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  1. I was a little shocked about Jen with the soup. I thought "that can't be Campbell's. EVERYONE knows you have to add some water to that". But it was. Jen doesn't read instructions if she's not sure?? She couldn't tell it was too thick? Even Zoey knew.
  2. Does Whitney think an umlaut is decorative? And you know they're going to ask her about it in TH. Can't wait to hear what she has to say.
  3. I'm surprised Pa Keller didn't put some kind of conditions on this courtship. Maybe he did, or maybe that's not acceptable. For instance, toning down the makeup and hair because Nurie is going to be doing prison ministry with him and Nathan. Maybe something about wedding gifts, as was mentioned. Pa Keller had to have been in the driver's seat during this arranged marriage agreement.
  4. I'm hoping that after the wedding, Pa Keller puts it in Nathan's head to have Nurie wash her face and tone down the look.
  5. It's more that she's going to be joined to a Duggar family via her daughter's marriage.
  6. Michelle seemed a little confused when JB said that they'd started out with two boys and a girl, too. The camera quickly cut away.
  7. Ben doesn't look happy in any of the Instagram photos that they posted.
  8. Didn't Mike Seewald push for this marriage? I wonder what he was thinking.
  9. My water broke with my first baby, and I didn't give birth until 25 hrs. later (in a hospital). They had to give me something to get my labor going. This was 50 years ago.
  10. Has there been a photo with Ben holding Ivy? I don't remember seeing one.
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