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  1. I know JM wears wigs for this role, however Alicia's Eddie Munster head looked horrible last night and she went through the entire episode with it being obvious she'd had too many Botox injections. The SL sucked. And who does laundry like that? The Good Wife is no longer a good show.
  2. Ivanka Trump has a similar vocal affection as Laura. And speaking as a lifetime fan of Jeopardy! (dating back to the Art Fleming days), I feel lik an idiot asking this. What does TS stand for?
  3. I think the confusion is that one of the prizes is a full scholarship to FIDM in LA.
  4. When Kendra said she was a competitor, it reminded me of when she totally wimped out on the diving show. Competitor my ass.
  5. I realized tonight why I still watch this show. Not for the "stars", not for the dances, but for Tom Bergeron.
  6. Further proof is that RR asked who was responsible for B before announcing a winner. Way to run a blind judging.
  7. I'm SO over Kendra saying "holla". Plus, she tasted her dish using a utensil she'd been putting into the food. Gross! Jwow really expects us to believe that two glasses of wine give her a hangover after all the drinking on Jersey Shores? Hell, I bet even two bottles wouldn't give her a hangover. And Chris Soules ain't that pretty. Is he aware that Anne is gay? I doubt it.
  8. Don't they have, oh, I don't know, TAPE MEASURES in the workroom?Also, the hair and styling have been sub-par this year. Even the judges have stopped mentioning them.
  9. I'm hearing it all the time now. Probably because it irks me so much.
  10. Just don't call it Frisco! (That's a city in Texas.)
  11. Dear GD Bro: Cali is a city in South America. California is a state in the United States. That is all.
  12. Don't jinx us - he might show up shirtless and barefoot at the finale.
  13. Since when do the HGs let the nominees for eviction decide who will go? Idiots.
  14. Perhaps Mood hasn't received the payoff they expected, as has been the case with so many other sponsors. There may not be a comparable fabric store in the area, so they've cut back rather than dropping out. I'm Guessing that the rule was that if you got hit, you had to go back to the starting point.
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