live Evictions #10; Head of Household #11

    So at least one of Tyler's Final Twos will be on the block now, right? If Kaycee stays loyal to L6, she only has Haleigh, JC & Sam to choose from.
  13. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E32: Live Evictions #10; Head of Household #11

    As off the wall as Scottie has been this week, I don't see how Tyler's goodbye message did Ty any good with the jury. Scottie will calm down back in jury house, and will absolutely hash this out with the others, right? Unless the GBM was clipped for the viewers (but shown to Scottie), I didn't see any jury management or any fake-but-sincere "sorry, dude" - just basically "I've known everything all along! Sucks to be you!" kind of thing. Maybe his fans saw it more positively & can Ty-splain?
  14. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E30: Head of Household #10; Nominations #10.

    My son works at a Goodwill store - I should have him keep an eye out!
  15. GeorgiaRai

    S20.E30: Head of Household #10; Nominations #10.

    I know that's a possibility, but I view the show "as shown" & don't dig much deeper than that. All my comments and thoughts about these people are in the context of the BB game only; nothing to do with real life (i.e. "tv hate" not real hate!)