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  1. The State is prosecuting Joe Miller. What the Latimers want is a very good barrister being used by the prosecution and they were told that could be a problem (presumably because of Joe's last minute plea change and their other available top barristers are otherwise committed at this stage).
  2. Maeve didn't. Clara left the books there by accident on a previous excursion with the Doctor. It was explained in the episode as how Danny learned she had been off with the Doctor again without telling him. London Zoo in Regents Park, about two miles away, certainly has tigers. I'm not sure about wolves. I know they have them at Whipsnade, the "country" arm of the zoo. Perhaps they were visiting.
  3. I found the characters either uninteresting or unpleasant, the plot ridiculous and the constant time shifts frippery. I wish they'd just brought back The Paper Chase. That I loved.
  4. I listen regularly to many of the podcasts mentioned here, including that of our esteemed hosts, but I want to give a shout out to Jason Isaacs, uh, I mean to Kermode and Mayo's Film Reviews. It's not as scholarly as Filmspotting but is very entertaining wittertainment. The hosts bicker and banter, they have more in the way of interviews with directors and actors, and there's always hope for a fine Kermodian rant. Hello to Jason Isaacs!
  5. They seem particularly fond of internet kerfuffles so how about: 1. Soap star fired from "The Old and the Settled." Was he just too talented to handle (his legion of fans) or did his hands really wander? 2. Mikki Funke vs. Liveline Woodyhall 3. Fanfic writer vs. any author who does not like other playing in his/her character sandbox. That last one is a legal powder keg waiting to blow and the Kings take on it would be delicious.
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