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  1. Horrible combination of laughing and swearing at the horrendous writing when little Deus Ex Machina shows up as the Duchess is almost out the door. Awful dosen't even begin to cover it.
  2. I still don't know the name of the lady in waiting who clocked to the Duchess and the footman early on. Downton made you care about downstairs, but none of these subsequent historical shows- which borrow heavily from its success- have ever managed to do it.
  3. Didn't the gang also want the police to clean up after they searched the Beach apt for David's drug stash. Newsflash- they don't do that!
  4. You know, the first couple of times I saw this episode I thought Gina definitely got the wrong cake on purpose. But I re-watched recently and I'm actually not so sure. She's pissed she has to plan this party- WHY isn't Noah doing it again?? But she doesn't look like she got away with her "evil" plan when they feel the cake in- she looks like she's not really paying attention. I think I'm going to give her a pass on this.
  5. It is incomprehensible to me that Kelly won't marry Brandon because they don't "swing from the chandeliers" and then immediately starts dating the supremely boring Matt. Also, I love how Matt is initially kind of into Donna and then switches to Kelly. And it is incredibly simple to do. The "nice" girls are basically interchangeable at this point. Being "good" is their entire character- what horrifically lazy writing. Their various love interest use the EXACT same world to describe them- good, sweet, warm, caring, compassionate etc- BTW I am in fact making vomit noises. They're not even 2 separate characters at this point. Kelly could have just as easily been given the gang girl storyline.
  6. Had to share https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2018/09/13/prairie-dresses-yes-prairie-dresses-are-the-most-provocative-thing-in-fashion-right-now/?utm_term=.401dcc4dd3af
  7. No, I absolutely did not cry during the finale :) The whole series was just wonderful- I don't even have anything else to say. Luey's kids forever!!
  8. Those black platform slides get a lot of work this season. I know that because I had a pair- the shame- and I remember noticing them a couple of times.
  9. Or how very much he has aged :) When Jack comes back- spoilers!- I always thought they looked more like brothers than father and son.
  10. Yes- I remember that now! But other than "crab"s girl Ariel, David sleeps with them all from now until the end of the series. For almost the entirety of the series it was just Donna, Val, and Claire for 1 season.
  11. I had repressed this whole Sophie mess. I think this is the beginning of the whole David dates a string of ridiculous/played for stupid laughs/inappropriate girls before eventually marrying St. Donna. If I remember correctly- and I am so very sad that I remember this much- he dates or sleeps with an underage girl, a sex addict, a woman who needs a green card, Gina- for the sole purpose of having an idiotic triangle with Dylan- she blackmails his father!!, and the grown up girl from Charles in Charge who is way to good for him. And I may be forgetting a few. The "writers" really forget what to do when someone has a non-gang relationship- they are much better at this in college. And as much as I love Janet, once she and Steve get married and have the baby they get completely shunted to the side and almost exclusively have storylines only with each other. It feels really disconnected.
  12. yes- I think she is getting engaged to Matt at the time. God those last 2 seasons are horrendous- Bless Sarah and Tara :)
  13. "small voice" I liked Charlene Yi as Azreal- I don't know, it made me laugh. If anything I wanted to see her do her Angel of Death thing. I liked one of the Celestial family being wacky. I only liked the AU episode because Lucifer felt much more like Season 1 Lucifer.
  14. They had the Kiriakis pool set years and years ago. I think Brady was paired with Rafe's sister who was laster hit be a car. For some strange reason I remember that set because everyone got to wear swim suits without it being completely ridiculous.
  15. I have to say I stood up and cheered when Theresa said she wouldn't apologize for wanting to escape so badly that she left Chloe behind- damn right! and I think Brady is an ass for acting like she should. This writing is a mess- I totally got where Theresa was coming from when she warned Senior untouchable- until he is- drug lord. But you need the flashback with him threatening her family. Eve judging her is preposterous. Chloe can be pissed but absolutely no one else. Then when Brady kicked her out and she said not without Tate I actually fist pumped- I was so sure she'd be written as falling to pieces because she might lose her man that she would have her forget all about Tate. Awesome. Get your kid and go back to being a designer. I'm sure Victor will support her.
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