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  1. maya1959

    S01.E17 Sanctuary

    The mother said she was discharged as her insurance didn't cover a longer stay
  2. maya1959

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    Australia's school year is late January to early December so most graduations from high school are in summer. University graduations are dependent on semesters. I graduated in March but there are later graduations
  3. maya1959

    Worst Cooks in the Media

    Was coming here to post the same thing!
  4. maya1959

    S14.E10: Personal Jesus

    My ex started yelling at me in court in front of a judge. When they lose control of you they can't help themselves.
  5. maya1959

    Relative Success With Tabatha

    I have just watched the episode and Tabatha said fuckweed.
  6. maya1959

    Relative Success With Tabatha

    As an Aussie I can say it is fuckwit
  7. maya1959

    S09.E10: The Wedding

    I sure I heard Ivanka Drumpf!
  8. Rhonda should go back to web design school. One link takes you to a broken link spelt thialand.com. There is a man who will give you a " physic experience ". For millionares Chris and Nikki went super cheap on the web design!
  9. maya1959

    S14.E08: Out of Nowhere

    Her name is Bokhee https://www.hypable.com/greys-anatomy-season-11-bokhee/
  10. maya1959

    S01.E03: Poker, Faith, and Eggs

    I also loved that ER nurse is the same nurse in TBBT that works in ER every time Howard has anaphylaxis.
  11. maya1959

    S12.E07: Feral Fungi

    I so read it as Feral Ferengi too!
  12. maya1959

    S06.E05: Episode 5

    If Sr MC had deep depression or even psychotic depression ECT will help. I am a MH Nurse and we have at least 4 pts a week having ECT. It is done under aanesthesia in a theatre. Results are excellent in most cases.
  13. maya1959

    S05.E06: Erica's Story

    I think the blue package contained baby wipes as Erica said she didn't know if she could fit in a hotel shower. As a nurse I have only seen incontinence aids in xl which struggle to fit 120kg (250lb or so) person.
  14. maya1959

    S09.E04: Linda & Kerry

    I am a child of the late 50's and was named Karen. I had best friends called Linda, Debbie and Susan. The most popular names of the era !
  15. maya1959

    S09.E04: Linda & Kerry

    Just checked . There is a Linda in episodes 1 , 3, 4.