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  1. eyewatchtv

    S01.E08: Milk

    I loved the series.
  2. eyewatchtv

    S01.E06: Cherry

    Amma seems to come home quite late for a young girl yet Adora doesn't say anything. How old is Adora? Amma's about twenty years younger than Camille.
  3. eyewatchtv

    S04.E09 Episode 9

    When Allison held the door open and told Ben to leave, I was telling the tv "run Allison, get out now". He was so scary and when she told him that she'd tell his wife if he didn't leave, I knew she was doomed.
  4. eyewatchtv

    S06.E16: Last Day On Earth

    JDM is a good actor and did a great job as Negan, however, he's too skinny. If Negan was at least the size of Abraham, the character would be more frightening. I wasn't tense at all. Seeing Rick as a simpering wimp was not pleasant. I hope he eventually force feeds Negan zombie guts. I was more afraid that the horse was going to be attacked by zombies. Don't even think of going there!
  5. eyewatchtv

    S06.E16: Last Day On Earth

    It's Glenn. He's the only face you didn't see with the bat pointing at him.
  6. eyewatchtv

    Spoilers and Speculation

    It would be crazy to kill off Rick before the end of the show. That would be like killing Walter White before the end. I'm looking forward to meeting Negan. I hope the actor really brings it.
  7. eyewatchtv

    S05.E05: Better Call Saul

    Another vote here for not killing Quinn off. Great character, great actor.
  8. eyewatchtv

    S07.E12: I Say A Little Prayer

    I think Dr Prince saw it coming. Dying people just know things.
  9. eyewatchtv

    S02.E03: The Nightcomers

    Riveting episode. Vanessa's backstory is like no other and Eva Greene, as always, was excellent.