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  1. I initially thought it was an April Fool's Day joke, but someone else said she IS dating someone new. If true, he must not have watched the show. Is the divorce from Tristan even final? I know they just filed in what--September?
  2. I didn’t watch any of this season. It came off as a train wreck from the very beginning. They just need to stop trying because they have how many successful marriages and how many divorces? And in other news: Mia Bally is engaged and doing another reality show. Per her IG stories, she’s engaged and doing a reality show about her engagement. Good luck to the groom if it’s true.
  3. I haven’t watched this show in ages. I’m just beyond tired of the ever-revolving circle of sharing partners. Katie was engaged to Wyatt, and now Wyatt is trying to hook them back up. Taylor is encouraging Steffy to fight for a happily married man and steal him from a woman who just lost a child. These people are all special. I just can’t with Zoey, Xander, and whoever else. I thought we were rid the annoying interns when Sasha, Zende, and Nicole rode off into the sunset.
  4. Whoever is doing the censoring did a terrible job. I've heard the f-bomb dropped several times.
  5. Eric is an idiot. "I haven't been able to rely on my 19 year old." Dude, she's one year above the legal age. He's such a jackass. I know 19 year olds who are high school seniors solely based upon when they started school, so your logic is ridiculous.
  6. Wiggle worm eyebrows can take a whole seat. I'm intimidated...by the way his arse swallowed those pants at his wedding and how he reminds me of Norman Bates. Let's be real. That soft cream puff couldn't and wouldn't bust a grapefruit in a fight.
  7. I hate all of these people--except Olga. What is with the gang up mentality being displayed? Why are the producers fanning the flames? Larissa and Coltee have enough shitee going on in Las Vegasee.
  8. Larissa is....wow. Rival those bitches? What?!
  9. Coltee, you egg-shaped gaslighting little bitch, shut up already. "I'd appreciate it if we could stay calm in the future." I'm sure Larissa's temper reared it's head before she arrived. He gives me the creeps! Skinz, Jr. doesn't think he was wrong. Ashley, poundtown three times a day and spending thousands of dollars wasn't enough for him. He's not going to stop cheating and messing around. Kick him to the curb and be done.
  10. Oh goodness. What's the next 30 minutes going to be filled with? It ended at a weird time. Pleaseeeeee not a preview of Happily Ever After with Nicole/Azan, Chantel and co., etc. I can't take her lockjaw or Nicole's twinkie coloured hair that was spotted during filming. Maybe we'll get to see Grangela again. Wasn't she planning on returning to Nigeria and torturing them with her foot long cleavage and wrinkly decolletage? Eric, you're a dick. There's no I love you, BUT when it comes to your children. Leida you need to give respect to get it.
  11. Is Leida wearing Louboutin's? If so, they are horribly scuffed and the bottoms are ruined. I guess she can buy Louboutin's to keep in that hovel of an apartment in Podunk, Wisconsin.
  12. And creepy Cody/Kody and the tribe of sister wives to the list. He gets more skeevy as the years go on.
  13. Ashley confuses me. She's all cuddled up with Jay while on the set, but in the car she looks like she can barely stand the sight of him. Sis, I'm going to need you to figure that out because your words aren't matching your actions. She seems like the type to wave the green card over his head as a form of punishment and control because she has the upper hand.
  14. Princess Toast. Can we have Sgt. Baker back, too?
  15. Oh Ashley. If you believe the first time Jay cheated was after you were married...girl, I got a house to gift you in the middle of the ocean!
  16. Egg shaped gaslighting little bitch. Just had to amend it a bit. :-)
  17. Twee Coltee you'll always be family--even if you don't live in the same household. These people make me want to chug 100 year old scotch like water!
  18. Oh Coltee. Just marry the kitteee and go live at the Bates Motel with Debbieeee.
  19. Eric is gonna learn a hard lesson when Leida bleeds him dry and leaves him for some wealthy man to sate her needs and treat her like the queen she is. No way she's gonna stick around. She's saying "sorry" to him, but she won't extend an apology to the aggrieved party: Tasha. I have children ranging from legal to toddlers, and I'd never say this is a hard lesson you guys need to learn. Terrible parenting on every level because Eric sees nothing wrong.
  20. Steven hasn't been right about much, but he's speaking some real stuff. I have to give him props for that because he's been in that position where mummy chose others over him. Eric would do well to listen to him. He does still have time to fix this.
  21. Colt shut your Norman Bates-esque dumbass up. Leida is really trying to act like the victim. Tasha is better off without her dad and psycho bride from hell.
  22. Eric, you're the POS father of the century. I wish somebody would call my child a bitch, I'd come for their head. Period. Sitting their justifying your mail order bride from hell calling your then-19 year old child out of her name and you telling her to pack her shit and move out of the apartment that was in her name. SMH.
  23. This is the most asinine argument ever.
  24. Olga is the only person I’m rooting for. Please don’t invite any of these people back for Happily Ever After.
  25. Yup. Just like I didn't need to know about David Poor's boom boom ass either.