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  1. I might watch a little too much DCC Making the Team. Last night my husband and I were watching Sister Act, and during the final performance where they sing for the Pope, my husband turns to me and says “Wasn’t the choir bigger earlier?”. And the first thing that comes out of my mouth is “Maybe this is like a show group for the Pope! The best of the best who get to do special extra things!”
  2. I am liking this season a lot. I think Nemo will get eliminated next judging by the preview and how he has done so far. He’s never really been at the top and he’s a bit younger than the other contestants and the younger ones never seem to go as far. But man, it would be hard to pick between Bella, Haylin, Keaton, and Jonah for the finale as they are all so good and seem pretty equally matched. I could see Bella having a melt down/messing up, but for some reason I could also see something going horribly wrong for Keaton or Jonah and one of them has a surprise off day and goes home?
  3. Brennan just said what we’ve all been thinking and I am here for it!!
  4. Who are everyone’s favorites so far? I’m liking Keaton, Haylin, and Nemo, but tbh I don’t think Nemo will go much farther as it seems like he’s barely scraping by each week. Haylin is adorable with her accent and reminds me a little bit of Saylor and Brynn who are two of my other favorites from previous seasons. And Keaton just seems like the cool kid whose desserts look and taste awesome too. I was super impressed with his burger last night!
  5. Judging by Lacey’s Instagram of her bachelorette party, she seems to be going full force ahead with her wedding next weekend. It will be interesting to see if any former DCCs are there, if it’s going to be a normal reception with dancing or with social distancing, etc.
  6. I feel like Troy actually winning for once was the only appropriate way to end a Carl Ruiz April Fool’s Day theme episode.
  7. Every time I watch the episode on Pluto where Kelli changed her mind about Danielle making to training camp at the last second, I always wonder if Kelli ever thinks about how good of a call that was/thank goodness she decided to change her mind last minute. I mean Danielle went on to cheer for them for three more seasons after that, was a GL, and was an all star for a while!! That would’ve been a big loss for them.
  8. Meh.........a little, but Jeremy just turned 32. I am 31, so we would have been in middle school at the peak of their popularity back in 1999/2000/2001. For me, that was the age when I was really figuring out what music I liked/paying attention to different bands for the first time etc, and BSB was the first CD I bought with my allowance money and the first concert I went to see by my own choice. So I will give him a pass on this one just because when we were in middle school, they were everywhere!!
  9. What I’m hearing from Jana regarding courting is basically “I’ve seen how miserable my siblings have been getting married really young to people they barely know so screw that.”
  10. Jeremy is me when it comes to the Backstreet Boys. And I am a 31 year old woman.
  11. At the risk of sounding like a horrible person, I am going to say it: I am glad Tarek was in the bottom two tonight. There’s a difference between positivity and being arrogant, and I thought he care off extremely arrogant tonight. Especially the part when he asked if anyone else was almost done with their ice cream when he knew darn well they probably weren’t! I feel like I am supposed to root for him because he’s from STL like me, but ugh. I just couldn’t with him tonight.
  12. Does anyone else wonder if Sam Finglass will ever try out, or has she seen/heard about what Cassie, Dayton, and Victoria have gone through and is just like hard pass??
  13. After seeing the videos of last night with the formation, it’s no wonder they’ve stuck to a hard 36 before.
  14. So I’ve been binge watching the earlier seasons on Pluto TV and there is so much cringe!! I was watching one episode where the girls were on a retreat, and 6-7 girls were standing in a line with their backsides to a sketch artist while the artist sketched their bottoms. I also noticed in Meredith Odgen’s first episode there was a scene of her with her mom getting ready for auditions, and there was a sign on the mirror that said “No cheating when eating, you want to be skinny.” I miss Jay and the power squad segments. I miss the first round and semis in the same episode. I wonder if t
  15. So Pluto TV launched a new channel today that just airs old seasons of DCC MTT 24/7 with very minimal commercials. The hubby is out of town for another week so please send help because I know what I’m doing all week!
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