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  1. Between Bini’s choke hold and this, Leandro may never visit again without a precautionary oxygen tank.
  2. I assume this is a translation thing and he meant Sumit has to provide proof of residency, such as utility bills or a lease agreement. He probably also has those on his phone!
  3. This didn’t crystallize for me when I watched, but does this mean Sumit could have applied for a replacement passport from his phone immediately after the in-laws took his? But instead he chose to wait over a year? When Jenny has her shit together more than you, it’s a bad sign.
  4. Are you absolutely sure there are two different people who go by the same name? Anyway, wild stuff about Corey cheating on Evelin with Jenny. That lady refuses to leave India but managed to make her way to Peru!
  5. Corey is into Evelin humiliating him, yes? There can’t be any other explanation for this continuing without any of the Villegas women getting hot dick soup in the face.
  6. As vile as Doug is, I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say he actually decided against a white pride tattoo. The bar really is low on this show, isn’t it?
  7. You are not. I found it adorable when Shota was joking about the sound of Padma’s heels clicking as she walked to the stew room, and then when she showed up, all three chefs burst into giggles. I can’t remember the last time I described a final three on this show as “adorable”!
  8. Are the Reality Gays the ones who called Loren and Alexei’s baby ugly? I make fun of the cast members who put themselves out there, but I thought that was really beyond what’s appropriate to joke about.
  9. This show made me realize I would be content with a weekly half hour of just Annie Murphy reacting to hitting people in the face.
  10. The boys breaking down what actually happened at the “girls night” in Vegas was unusually interesting for a MAFS reunion. Is anyone surprised that Erik knew all the brides were getting together but tagged along anyway? And Clara texting Ryan to let him know that husbands were there after all made me think of all the people on this board who suggested she could have been a better match for Jake. I’m sure she would rather have worn Jake’s bracelet than Ryan’s ridiculous blindfold!
  11. It amuses me that they put the chefs’ names at the bottom. Like they already knew the judges wouldn’t see them enough to remember who was on that team!
  12. I’ll bite. I find Maria to be incredibly tiresome. Whining about being in the middle and possibly being “too Mexican” has no place on a show where Avishar is still pleasant (if odd) even though he is at the bottom half the time and Gabe is absolutely killing it.
  13. The levels of vitriol against her were pretty nuts. People were constantly calling her “bitch,” “whore,” and various other gendered insults that were a little over the top for someone wasting an apple pie on television.
  14. I haven’t watched yet, are we lucky enough to get another week with neither Paige nor Chris?
  15. I don’t understand. After all this, does Clara actually think Ryan would be any good in bed?
  16. Remember the UES hoarder who couldn’t get through the front door of his apartment? He had to go through someone else’s apartment, out to the fire escape, and climb the fire escape into his own apartment? When it aired, I wondered how furious the other tenants must have been to see what was going on in their building.
  17. What on earth was that?! The slow unbuttoning of his shirt to reveal his chest spots was like something out of an SNL sketch. Poor Matt probably wanted his virginity back after watching it. I didn’t get why Ning was so upset. She has been much meaner to Mark than he was to her, and I don’t think she ever really apologizes, just claims that it’s up to Mark to break through her walls. Can you blame him for not wanting to go to the trouble of finding her Checkpoint Charlie?
  18. Virginia has known her guy friends longer than she has known Erik so I wouldn’t think blindly trusting him would be such a great move, either...
  19. I know this is an old season and Ines is probably selling skinny tea on Instagram by the case now, but my GOD what an uninteresting and one-note villain. Even Ning switches it up sometimes! If Ines ever returns to reality TV, can we require her to take lessons from New York from Flavor of Love?
  20. The gloves in those pictures made me curious as to whether Stephanie is hiding something. Does she have old lady hands like Kyle Richards?
  21. How did I never notice the matches based on skin tone before?! Will I ever unsee this?
  22. I found it a little odd that Castor Pal seemed to be on board with Erik’s postulate that gay friends are the only okay male friends. Virginia isn’t ugly by any means, but the idea that no straight man can resist her is a little much.
  23. I noticed a change when the show added the fourth couple. That’s also when they started providing housing for them, which eventually turned into the weird dorm-style situations they live in now. I wonder if production hopes for some inter-couple affairs to make things interesting like they have on MAFS Australia?
  24. This should have been the title of the episode.
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