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  1. Lmao I just watched that one! Season 6 is fantastic for the banter and one liners. I’m watching the episode where Rose is dating The Cheeseman and Blanche finds out her great grandmother is Jewish. ”Well, I’ll be damned. The black guy is prejudice!” “Wow, you find out you’re a Jew with a dilemma and these Rabbis just start coming out of the woodwork!”
  2. With that level of enmeshment, I was shocked he said anything at all tbh. Barb is clearly unstable and it’s gonna take a while to “fix” the mess that is Peter because of it. She reminds me so much of my MIL, I’m actually twitching. My heart hurts for Peter and Madi. Even if he had stuck it out with Hannah Ann, Barb would have drove her crazy. She’s the type to wear her wedding dress to her son’s wedding 100%.
  3. As a woman with a crazy MIL, I sympathize so much with Madi. My husband wouldn’t put his foot down with his family for the longest. It took couples counseling before he told them where to shove it. We’ve been much happier. I hope Peter will do the same, even if he doesn’t stay with Madi.
  4. You’re the perfect person to critique it then. The training we’re doing is platform based. Basically holding a “needs” conversation (like at account opening or an account review), finding a need and capitalizing on it. It’s all about selling, the products, what the right product is for the client, don’t act like this, don’t do that, etc. when I first got into banking, it was kind of a shell shock which is why I’m trying to be patient, but I think the facilitator might be over complicating it just a tad and making it even more confusing. You can tell she is losing her patience and getting frustrated. Another thing that I hate is peer to peer critiquing. None of these people are going to be honest with each other and no one is going to get better when you’re conversation is completely awful but your peers are telling you it’s amazing. For example, roleplaying as a banker and another roleplaying as the customer. When I was going through training with my former company, I made a girl cry because I said she should be more inquisitive. If I’m handed a list of things to bring up as a customer and you miss every single one, I don’t know what to tell you. No one wants to hear any type of constructive criticism. It’s not easy, I know, but if they’ve been up here for 2 full weeks and can’t even piece together a framing/positioning statement, I don’t know what to tell them. That part is the easiest part of the entire conversation and they’re not even understanding that. I just don’t get it.
  5. I’m with y’all, I was trying really hard to not cause a scene, but one of the other “students” did it before I could. She definitely had the inferior attitude and you can’t really “challenge” her because she’s the lead. She has a very dominating personality. I did tell her to keep an open mind and watch the doc Hot Coffee though, which went over about as well as you can imagine. I know that I’ll get to “review” the training program, and I intend on unleashing all holy hell on the entire experience. The first handful of classes were very small (6 people) but we still fell behind because there were 2 people who didn’t understand even a little bit of what was going on. You’d think a 6 person class would mean things would go quicker, but nope. Then when I went to my class last week, we had 20+ people. And it has remained 20+ since. (Apparently people hired since September are in a “pilot” program where the training is much more extensive and serious than the training I am being provided. I just missed that cutoff, thank god.) They did an introduction (where everyone said their name, time with the company, location and their favorite hobby /eye roll) which took almost an hour and a half. That was an hour and a half lost right off the bat. i think the whole thing is a freaking joke. I’m thankful to have experience in my field, but for the people coming in blind, they don’t know ANYTHING. They’d learn far more actually being in their locations than they will in the courses. To me, the courses should be providing an outline/idea. They cannot honestly believe these people are going to go back to their branches and jump right in and not miss a beat. The people in the class aren’t even close to understanding what in the hell is going on, and theyve been here for two straight weeks. Never mind that the large class is killing my drive time. Getting out ten minutes late delays me getting home about 30 minutes because traffic gets crappier by the minute. /rant over lol
  6. I need somebody to tell me whether I’m being too sensitive or not. I started my new job back in July and I’m still doing some training for it. These are classroom type trainings that are held off site away from the branches. I’ve had some issues with the facilitator. She’s a nice person, but she can’t control the room. The amount of times we go off topic to talk about things that are not related to banking is constant. I’m traveling 2 and a half hours each way for this crap, and the constant banter about movies, tv shows, books, etc has been ridiculous. I’ve driven up there I wanna say 8 times so far, and I’ve got 3 more to go, but each and every time, something holds us up and it’s mostly the off topic discussions. Sometimes off topic things happen and sometimes it can make it fun, but when you’re waking up at 4:30 to leave the house by 5:30 when the rest of the class