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  1. It hink Boyle wants to try the pill on his mom (Gran?) Brain should do what Eddie did. Find a way to synthisize (SP) nzt and the antidote on his own. Doubt Morra would lethim get away with that though.
  2. And that makes it a Bad Commercial. They are running the Geico commercial about the teen twits in the horror movie, Why can't we just get in the running car? Love the 'killer' looking at them like they are too stupid to kill.
  3. Steve Sure does live up to the cliché, that men always fall in love with their mothers
  4. See... we're just supposed to figure out that Morgan went back to NY and wrote the Coke commercial about liking to hear the world to sing...
  5. Watching One Step Beyond marathon on COZI. This was little known - but I liked it as much as Twilight Zone. Young bride has hysterical dreams of drowning in cold inky black sea. Groom has surprise tickets for....the Titanic. Also there is a book in library that spells out almost the exact story - written years before. or "the chandelier fell on Lisa" one...
  6. What was Abbie's costume supposed to be?
  7. I read two interesting things- One: You probably get cancer 4 or 5 times in your life but your immune system get rid of it...if true, it explains why people sometimes get cancer after a traumatic event. Two: We eat so many preservatives that our bodies stay fresher after we die. Old days, it was get them into the ground in a day or so... now, with a good coffin and embalming we last for years.
  8. So Chloe parted Mariahs hair with a bottle of Jim Beam. A better lock her up in a bin somewhere before Mariah gets hold of her. If what I'm thinking is correct Mariah will probably end up raising her Delia 2.0.
  9. Monkey Butt Powder is just powder with calamine powered in it. Lady is cornstarch so it doesn't kill you like talc. I live in FL so it's a life saver. Cures heat rash, poison and just all round sticky. OT: I noticed in the huge walker mob... all the lady walkers that had long hair had pretty nice hair. Long hair gets knotted and caught on things and picks up everything. They need to have one caught on something, pull away and leave her hair scalp and all.
  10. For some reason - reminded of a very lame movie starring a lesser 21 jump streeter about a handsome dancer who... dying of a muscle disease... is cured by an infusion of feline DNA. He starts acting like a cat. Amoral but cuddly. Anyway he drives his car into the bay to avoid cops and is presumed dead. See heroine sniffling as she says he hated water so he must have drowned. Me: "Cats can swim, they just don't like to." Later the hero turns up in her apartment. Hero smirks: "Cats can swim, they just don't like to." I always found it hilarious. My Romeo - who liked to sleep on t
  11. Not sure who'll win - remember these people picked half-bald island chick because she "LOOKED LIKE A DESIGNER" but couldn't sew. Or way back - the girl who showed black slacks with screened white tee shirts and bowler hats?
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