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  1. Haven't you heard? After you homeschool the first few, the dozen-plus who remain just pick up all the wisdom by osmosis! It's a rule! I think that's Meeechelle's view, anyway.
  2. I think the timing just relates to the new federal tax law. People were clamoring for years for the federal government to make money you put in so-called "pass-through" entities -- mainly S corporations and LLCs, I think -- eligible for the business-income "flat rate" of 15 percent that has long applied to most corporate income. Many people recoiled for decades from the spectre of the gigantic tax loophole that applying the flat tax to any LLC whatsoever would provide.....But the recoilers lost out and the "cut my taxes cut my taxes cut my taxes" folks won out in the most recent big tax bill. .... So that explains JB's llc-mania timing.....Before last year, he couldn't have gotten massively tax-favored status for all these so-called "businesses" the Duggarlings now have. So his tax lawyer wasn't seeing LLCs as a huge priority -- the limited liability was the main point, and since most of the money a Duggarling would pass through isn't actually connected to a business -- by any normal definition -- few of them would ever need liability limitations. While various states have some restrictions on what you can count as an LLC, the new federal law applies the favorable flat tax to any LLC your state allows you to set up.....So in a lot of states, you can call virtually any money coming in to you a "business," and end up getting the flat tax rate for a heckuva lot of income that you couldn't get that favorable rate on before.
  3. If we want to be impressed by just how hard up ...and misguided...the world is, we need only remember that, apparently, there are people out there somewhere in the United States of America asking David Rodrigues to preach to them. And, apparently, sitting still to listen to it. If this is actually true, at all, then any level of human idiocy or degradation is not only possible...but likely.
  4. True. But while he's clearly way underdressed related to his wife's outfit, she seems to me to be significantly overdressed (for lack of a better word...) for the occasion/venue. He seems to be dressed much more in line with the way the people at the other table are dressed than she does. I see nothing but schlubby sweaters and vests, and peacoats hanging on the backs of chairs, over there. Plus, do you really dress up like she's dressed to eat a dinner with that many potatoes in it? And look at the lighting in that place. That's in no way a restaurant where you wear your super-sexy getup and your nighttime makeup. The place is ablaze with light. Honestly, she looks to me like somebody who bought those clothes but has no place or occasion suitable to wear them. That's okay but kind of pitiful, seems to me. Well, just speaking for myself, I guess -- but I'd feel stupid in that look in that restaurant. Although if she's okay with it, it's okay with me.
  5. This could be good news for anybody who frequently wakes up way too early in the morning and has trouble getting back to sleep before a wakeup time of 6:30 or 7...... Just turn on the Duggars when you wake up at 4 and you'll be bored to sleep in seconds. They could offer this as a service to insomniacs.
  6. And, actually, now that I think of it, I can see how you might twist Mason's ideas into an excuse to be kind of lazy and anti-intellectual, if you're a Duggar.......(even though she didn't intended the opposite..) .......Still, I hope it at least means that they'll keep the wisdom books at bay....
  7. Very sad. And it's amazing to me that quite a few parents fell for that crap and force fed it to their kids for years and years.....Gothard has tended to attract fairly educated parents too, it seems. .... So obviously education provides little defense against falling for crap like this. And it is such crap.
  8. I've only watched him at length once -- saw that early special where he has the host role of showing the audience around and introduucing their home and family, on youTube. Thought he came across as the most arrogant, smug teenage boy I'd ever seen....and I taught high school for 15 years... .JB and M and the Gothard "system" definitely groomed him into a damn little king -- and it looks like he was born with the kind of personality that responds to praise and deference by becoming 100-percent insufferable. Wonder if Jill simply writhes and spits in fury when she thinks of him now, since she's been awakened to the family problems. Bet she does.....Keep spitting, Jill. Eventually, you'll get a lot of it out of your system and feel freed.
  9. No. Jill R is a complete control freak. I grew up with some of those. They will not leave anyone alone. They must be meddling at all times. They will hunt you down and pry into what you're doing as fast as they can get there if you ever manage to sneak away into another room, even briefly. And preventing you from having any friends outside the family or any contrary influences at all, such as in books, is a big part of the control -- which is one of the purposes served by both the Rods' homeschooling and their endless traveling. The way the Rods' mother treats them is normalized for the kids because they have only the most minimal knowledge of anybody who isn't treated in exactly the same way. They don't even conceive of a situation in which they aren't constantly tracked and nagged. In my family, if you shifted your weight from one side to the other when you were sitting in a chair, you'd hear "What's the matter with you? Quit your fidgeting!" Imagine even noticing someone in the room with you shifting their weight to their other leg, let alone barking at them about it. And yet....That's the life of those girls. One or more of them may at least have a suspicion by now that the way they live is uncomfortable and infuriating. Given that they've had only the most superficial exposure to other people, though, I think it's unlikely they can actually envision a daily life different in any way from theirs. It's also quite possible that none even allow themselves to recognize any negative feelings they have about their lives......The guilt that's drummed into them and those horrible painted-on rictus smiles they're programmed to repeatedly assume may effectively blot out any recognition of their own feelings, I think. It's a horror movie.
  10. And this is one of the exciting features offered you when you choose a wife from a patriarchal assembly line like the TTH. Squelching any sign of an incipient sense of self in children, especially girl children, is one of the services JB and M perform for the future patriarchs of our nation, doncha know.