doesn’t have to leave their house til 7-8, it can kind of put you in a mood. I can live with the OT garbage, but this woman repeatedly uses us as her soapbox audience. Perfect example was today. I forget what we were talking about, but it lead to the McDonalds coffee situation that happened several years ago. She said “how does someone not understand that coffee is hot? I have no respect for that woman for suing for emotional distress. Being burned gives you emotional distress? Get out of here. No respect.” And she said it with this tone like she was personally effected by the situation. Now, I couldn’t give a shit less about the situation itself, but the way she said “being burned gives you emotional distress?” Like that old woman had really severe burns on her thighs, I’d be surprised if she wasn’t emotionally distraught. For all we know, there could be burn victims in the class, and to basically hear from this woman that being burned isn’t traumatic just makes me shake my head Idk I’m probably being sensitive. It was just amazing to hear somebody who won’t shut up about professionalism in the workplace spew her nonsense. You know damn well she wouldn’t say that to a customer, just because we’re on the same “team” shouldn’t mean anything. She probably meant the lawsuit portion was bullshit, and she’s fully entitled to that opinion, but to say it’s not traumatizing just took it a step too far imo. Like I said, I might be overly sensitive. I’m exhausted and sick of all this driving, and I might just be acting dumb.
  7. I probably should have added that we’ve lived together for the past 3 years, haha. He usually has no problems when it comes to going to different stores and such, it’s only recently that he’s started doing this where we have to have a “reason” or “game plan” for going somewhere. Maybe we’re just not meant to shop together. He’s never reacted like this; he’s usually the one that’s more impulsive and is down for doing things on the fly. When we first started dating, he was all impulse. “Well let’s just go do X” with no rhyme or reason whereas I liked things to be planned out. We’ve been together for 4 years, so maybe we’ve rubbed off on each other and we’re switching roles now. I have no idea.
  8. So my fiancé and I just bought a house. We tried to be prepared before move in, but of course, you notice things you need or want once you have everything else set up. One of those was an ottoman for our couch. We didn’t opt for a love seat or anything like that as the living room is kind of small, and the previous owners seemed to have way too much furniture in there, making it feel even smaller. Eventually we’re gonna get some accent chairs, but we don’t have visitors very often and the dining room is open to the living room, so we could always sit in there if we need extra seating for the time being. On friday, I told my fiancé I was gonna go to the neighboring county to price some ottomans, some other things we need, etc. I invited him to come along if he wished. Our county and the neighboring county is separated by a very long bridge that only has two lanes; one going south and one going north. Neighboring county is super busy (has a naval base [and the majority of people who work on it live in our county because it’s cheaper], every store you could think, etc) always a lot of traffic, and despite being 20 minutes from our house, it could still take you 45 minutes to get over there or come back depending on traffic. He’s well aware that when I go over there, I hit every store I can to prevent going back for a while. So he comes with me. On the way over, he asked what’s the purpose. Uh, an ottoman, pricing stuff for the back yard, couple other minor things, getting out of the house for a bit, etc. We’re over there for an hour and a half, hit three stores and I mentioned I’d like to go to a clothing store so I can check their clearance racks for a new job I’m starting. Well, he’s not interested in going there. He’d rather go home. There’s no need for him to come to the store with me, why can’t I just do that without him, we’re in his car so we’re going home. Well, I had every intention on coming here without you. I extended the invitation, you said yes. I told him that next time he won’t be getting an invite and I’ll just do what I want. He said he wouldn’t have come had he known we wouldn’t just be going to the furniture stores, that’s why he asked the purpose of the trip. He continues on and on about how I’m so insistent on getting everything out of the way in one day when it’s not necessary, every time were in neighboring county I stop everywhere. Because I hate coming over here and I want to get everything out of the way so I don’t have to come back! He knows this! This is the second time he’s done this to me in 2 weeks, and we have to keep going back over there because apparently an hour and a half is our cutoff mark and we have to look for certain items and only those certain items. He’s not even allowed to tell me that it’s about money (or being apprehensive about all these new bills we have) either because on the way home, we stopped at a thrift store where he spent 340 dollars on a coffee table and two end tables. We already have end tables, all we needed was an ottoman. And I’d never pay that much for 3 tables. Not to mention, there are still things that we actually NEED The whole thing is still grating me. Would have been cheaper and less annoying had he just stayed at home. Lesson learned.
