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  1. You read from here. So not an interview, not an inside source, not even from Twitter. No one really knows why he’s not playing Franco anymore. Just a bunch of assumptions out there.
  2. What request? Can you link to where Roger Howarth requested that he didn’t want to play Franco anymore? Did he say that in an interview somewhere?
  3. It’s never been said that Roger didn’t want to play Franco anymore. People just assumed that.
  4. He’s been in time out because he spoke out against the Peter August storyline and certain people got upset.
  5. Same here. I don’t get the hype about him, the actor, or the nonsense with Trina. When he was attempting to cry and the yelling, I was laughing before I changed the channel. That wasn’t a great piece of acting. I wanted Trina to be with someone Black so throwing her with Spencer is not cool. I don’t really like anything with the show lately. I’ve just been so bored because all of the focus is on characters I don’t care about. Spencer has been on every single day since he showed up. He led the episode count for July. He’s probably going to lead again for August.
  6. I see they recast Sonny with some loser and they’re bringing Leo back for this nonsense. Not missing this show at all.
  7. They had Ned marry her and everything. Wow. Right on with that one. There are so many characters on this show who don’t serve a purpose. Olivia has to be near the top of that list.
  8. I wanted them to bring on someone Black for Trina. Why couldn’t they do that? Then again, I don’t trust these writers. They would probably pick the worst stereotype ever for him and then Trina would have to fix him or whatever. But she’s going to have to do that with horrible Spencer. As for TJ and Molly having friends — they made TJ look really desperate to have a friendship with Blando, but we all saw what happened there. So, no, they don’t have any friends. They just have each other.
  9. I really don’t think any of the young people can act. Very unnatural. Especially when they try to pepper their dialogue with some hip lingo and all that stuff. I cringe during their scenes and usually end up not watching them.
  10. Yeah, not impressed with the new Spencer. He is not cute. That’s all I’m seeing about him and I’m like, where? And what is with that voice? He sounds like a goof. I’m not a big fan of Trina, but I still have to say too bad they’re throwing that at her.
  11. Anthony Hopkins winning is just crap. Even though I knew it was going to happen, it’s still... This just sucks.
  12. Best Picture is not important this time around. Actor and Actress are the more interesting categories. You have Actor who is down to Chadwick Boseman or Anthony Hopkins and then you have Actress which is a toss up.
  13. Yes, H.E.R.! Based off the performances in the pre-show, that was the best song.
  14. I didn’t watch Tyler Perry. I don’t like him. I try to watch his movies but I just can’t get through them. I usually tap out after about 10 minutes.
  15. Not excited about In the Heights, either, but since that Lin Manuel Miranda is involved, guess they’ll throw all the Oscars at that next year?
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