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  1. Okay, fine. The Richard and Sutton thing was stupidly written but...I like Sutton a lot overall, so I liked her getting her version of a happy ending. And at least they've made her good at her job, despite that dumb idea of leaving fashion week for a dude. Come on show. I am really disappointed with how they wrote Jane this whole season. She became such a self-centered brat, I don't know how she would keep friends. And why do they have to perpetuate the idea that a smart, nice guy like Ben is dull and the cad is the right guy? And Kat. I just want the Adena storyline
  2. Are there FOUR unlit taper candles in that scene with Brandon and Kelly making out? Or are my old eyes deceiving me? And if they are candles...what is going on there? When Donna's hair isn't bound by some army of teeny clips, I think it might be one of her better hair eras. The color is not of earth, of course.
  3. KateeBar

    Season 4 Talk

    I think this arc is wearing us all down! I was really dismayed at them fighting in front of the kids like that, but my parents did it too when they got divorced. Everything comes bubbling to the surface and you quit being the person you want to be. The kids were all all really good this episode, especially Junior. He was so naively hopeful for them, and it rang very true. And I liked how Ruby and Pops were written in that ending - they spoke truthfully and kindly. I'm still really sad about this whole storyline but at least it's being written and acted well.
  4. KateeBar

    Season 4 Talk

    I think it is one of the best depictions of the disintegration of a marriage I've seen. And it's well-acted and well-shot and well-written. It's just hard to watch one of your favorite comedies go so bleak when it kind of feels like a lot of the outside world is bleak. I won't quit the show, because I appreciate the effort going into all of this, but I still want it to be sharply incisive comedy for my own selfish reasons, I guess.
  5. KateeBar

    Season 4 Talk

    Wow. On the one hand, this show is doing a bleak, unhappy couple story very, very well. On the other hand, I miss laughing at this show. I just don't want a show that was one of the best sitcoms in years to end on a sour note, and it feels like we are headed that way.
  6. There's a lot wrong in this picture show but...what is Mrs. Ben's Mom wearing on her feet?!? It looks she shoved them into footballs.
  7. I just have to confess - last week, on a chilly morning, I held my coffee mug around the bowl (?) and not by the handle. I kid you not, I looked down and thought "well, now I'm Brandon and Sarah D. Bunting would chastise me for this" and changed my grip.
  8. KateeBar

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I was pretty hopeful for this show, because I have enjoyed the heck out of Lethal Weapon (maybe I'm in the minority there? I haven't checked the forum lately). So I was hoping maybe Fox could pull off another fun, frothy action show, anchored by some pretty stellar actors. But this was pretty bad. Connie Britton is saddled with some terrible dialogue, and Peter Krause is saddled with that terrible rookie. I guess I am supposed to root for his redemption arc, but I felt like his bad acts were not redeemable, and I did not like the actor at all. Why are these women fawning over this guy? I
  9. This was a tough episode for me, in an emotional way. My dad was an alcoholic, and went away for treatment when I was 9 or so, as my parents were also divorcing. During that time, some of the things my mom said and did wounded me to the point I feel them today. I know now, with adulthood and therapy, that her own pain probably drove some of that. But I'm now a middle-aged woman who can still be triggered really easily by her, no matter how I try to be the bigger person. Now that we are in TMI territory...all that was to say I totally understood Kate tonight. She was rude and bratty and should
  10. I did not love this episode. I can buy manic Randall being pushy about his plan, but I don't buy Beth's response. She has never seemed like the silent treatment type. That was off to me. I think my biggest issue was Toby, same as last season. I just can't stand that character. Thanks to the Fug Girls, I've now seen the actor in a bunch of red carpet pictures and he seems EXHAUSTING in still photos, with his posing and accessories and wacky suit choices. Which has made me wonder - was Toby originally written differently, and the actor was all "let me punch him up, improvise a little" and
  11. Clare's suit is awful. I think the hair is better but still not good. It seems like they are legitimately trying to make Clare unattractive, once they realized that Kathleen Robertson might actually be quite a bit prettier than a couple other people. Ahem. Looking back, wouldn't it have been fun to have a Val/Clare spin-off where they could be smart and snarky and bitchy together, while prowling the clubs of Los Angeles? As an aside - do you think they did that aggressively wide collar spread on Priestley to try and minimize the shelfiness of his hair? It didn't work.
  12. Are they just handed v-neck tees and pomade for these photo shoots? Holy cow. Despite how terrible the photos and bios are, and how terrible the show always is, and how I always threaten to not watch next season...I'm SO ready for it to be back. And can't wait for the podcast!!
  13. I didn't hate this episode, but I was (perhaps overly) excited about Rebecca starting to have a breakthrough last week, and I'm bummed it was stalled with this dumb engagement. I also miss White Josh a lot. And while I don't want another love triangle, and miss Greg immensely, I love Scott Michael Foster and won't mind him sticking around a bit. I do like the idea of Paula and Scott getting back together and I'm curious how the show will handle that storyline. The reality is, lots of people fight through infidelity, and a smart show like this should be able to show the work that g
  14. Loved this episode as well. Some of those workplace conversations were almost exactly like real-life conversations I've had with co-workers and friends since the election. While this season has been a bit more uneven than the previous two, I continue to appreciate the writing team's ability to deliver intelligent and thought-provoking discourse on hot button topics, in a sitcom. Of course it all doesn't land perfectly, but I'll take some of the thuds along with the brilliant bits. And I too can't figure out who would criticize the kid actors. I find them some of the best on TV at t
  15. Donna, David and Clare all look pretty terrible in this episode. That "mustache" on David is the worst! I get that crop tops aren't necessarily flattering, but I'm truly confounded by that nipple situation. Even if braless, shouldn't fake boobs have a lot less sag? How do you get them pointing nearly at the floor??
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