  9. After dealing with a psychotic verbally abusive manger for the past 8 months, I’m finally getting out. I tried making it work with the company because I’ve been here for over a year, but after being told if I attempted to transfer to a different branch, she would make sure to give me a bad reference, I found a new job at a different company, with much better hours. Putting my notice in was like a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I have 11 more shifts left and then I’m out of here. I intend on writing a very long email to HR letting them know how awful my current manager is, what a stench she is on their company, and how psychologically tormenting the past 9 months have been for my teammates and myself. I hope they take it seriously.
  10. I’m currently watching an episode about a Minnesota couple, and the husband is dead set on not being too far away from a hockey rink and also wants to build one in his backyard. Also, he keeps going on about how important it is to get a newer house because the WiFi will flow better through the house. I’m a hockey nut myself, but this guy is driving me crazy. His wife seems normal, and I have no idea what the hell she sees in him. He’s not quirky, just an annoying butthole of a human being. All I can do is pray for her. No idea how she puts up with him.
  11. I am way behind you guys it seems, lol. Season 9. My mom was obsessed with this show, so when Hulu added it, I had to see what all the fuss was about :) But I just wanted to say LockDown might be the best episode of any hospital/doctor series I have ever seen. Dr. Carter taking complete control of the situation and risking his own health was tremendous tv. And then the follow up, Chaos Theory, was also excellent. Great television. Was thoroughly entertained for two hours.
  12. Guys, I need some help. So, we didn't get our schedule for December until November 30th. Our new manager hates when people are scheduled off on Fridays and Mondays. I look at the schedule and not only am I working 8 straight days (with no OT because different pay periods, woo) but I was given off this Friday. Will be my first day off in 8 days. I asked my supervisor, dude who made the schedule, if the manager knew I was scheduled off that day and if it was going to be an issue. He said no, she has seen the schedule, she is aware. I went ahead and made myself a doctor's appointment for that morning. Well, my manager sent an email out today and has made a mandatory meeting this fucking Friday right at the time of my doctor's appointment. I already know they're not going to be able to take me later, and if I reschedule it'll probably take weeks. Truthfully, it's just a check up, not a big deal, but I don't feel like I should have to come in on my day off because she chose to do this at the last minute; especially after working 8 straight days. Should I I just tell her to kick rocks? Idk if I can get written up for this or not (probably), but this is the second time in 2 months she's asked me to come in for a meeting on my day off. I did it the first time, but I just really don't want to do this again. What's the point of having a schedule if I can't make appointments or plans?
  13. I’m watching In A Bed of Rose’s and my god is Blanche on point in this episode. The way she tells her stories is hysterical. “Totally dead, ma’am! Crunch crunch” and the “and you’re the sister” tale from Dallas, or one of those soaps, they’re all the same.
  14. Lmao the “don’t give her any cake” line kills me every time. The one daughter who was all about Charlie’s finance was such a twat. It became pretty evident when granddaughter Charlie was talking about how rich he was that the only good things her mother told her about him was that he had money. Not caring, loving, fun, just that he was rich. Kinda sickened me tbh.
  15. Dorothy was an idiot when it came to men in general. The amount of times she would blurt out random things to men (like for example Jake: “Your chest!” Or something of that nature). So much second hand embarrassment. She had no idea how to talk to people she was attracted to and would act like a nervous teenager. So embarrassing. But the Gloria/Stan episodes make me twitch. Gloria was an egotistical narcissist and Stan was a scumbag. And Sophia, who showed her ass all throughout the series, really showed her true colors in that one. I wouldn’t blame Dorothy if she had chosen to never talk to anyone of them again The way I interpreted The Judge Doug and why he was on the A list was he would clear Blanche’s traffic tickets. She said she hadn’t paid one in six months. Somethings always in it for her even when it seems like there isn’t lol. Not sure why Dorothy would be into him tho; I wouldn’t want to be with someone who’s screwed my roommate who I consider a family member, you know?
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