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  1. I am completely done with TLC. CANCEL THIS SHOW!! I don't really watch any of their shows, but I definitely won't now. Does anyone know which advertisers have not pulled out yet? I want to boycott them too. Jill & Jessa should run away & enjoy their babies in seclusion somewhere far from the Duggars, but I know they won't do this because they want the money. This whole debacle leads me to the depressing question - Are we really all fame whores at heart? The lure of a reality show was too much for this family that had major skeletons in the closet. Even now as said skeletons are exposed, they are desperate to cling to the cash cow.
  2. I so loved the first season of this show, but now I'm bored by Gowen, Bill and Elizabeth's family. Can't we just have wacky hijinks involving the families of Hope Valley? No more Hamilton, please. Where's the show that used to make me cry every week?
  3. The Thatchers are such a pain. Enough of them. This show shines when it focuses on the regular folk of Hope Valley not the royalty of Hamilton. How far is Hamilton from Hope Valley? It seems like it takes less than a day to travel between the two, but it must be at least 3 days, right? For the love of cheese, please try harder to have 1910 hairdos. I just can't anymore with Abigail's straightened blow out. Don't care at all for the counterfeiting storyline. Can the nurse move to Hope Valley while Elizabeth stays in Hamilton?
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