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  1. I loved the chemistry between Shane and Paige. I thought they were really hot and played off each other well. They really seemed to enjoy each other. I was so disappointed to find out Kristanna Loken didn't get along with some of the cast. Always wondered who she didn't get along with. Was it Kate?
  2. the premiere episode's ratings for "UnREAL" were very low!: http://deadline.com/2015/06/unreal-debut-ratings
  3. Premier episode of Josh Kelly's Unreal. Thought it was pretty good. http://ww.mylifetime.com/shows/unreal/video
  4. Interview with Josh Kelly of "UnReal" on Lifetime http://tvmegasite.net/prime/articles/joshkelly.shtml
  5. the show runners also had to fit in the ever so important rex and gigi morasco fiasco. Now that was must see tv.---major eye roll I am still pissed at how much time was wasted before TnB had any scenes together in 2011. How many months went by? It was torture watching and waiting. Fuck you Ron.
  6. The only thing that will save this train wreck of a sl is Maura West. Im enjoying her already.
  7. why is carly acting like jake is Jason?
  8. Some UPO- I hated Vicky and her pompous ass. Clint Ritchie is the one and only Clint. I never believed JVD as Clint.
  9. In James Depaivas interview in 2009 with We Love Soaps he says this when asked about a return as Max---I don’t have any reason to go back, do I? Like Blair is ever going to leave Todd for me? Geez, you couldn’t pay me enough to play that again. God, that was painful. Now was he referring to the storyline being painful or that acting in that storyline with certain others was painful? Anybody got the dirt?
  10. Roger Howarth and Trevor St john refused to be interviewed as well. The book was disappointing for me cause it didn't have enough juicy details. I want someone (particularly from the late 90's era and early 2000's) to write their memoir with no censors so we can get the real story.
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