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  1. EuropeanGirl

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Thanks, Druzy! I usually just go through the posts and most of you already snarked on something I thought of, but you guys say it so much better :) Since my daughter is dynamic and active, I have a few minutes to myself when she's asleep to read and like :) Thanks for posting all of their social media nonsense here, appreciate it! Thank you!!! I feel like, when they call Carly their daughter, in their minds, she's in an equal position and has an equal status to Nova's and that's not true. Yes, Cate gave birth to her, but she did. not. raise. her. Therefore, absolutely no rights. No, she's not borrowed, like someone above said, or on a long trip. The more they talk about her and continue to be jackasses about it, the less she will want to be in touch with them when she's all grown up. I bet she will deny having any kind of relations to them, let alone something more ridiculous like being theirs! They're beyond delusional when it comes to her.
  2. EuropeanGirl

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    I'm gonna go on a rant now. I apologize to everyone in advance. First off, I have a 15-month old daughter that I'm raising alone with my husband (no relatives around). She has been a handful since day one and I do need breaks and to recharge my batteries, but I can't imagine not seeing her for one day (that's just me) let alone for me to be gone six weeks twice! Secondly, I am aware that I will probably have only her or be done with babies for at least 5-7 years. Why? Because I need to get my life back to semi normal at least, to get some rest and energy (baby phase is a biatch), to change careers, just find myself again - basically, give my daughter a better life and a satisfied mother that will excitingly spend time with her as she grows. On the other hand, Cate hasn't been happy and seems miserable for years now. Obviously, she isn't as fulfilled with the SAHM role like she thought she would be. Ok, so that doesn't work and for sure plays a part in her depression. Did she ask herself what would make her feel better? Has she made any effort towards that goal? (I get depression, but she's a bad advocate) Of course you feel bad when you do nothing all day - newsflash, everybody does! My third point relates to this - so, her trauma and mental health is her storyline now. Except for basically shoving the sentence 'I was traumatized to everybody's throats and going to her spa for it, have we seen anything else? In the first episode of this season, when she was picked up, she said she was diagnosed with PTSD like she was bragging about it! Like someone said, for some people it's trendy to say that you suffer from a mental disorder these days. agree what she has experienced was trauma, but how did she overcome it besides not commiting suicide? No, really, what are her daily methods that help her? How did she survive, since it seems there's been zero work behind it. So, miserable she stays and what does she do next? Goes ahead and has another baby. Smh And just a few words about Tyler - don't like him, but he's not dependent of Cate anymore, because of the spa and all. He is done and like someone said, he has slowly been building his exit from the marriage. Too bad that the baby is coming and good luck to both of them, they're gonna need it. P. S. It annoys me how Cate is all 'Look at my husband, he's mine'. She doesn't just sound insecure, but since she's always talking about how hot he is and no words have been spoken about her from either sides, she always comes off to me like a 300lb heifer that is saying - look how lucky I got, I have him and I'm way out of his league. You guys will never be that lucky! Ok, rant over, lol
  3. EuropeanGirl

    S07.E22: Making Amends

    This episode sounds like a snooze fest and judging by your short posts (and them not being many), their time is up. I'm glad, so they can get a reality check and stop acting all high and mighty. The fact that you got knocked up at 16 is not something you should be proud of, let alone think you're important and a celebrity because of it.
  4. EuropeanGirl

    S07.E19: Welcome to the Family

    I think this is a wrap for me. Since I watch the episodes online a few days later, I have always found at least 3-4 pages of snark here. Now there are barely two and that says a lot. I'm interested in seeing how things will develop when Cate gets home and how long will Amber's fairytale last, but I don't have the energy to watch the rest of them. Cheyenne has zero storyline and brings nothing to the table. I don't care for Bristol either. I am not interested, invested or able to make myself care enough to watch and ff. I will satisfy my curiosity by coming here. Thanks for the snark in advance and you guys crock!!!
  5. EuropeanGirl

    S06.E16: Beyond the Sunset

    Can you give more info about their issues? I've come across a few posts mentioning issues as well, but couldn't find more.
  6. EuropeanGirl

    S06.E16: Beyond the Sunset

    Sorry, guys, but I gotta let it all out before reading your posts. I usually just read them without posting anything, but since it's the last episode, I have to say a thing or two. * When Daphne was reading the note, first I thought her dad was the one to send it. (Oh wait, he still doesn't exist!) * Loved the signature curly hair on Juliette. Once Avery came, I felt that I will cry very soon, if not there. I'm happy they ended up together! * On the other hand, Scarlett looked like she had a curled mop for a wig. I'm glad she didn't end up with Gunnar. Also, I was surprised that she was wearing a dress with a bit of a cleveage, since she known for being an advocate for Cat lady inc. . * I thought Will would end up with Gunnar, but that would be really messed up to do in only one episode. I'm glad and surprised that the creators of the show didn't push for that. *At least they have wrapped up the thing with Brad in an okay-ish way? He kinda had a point with Alannah, pardon, purple hair (LOVE THAT!). I'm happy I won't be seeing her anymore and that there were no scenes with her and Avery. *Of course, when Rayna was back in the picture, I was already on the verge of crying. I was always a Juliette fan and wasn't that much sad about Rayna going away, but once I saw her, I forgot how much I missed her! The first line of A life that's good broke me and tears streamed down my face. I started watching the show when it was summer break, before fourth season, I think. I watched several episodes a day and became addicted to it! I can't believe that it's gone.
  7. EuropeanGirl

