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  1. So sad what their family has become. Hits me in my heart since I've been watching them since Kate & Jon's special episode! I am about 90% sure Hannah is now living with Jon. Glad she seems to be happy and I hope the others will be able to get away as most of them seem miserable. Especially the twins! It is terrible that Kate did not make them see their father. Now that they are teens it will probably be near impossible to repair their relationship. Sad. Sad to see a family so divided! I know they will most likely be broken adults with so many issues =/
  2. Ok I guess an update for any one that cares lol. From what I've collected from the gypsy "fan pages". Sissy the 16 y/o is pregnant. Her boyfriend is her cousin and also 24!!! Richard(Sissy and Danielles father) is having a second baby with his very young wife or GF. Mellie had her baby, the baby had some healthy issues. Not very surprised. Pookie beat the crap out of Nuckie back in July. They are no longer together. She does not have custody of her child, he does. Dallas had another baby. The father is Annies(Kaylas sister) ex. Most recently(this week) Dallas and her
  3. I love and miss this show so much. I want to give an update because they are still as messy as ever. Annie and Dallas' baby daddy James got married and then divorced. Dallas got back with James, became pregnant with their second child together(makes 3 for Dallas) but now Annie IS BACK WITH JAMES. Wow! Mellie is pregnant with baby #3, the father is the same guy who killed her puppy(not 100% sure though). Nettie is selling her house. Kaylas ex-husband had a baby boy with a woman who is barely 22. And Kayla seems to have yet to become pregnant. Danielle is set to give bir
  4. LOL yeah I guess what I meant to say was its starting to become more apparent that the contestants are treated like livestock. Before it was like NBC was trying to create a family atmosphere but now its like all hats are off "Lets get this crying scene done.", "Dolvett, make sure you yell at each contestant in a caring way.", "Bob, make sure you ask that one contestant about their dad dying again". Soon they're going to be wresting in chocolate pudding and whomever loses has to eat 500 calories worth of it and the winner gets to read a letter from their families.
  5. Im glad I am not the only one who could not stand the twins, they are just so smug especially Roberto!! Did anyone notice he was counting or mumbling to himself during the last minute Temptation Challenge? Im pretty sure he was counting down the clock, what was with that? They are probably my least favorite winners next to Jeremy Britt. Stephen looked good but he was very close to Rachel territory. Most likely he will put more weight back on though. Im glad Colby(?) chose the money. That was very smart of him to do, why Bob acted so surprised..idk. Felicia was ruder than her usual.
  6. Im on "The Townie" and first of all my mouth was drooling from the fashion during previous the Thanksgiving episode. Second, maybe its just me but I cannot stand Rufus. Him and Lily werent the best of parents but at the end of the day Lily was loyal to her children..to Serena. So far Rufus usually just sends Jenny off to Brooklyn or her mothers house. Serena has done some F*CKED UP things but Lily still made sure that she was there for Serena. During "Gaslit" everyone believed Serena had slept with her professor, almost got kicked out of school, hurt a couple of boys feelings and then
  7. YUP! My exact reaction was like "Oooh thats nice..WAIT who would date a very pregnant chick?". Their town seems small so he probably knows that she is "famous" so I personally doubt his intentions are meaningful..but thats just me. Yes it was peas and she went through 2-3 cans lol. At first she had Target brand with some salt, then a unlabeled can and a green labeled can for her son. I've hung out with some crazy people but I've never seen that before.
  8. I thought it was HILARIOUS that Mellie was allowed to have 2 kids out of wedlock aka be a "dirty girl" but was given hell for potentially naming her daughter after a cousin instead of sister. These women...
  9. Its May 2015 and I am finally watching the 14A finale lol. I've been watching Degrassi since 2002(US) and I guess I just cant let this show die. I hate most of the characters now .. Clare, Tristan, Ali, Zoe and especially Myles(sp?). Im loving Frankie so far and my fave is still Imogen! But anyway about this episode, I was so happy to know Frankie did not start the fire and I wonder how far Degrassi will let Clare's pregnancy go? I want to see Clare deal with the baby but after watching Degrassi for so long I feel as though they will make her character either miscarry or have an stillbirth
  10. Just watched the upcoming seasons trailer and OMG at Baby Richards red hair, its like really copper lol ..wasnt expecting that. She doesnt look as weird as when she was first born.
  11. I swear the team gets less and less diverse as the years go by. Half of the girls could easily be swapped out with one another. And about Jasmine if I were to be honest..I am still shocked that she made it this long..sorry Jasmine. I really liked Ashley and Breelans look but again I am shocked they made it past training camp(last year).
  12. So happy to finally join the new tv forum! I liked Loren, Jenna, Melissa and Jacie(?). Rachel was HORRIBLE others were bad but Rachel? It was like she was buffering in real life, so slow and clunky. But in all the girls are..weird dancers. I mean obviously they can dance being on that field is tough but at the same time they all were pretty much doing the exact same routines with different music and rearranged dance moves. I guess some of the moves are required or taught? I barely spotted any originality. I also sort of liked Danielle BUT I truly believe they keep her around for sex a
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