  11. Yeah, I completely agree. I forgot about Anna. I try to forget about Anna (and company). Glad to see that sometimes works for me.
  12. If you ever want to see what the ATI wisdom booklets are like, there's an archive here of page by page pdfs of them. Only one of the 54 books is currently missing from this archive -- https://homeschoolersanonymous.org/2015/05/31/wisdom-booklet-archive-index/ You don't have to read much to see how they take legitimate topics and weave all kinds of sophistry and obfuscating weirdness through them so that they couldn't actually end up teaching anybody anything, in the sense of schooling. And why they claim they "teach" all kinds of school-type subjects ... Pretty much every possible subject gets twisted.... Brainwashing through confusion, though, yeah.....They've got that down.
  13. Well, that's another big point for Jill! ....and Jessa -- My goodness. Curriculum created by an Anglican! .... I wonder who convinced her to be that broad-minded?!!!! Amazing. Wonder how far she'll go with it. I'd assume, actually, that it's quite likely none of the kids will use the ATI curriculum...or at least won't rely on it in anyway.....I mean, it's old news, I'm sure it's very little used anywhere today,..... Hoping that's not just more of my wishful thinking....
  14. Well, Bin being Bin, I have a feeling that he probably actually tried to base his lesson on something decent (according to his lights)....I think Bin means well.....But....Bin's intentions and Bin's knowledge and ability ... uh....kinda...diverge.....
  15. I'd just like to say that I could die happy if just one Duggarling kid turned out to be anything like Angela Merkel or Melissa McCarthy Please let it be so!
  16. Have they ever said what other publisher of school materials -- if any -- they've used?
  17. I don't know exactly what they used in addition to the ATI "wisdom booklets." But they did use those to some extent -- and the ATI stuff "taught" "science" that pretends to be real but is basically scientific lingo twisted for the purpose of convincing people of Gothard's ideas about how to live and, according to some people, confusing everybody including the parents to the point that they give up and just take Gothard's word for stuff instead of ever trying to understand and think for themselves.......Wouldn't be surprising if that were true -- that's pretty much what Scientology "teachings" do, too. Here's some analysis of the "science" portions of the ATI "curriculum" from a critic, at Patheos... https://www.patheos.com/blogs/nolongerquivering/2016/07/examining-ati-wisdom-booklets-booklet-1-science-portion-how-eyes-work/ It shows how they put in stuff that, at first blush, looks like science but actually is just a bunch of sophistry in "scientific" terms created to prove Gothard-y "principles." .... Very similar to the famous "lessons" about "bankruptcy law" and so on in those books. (Some more links to the same writer's commentary on other wisdom' booklets' science stuff -- and text from the booklets themselves -- are at this url http://whencowsandkidscollide.blogspot.com/p/ati-wisdom-booklet-debunked.html )
  18. Yeah, it does if all that money for the round house is actually profit..... But he had to have spent a bundle renovating that place --... That would cut into their take significantly -- if there was a take for anybody but JB and M...which I doubt!
  19. OMG. It is that Richard Spencer cut. Yeesh. (not that Spencer's the only one who's worn it. ... but he's definitely the one in the most news photos .... ) Yikes.
  20. Dunno. I've never seen any financial info about any of the houses except asking prices and selling prices, as I recall. He's certainly sunk a fair amount of cash into some of the places over time -- renovations, taxes....Beyond that, I've got no idea....Maybe somebody else does? Maybe he's helping somebody out by laundering cash through his properties. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  21. The big round reno also sold in the past week or so, I think. -- Apparently the staging really worked wonders. .... Cause it sold for $1.53 million, I think (well, I'm sure about the $1.5....not sure what the last digit there was....) So Jim Bob's raked it in this month -- $2 million .....Maybe he called the clan together to generously divvy up the money among them. .... ๐Ÿ˜
  22. I think you're probably quite right about what happens. But I have a dream that part of Jinge's desire for city living was envisioning herself as a career woman of some kind earning money and spending time in a regular city-type workplace, going out after work, and so on. In which case, I can imagine she's thinking of that when she buys her quite office-y wardrobe.....๐Ÿ˜Š I base this on absolutely nothing except wishful thinking that stems in part from what I read about her mentioning influencing as a "career" that might be enhanced by living in a house somehow connected to megafamous Charlie Chaplin..... My wishful thinking imagines that sometime early in life she accidentally got a look at the Mary Tyler Moore Show or some such and felt a secret yearning to join the Gothard-Duggar-forbidden world of career women who earn their own paychecks, steer their own destiny, and aspire to rise in some way other than just being a Christian wife pulled upward on a chain behind her husband-the-career-ladder-ascending-sexist-uppity-church-pastor....... I want her to secretly want that and I really really don't want it to be true that Jer has any hand at all in picking her clothing... Obviously my wishful thought is unlikely to be the case, though. Any advice Jingle got or gets currently went/goes like this: โ€œIf someone your headship wants you to change for themhim, theyโ€™re not your real friend do it immediately because he's the one whose umbrella is closest to Jesus.โ€ I've heard Jer talk about having the opportunity to "lead" Jingle spiritually too often to think it's otherwise..... Still, maybe she does have a personal yearning for office-y clothes, and Jer has nothing to do with it. That'd be some assertion of her own individuality, anyway!
  23. It's the fourth most populous state in the union. So many wallets, so little time.
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