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  1. The Author plot was one of those rare plots where it was obvious from the very beginning it was going to be a waste of time. There were only two possible outcomes. Either the Author did affect everything, which would torpedo the entire canon history they had already created (as much as they hadn’t torpedoed it yet themselves) or the Author didn’t, which meant the characters wasted about two thirds of a season on something that turned out to be pointless. It was a real lose/lose storyline, which you don’t usually see. Master storytellers! And I still wish the heroes/villains AU didn’t have the characters literally switch places. Instead of making Regina a bandit, keep her the Evil Queen but with the support she craved. Keep Snow the bandit, but one who the villagers despised because of the repercussions of what her war with Regina does to them. I guess it was easier to just cut and paste the names in a script though.
  2. No no. According to the writers that wasn’t a break up. It was a romantic and passionate adventure.
  3. RolloTomasi

    The Lion King (2019)

    I was eight when the animated movie was released and it was the first time I ever had a visceral reaction to a movie. I still have those same reactions just hearing the music. I had those same reactions seeing this teaser. I don’t even care if a CGI remake is necessary, I’m so ready for this movie. Jon Favreau did a great job with The Jungle Book so I have nothing but confidence in what he has done with The Lion King.
  4. I can’t even begin to process that way of thinking lol. Personally I think naming my child after my murder victim is more terrifying than sympathetic but what do I know.
  5. "Baelfire was also a hero, sacrificing himself to save his father. Emma went on to name her second son after him." Yeah, this person definitely watched the show and for sure didn't just half skim a wiki at three in the morning. I think whoever wrote this didn't understand the difference between "hurt the show" and "was wasted by the show."
  6. Regina was never going to get a confrontational love interest because nobody involved actually wanted to write that story. Lana wanted a love interest so they gave her one, but they also didn't want anything to upset the Poor Bold and Audacious Regina narrative so he became set dressing - no story, no personality, no purpose. Anything good about him came from either the actual Robin Hood tale ("I have a cooooooode") or fans projecting Sean's personality onto the character. For all the "(Insert Character of Choice) is just a purse holder!!!" that existed in the fandom, Robin Hood was the real purse holder of the cast. As for Facilier, he too became a love interest because Lana wanted one. Both of her relationships were total duds.
  7. I'm picturing the Griswolds stuck in the roundabout in London. "Big Ben! Parliament!"
  8. RolloTomasi


    LOL this show was so weird. “X didn’t kill/maim/top me off with darkness when given the chance” really, really should not equate to “I owe X my life.”
  9. RolloTomasi

    S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    I’m a little confused as to why Regina was made the Queen of All The Things (other the the obvious, of course). From watching the rest of the series, has Regina demonstrated she’s a good leader? At all? In the EF the kingdom was constantly at war and everyone hated her and as mayor in Storybrooke (when she didn’t step down because she had a sad over her married boyfriend) everyone was either in constant peril from an invading villain or Regina was realm jumping for an indeterminate amount of time. I honestly cannot think of an in-story reason why she would unanimously be voted queen (which also isn’t how a monarchy works but, you know...).
  10. Or, alternately, Lana negotiated that she didnt have to film with Jen. She’s the one who was still on the show and she’s the one who has been vocal about her “creative input” into this season. Did she ever post selfies with Lana? That’s a serious question. The only one I can think of was the sweater selfie, but that was taken and posted by Lana. Other than that every pic of them together has either been posed or a BTS of filming.
  11. RolloTomasi

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    Well it’ll be interesting to see if he’s ripped to shreds the way Jen was when she spoiled Hope. Just kidding, he won’t be. (Nor should he. Jen has just gotten the short end of the stick with this fandom forever and it’s been annoying every time.)
  12. RolloTomasi

    A New Beginning: OUAT 2.0

    Well, when I say “works better” I mean “involves two characters with five seasons worth of complicated history” rather than “let’s pretend this story carries the same weight when one of the characters isn’t even the same character.” Opinions on the story itself aside, narratively it makes more sense with Original Hook.
  13. RolloTomasi

    A New Beginning: OUAT 2.0

    Was it season 7 that A&E pitched to ABC and were told to come back with something else? I’m curious 1) what they originally pitched that ABC didn’t like and 2) if they had just gotten word Jen wasn’t coming back and had to rework their plan. I imagine ABC just didn’t like their original story because otherwise they didn’t do a very good job of working around her leaving (I’m mainly referring to Hook’s story with Rumple. It clearly works better with Original Hook than WHook, but without Emma they couldn’t have Original Hook). Also, I remember thinking at the time they sent Hook off on his three episode arc away from Storybrooke that it felt like they wanted people to get used to him away from Emma. Which, fine, but I’ll forever roll my eyes at how they tried to sell that as a romantic adventure for the two of them.
  14. RolloTomasi

    A New Beginning: OUAT 2.0

    I’ve seen a number of fans in various places mention that s7 got good in the second half. For a show that was losing half its cast and was rebooting itself, that wasn’t good enough. S7 needed to hit the ground running and instead we got a lame new villain, a bland new location, new characters that were unengaging at best and outright obnoxious at worst, the reintroduction of a hugely divisive storyline from last season, and the killing off of a Disney princess. It’s no surprise longtime viewers left. A&E may have been used to starting seasons slowly in the past, but that’s not good enough if you don’t have the benefit of an audience connection to the characters you had before. They counted on the fans staying even though it was, as they said over and over, a new story. Well, you have to make that new story interesting up front. Waiting until the second half, when you’re seconds away from cancellation, isn’t going to cut it.
  15. I probably should have known there would be that much interest in Regina’s dietary restrictions. (“Most important character trait”? Okay...)