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  1. In every way possible. I don’t understand why she’s popular, why she’s winning all these awards. I don’t understand a word she says when she speaks, when she sings. I don’t understand why her brother is always there.
  2. Yes. I know he smells awful. I know he does. I can understand the first one. Maybe. But beating Kendrick? That’s a no. That should not have happened.
  3. That halftime show was terrible. I knew it would be since they announced it was The Weeknd. Too bad they can’t just show Prince every year.
  4. I read somewhere that those two were mean to Freddie back in the day. They were their own little clique and they wouldn't let anyone else in. So, Freddie was pretty much relieved when Guy Wilson came in. They were able to hang out and bond. He wasn't doing scenes with someone who was treating him like garbage. Now, who knows if that's true or not. But that's what I remember reading.
  5. Hey, maybe that will give her screen time and story since Chase is a favorite.
  6. Just ugh all around. This bachelorette — all of her dances were boring. I don’t remember a single, solitary dance. And her partner — cried because he wasn’t on last season; whined and complained about the scores he received this season; and he has horrible taste in women. This win was awful. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten involved this season. I knew it, I knew it. Two bachelorettes winning in a row? Time to cancel the show.
  7. They don’t care about Lucas that much to give him a love interest. But if they do, do they remember that he’s gay? That’s a big thing they need to remember.
  8. More Matt Cohen than Patrick Dempsey. He looks like a combo of Nathan, Griffin, and Chase. Like I said, somebody has a type.
  9. The new Lucas is ugly. He looks completely different from Ryan Carnes. They keep hiring these similar looking dark haired dudes. Somebody has a type.
  10. Can’t believe Zendaya actually won. Haven’t seen Euphoria. Based on the trailer, it’s not my cup of tea. But still.
  11. Mm-hmm. Shoot, I still haven’t seen Titanic. I don’t watch things that get a lot of hype or sweep all the awards. I already know that I’m not going to get it. I’m not going to get the hype or see what’s so great about it. Congrats Regina King! Yes!
  12. I’ve never seen Schitts Creek and probably won’t now.
  13. Word. But it’s not like I’m still going to be watching this show anyway by the time she comes back.
  14. He’s a favorite and he knows he is.
  15. Sonny and Paul had a little something, but Sonny and Brian were...yeah. He should've ended up with Brian. Just to keep the Brian actor around and to give me something to look at. But he's off doing Hallmark movies now. I will never watch those. I always wanted a story about Sonny and his brothers and the dynamic between them. Like how do they feel about Sonny being gay? Have they liked any of his boyfriends? Do they like Will? Everybody knows that Sonny was Adrienne's favorite. How do they feel about that? There's a lot of story potential there. But hey, like you said, this sho
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