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  1. Luisa

    EHG 36: Mentally Challenged

    Great episode, as usual. I always thought the "Timey Wimey" thing was super annoying. I have no idea how or why it caught on. If you want to see a really good Doctor-filled episode with a good companion that's pretty scary and emotionally wrenching, you have to watch the Silence in the Library/Forrest of the Dead two-parter. Way more indicative of the series at its best.
  2. Luisa

    S06.E09: Queens of Talk

    Co-fucking-signed. Although, for all we know, she'll get the redemption arc next week. The editing is really trying to give us emotional whiplash this season.
  3. Luisa

    S06: Laganja Estranja

    Bye, MaMA. OkAAAAy? *snaps mouth like a weird trout or whatever*
  4. I think the comparison between Dela and Laganja is interesting. They both clearly put on characters because they're scared to be themselves, but only one of them makes me want to punch babies. (When Bianca told her that she wasn't her "mama", I died.) It's never been enough to be a character in RPDR, the personality of the man behind the dress has to ground the performance. I just can't figure out how much of Dela's act is not who she is, but someone she wishes she could be. YES. Just yes. I really liked Bianca from the pilot and I'm so glad her edit came back around. She's the drag mother I'd want to have.
  5. Luisa

    S06.E06: Oh No She Betta Don't

    I think Dela needs to chill out about how Darienne picked teams. I LOVE her, but it's a game and frankly, even if they were besties, Dela doesn't scream 90s hiphop. I really though I would love Courtney more this season. She needs to pull out something quirky or interesting or she's going to get lost in the pack. Am I the only one would thinks Jocelyn looks Latina in drag? I keep seeing him as a boy and going: who is that? Ugh. From your keyboard to God's ears.
  6. Luisa

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Ah! I totally forgot until you mentioned it, but when I first got him, whenever he would enter a room, my sister would say "Di-a-beet-us!" and then laugh hysterically to herself. It's the little things.
  7. Luisa

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Yay! I love a good excuse to stare at pictures of people's pets! I never really wanted a cat, but I sort of had one thrust upon me. My parents took him when his owner died and no one else wanted him. They have their hands full with their dogs, so I took pity on him. He's ornery, high maintenance, and frankly, the smelly kid a lot of the time, but... ...he's kind of ADORABLE. His name is Chester B. Arthur, because the best animal names have layers. (The "B" stands for Battle-cat.) But my favorite picture is this one... Because he gives the best bitch face.
  8. Luisa

    EHG 24: We Used To Be Friends

    The intro made me SO happy. When Sacks says that line, my first thought was "I'm so glad EHG talked me into watching That Mitchell & Webb Look." I agree. I thought it was weird that he came to her gate too. Really unnecessary. And having Veronica pick him up at baggage claim. It works on so many more levels. And the Nonac. Yes. Just... yes.
  9. Luisa

    EHG Mini: Own It

    I thought I was the only one with a shameful Tosh.0 habit. Though I only watch in spurts, usually when all the shows I watch are on hiatus, but I guess casual addiction is still addiction. Anyone want to be my sponsor? And since this is a safe space, I should also admit to watching Long Island Medium. And sometimes I cry. Because I'm a stupid, gullible human being.
  10. Luisa

    S06: Adore Delano

    Ugh. Rebecca Glasscock part deux. I have this terrible feeling she'll be around for a while because she's "come so far," in that she starts as train-wreck and somehow pulls it somewhat together towards the end.
  11. Luisa

    This is Working: The Music of Bob's Burgers

    I couldn't get Gene's song about being scared of snakes out of my head for weeks. And now it's back.
  12. I'm a little ashamed to say that I would have fizzled on this show a long time ago if I didn't love Paul Blackthorne. Like a lot. Like, too much. Waaaay too much. My rational brain thinks he has Pierce potiential, especially down the road, but then my irrational brain sucker punches that brain in the brain gut and starts hysterically sobbing something about the Dresden Files.
  13. Luisa

    Speculation: So Red's Her Father, Right?

    I think the problem (if there is one) is that Red is purposefully written with a fatherly attitude towards her, so, no matter what his real not-father relationship is with her, it's always going to be a little weird. (Not to mention the vague sexual tension, but I feel like if you put James Spader in a room with four white walls, he would have vague sexual tension with one of the walls). My crackpot theory is that maybe his daughter got pregnant super young and Liz is his granddaughter. But the fact that he's looking so hard for Jolene makes me think she's his daughter? I don't know. I have this terrible feeling we're all going to be a little disappointed no matter what they do.