    Nashville in the Media

    I really like Deacon and I came to like him even more after what they did with Juliette and her lack of presence. I envy you guys for being able to see him perform live! Hopefully, he will do something big with his music, because I know I would be at loss had I not watched the show. He deserves wider audience because of his talent. Whether that happens or not, Im glad he is pursuing music reagrdless of having a label. Hope that makes sense since English isnt my first language. Can't believe there's only one episode! I'm gonna miss the show even though it's ruined.
  8. EuropeanGirl

    S05.E15: A Change Would Do You Good

    This. I think I'm gonna mute the sound whenever Scarlett comes on. I've never done it, but I think I've reached my boiling point with her. And also this, because it cannot be said enough:
  9. EuropeanGirl

    S05.E14: A Fool Such As I

    F U, SCARLETT!!!!! That is all I wanna say after this episode. God, she wasn't my favorite character before, but when did she become so grumpy, bitter and awful? She allegedly loves them both, but we only see a tiny bit of spark in her when Damian is present. Gunnar, on the other hand, is the one she's stuck with, that's how she acts. Not to mention behaving like settling for him is a favor to him and that he's the lucky one in that relationship! I need Gunnar to let go somehow, because not only does he deserve better, but I'm feeling tired whenever their scene comes on. I sure hope so!! Then maybe he could remember how it is to have an appreciative and kind person by his side. I don't even want Scarlett to beg him not to leave her. I'm so much pass that, that I want her to move on with her life and leave him alone completely. He could write with Will and Avery.
  10. EuropeanGirl

    Nashville in the Media

    I'm sorry if I'm late to your defense, but I agree with you. I'd rather have a show now where the girls are out than watching them getting more screen time about Rayna's death. I get how other posters can't see it working, but I think there are so many options. To me, the girls were always an addition to showcasing Rayna's character, so I have a problem with them going from recurring to main roles now. I'd rather have the producers introduce new young musicians who came to Nashville than seeing them deal with their youth issues. I will watch it until the show has run its course, but having Rayna die only made things worse and I feel like we're even further away from taking the show back to its roots.
  11. EuropeanGirl

    S05.E12: Back In The Saddle Again

    This was just too depressing for me. I don't know what to call Gunnar anymore, but it wouldn't be nice, though. Scarlett hasn't smiled at least a season. They're both awful to me now.
  12. EuropeanGirl

    S05.E11: Fire and Rain

  13. EuropeanGirl

    S05.E11: Fire and Rain

    I don't know if my hormones are to blame for coming here to bitch about Scarlett, but she just doesn't get a pass from me because she's all caring regarding the two girls. Even when Juliette was wrong, I hate Scarlett so much for being awful to Gunnar, that I'm always gonna be on the other team. (not to mention that I'm always team Juliette :) ) Juliette was right for calling her out on it. She acts like you can make it anytime just because Rayna gave her another shot with Gunnar the second time around. That doesn't happen that quick or often for everybody. What bugs me is that it's always the back and forth with her about every little thing about their career. Don't get me wrong, leaving them is a thing to think about, but with her it's always something. If you're not completely in or ready to give your 100%, then just say so. I agree. She, in my opinion, lost her mother at an even worse period than Maddie. Why wouldn't they explore that more? Is Maddie getting more screen time because she's older, therefore, we should be more interested in her storyline (or her story should be more interesting)? I wasn't okay with the fact that she didn't have a problem with going on without Daphne to promote herself. Are they still a duo or does she write with Daphne, and I quote, for her album? I really hope they will include Daphne more and that it won't become a Maddie show, because we're seriously close to having it. When she started to speak, I thought she was gonna say 'But that doesn't mean we're back together'. I love that her zero emotions towards Gunnar match her zero class in not knowing the baby daddy. I'm sorry that Gunnar didn't say to her that she can do whatever and that he's only there for the tour. I know he'd never do that because of many reasons, but the way she told him the information...ugh, her tone and the stand-offish attitude are annoying the hell out of me! She acts like she's above him or better than him!! I wish he'd say he's done with the whole band thing and go do something with Will and Avery. As much as I love this show, if the show starts revolving around Maddie becoming the next great thing and Juliette's role is all about being her assistant, I'm sorry to say that I will tune out for sure. I never thought I'd be even remotely close to doing it with Nashville, though.
  14. EuropeanGirl

    Bachelor in Paradise in the Media

    I'm glad they're having a baby, because I read that Jade couldn't wait and I've felt the same way. I'm half through my pregnancy at the moment :) Anyway, I just came to say that I have never watched the Bachellor/ette, but started watching Bachelor in paradise. It was the season with Jade and Tanner, but I started watching after like 5-6 episodes, because there was so much news about the show, I had to see what was so interesting. It's enough to say that I was hooked, lol I still don't care for the two mentioned franchises, but can't wait for the summer to see them all in Paradise!
  15. EuropeanGirl

    S06.E02: Alante & Nevaeh

    I don't like this new check-ups. They seem very staged and the before ones looked decent enough to be true. He's a great guy and I hope he moved on and learned not to be in that type of relationship.