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  1. The funeral wasn't until a week later, on Saturday. The wake was Friday.
  2. Sailor sobbing kind of indicated to me that Christie really had to convince her to do this once Christie got injured. Sailor was totally out of her comfort zone being on live TV every week.
  3. I would be surprised if they fire Emma (or Sasha, for that matter) since they've been ballroom-trained their whole lives. Jenna's probably freaking out that her Svengali/Fairy Godmother Mandy will no longer be the creative producer.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but I think Maks and Peta are in love and are like a typical couple. I can't see Maks fooling around on her. Val and Jenna on the other hand, feels forced and awkward. I think when DWTS inevitably ends soon and they have nothing to do, Val will feel less constrained and will leave her.
  5. Esha probably would have been at Maks/Peta if their wedding weren't the same day. Maybe Mark too. I don't think Jules is close with any of the other pros she danced with on DWTS. She wasn't there that long in the grand scheme of things.
  6. We can't let Lindsey Sterling escape unscathed too, since she apparently encouraged Bobby to do the show. I guess that's her "revenge" for losing last year. I have not forgotten that she and Mark didn't handle their loss very well, refusing to congratulate Lindsay and Jordan and not doing any press interviews after the finale, though I've noticed that wan't the first time Mark did that.
  7. Not just Bobby and his cult, but the show he works for, Idol. ABC ended up killing DWTS by putting Bobby on it in order to help prop up Idol. Sad but true.
  8. Bobby doing that just reminds of how Sharna enabled him so much whenever he acted up on SM. Instead of ignoring his antics she stooped all the way down to his level with her 'clapbacks' to their "haters".
  9. Considering not many people were watching this season to begin with, I don't think reducing the power of the viewer votes will cause any backlash. In fact, people will welcome it if it means the likes of Milo and Evanna don't lose again.
  10. Yes, before now I think everyone regarded Kelly Monaco as the worst winner, but Bobby makes her look like Meryl Davis! To put into perspective how totally WTF Bobby's win is, he had the 8th highest score average this season. 8th!!! Every other winner were one of the Top 2 scorers in their season, expect for Kelly M and Donald Driver who were 3rd.
  11. This is what happens when ratings collapse - less people vote. If this were even just a few seasons ago Milo would have won.
  12. Congrats Bobby fanatics - you just signed this show's death warrant. Hope it was worth it!
  13. Since they seem to have trouble finding people to do the show we'll probably get another All-Stars soon.
  14. Cheryl hasn't made the finals in five years, and hasn't won in twelve, so I don't blame her for being gutted. Watch her get a dud next season.
  15. I don't think Evanna has the votes to surpass Milo, considering she's been in jeopardy twice while Milo has never been. Witney also has a much bigger fanbase than Keo. I think Emma also had a bigger fanbase when she won than Keo does, because she made the finals with Bill in her first season, followed by 7-8 week runs with Waltrip and Hayes. This is Keo's first finals.
  16. I wonder if Cheryl is coming back next season. Will there even be a spring season, or will ABC just go full-Idol?
  17. I think the longer Bobby lasts, the more pissed Sharna gets about never winning. If he had been eliminated weeks ago like he should have she would have considered that the expected outcome, but now shes emboldened by his cult of fans.
  18. Wow. This show is not long for this world.
  19. I think Jenna was always closer to Lindsay because they lived in the same town and went to the same schools since Kindergarten. Witney lived in a different town and thus, different schools. Jenna and Lindsay are indirectly going to be family - Jenna's brother is married to the sister of Jensen's (Lindsay's sister) fiance. I don't think Jenna has that many female friends, though. Just a hunch.
  20. Tbh I'm surprised Peta had a baby as early as she did. She was already a over a month along when the Nyle season ended. I figured she would continue on the show uninterrupted until she was around 35 or so and then get pregnant. She missed one season due to injury, then pregnancy, and now who knows when she'll be back.
  21. Bergen seems so low-energy here, it's hard to believe she's the same age as Tyne Daly. Boston Legal wasn't that long ago - she was so much sharper there. This is basically Life With Lucy 2.0
  22. It wouldn't surprise me if Val offered himself to Z after she became an adult and she turned him down. After the Janel fiasco and during one of his breaks from Jenna.
  23. If Val ever left her for good she would probably try to hurt herself. I'm not kidding. She would have to be placed on suicide watch.
  24. I can't really picture Jenna with Derek. He and Jules aren't Mormons anymore so i don't think he would have been inclined to go back down that road. Not only is Hayley not from Utah, but she is drop-dead gorgeous.
  25. Well, Val wants kids and probably sees Jenna as a good mom. She's also the "marrying kind" - the kind you bring to meet your parents, not a side piece/fling. She worships him and i doubt Val will find another woman willing to put up with him.
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