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  1. I’m pretty sure the whole “America’s fifth sport” stuff is tongue in cheek. Bill Simmons started jokingly calling it that nearly a decade ago.
  2. TJ literally told them at the start there would be a male and female winner. Cory and Jenny even spoke about it in deliberation over who to send into elimination. It’s BS conspiracy theories made because people hate Johnny.
  3. They could film in the US and only include American contestants, I suppose. Find a remote area with a lot of land to build challenges. Have perhaps an old West theme. Allow the contestants to have more parties at the Challenge House and don’t go out to bars. To be honest, I’m surprised Survivor didn’t attempt to film in the US.
  4. The problem with winner take all is that it leads to people quitting during the final. I’d prefer $425,000 for 1st place/$50,000 for 2nd/$25,000 for 3rd. You have to finish to win any money.
  5. I usually find that finals are the worst episodes of the season, and this was no different. It sucks that they edited out some checkpoints. Because this final felt lacking(no puzzle/eating/carnival game). I like that there are male and female winners. I even prefer for the second and third place finishers to receive prize money too. It was cool to see Jenny finish first. Johnny winning wasn’t surprising. I’ll never be a fan of his, but he doesn’t infuriate me. Cory just will never be smart enough to win a final where math/puzzles are featured. Fessy seemingly losing his lead on the physical climb and not on the math portion has to hurt for him. Kyle is a goof, but he is capable of winning one day. Just stay out of the Cara/Paulie nonsense
  6. I can’t remember the last time they had a single episode finale. Maybe Vendettas? I guess that wasn’t too long ago. But it was a pretty weak final. Maybe Kyle wins? Wouldn’t that be hilarious.
  7. Nelson didn’t win Invasion because he was a slower swimmer than CT, and even then that was a wonky final that had people wondering if they didn’t fudge the numbers to give CT the win. Fessy is starting to get a lot more screen time. I may have to switch my winner pick from Johnny to him. Cory has been featured heavily all season too. If a male wins, I’d be shocked if it wasn’t Johnny,Fessy, or Cory.
  8. I’m not positive, but I do remember reading that Paulie wasn’t allowed on this season because he couldn’t pass a psych exam. Supposedly he made an Instagram video where he threatened harm on many of the cast members. He is much worse than Abe, IMO.
  9. I’d prefer fewer red skulls. The political side of the game has been lacking this season because everyone is just sitting back and getting their chance. Even Kyle and Josh are probably going to be able to compete for the final red skull. I’d like to see 3 red skulls per gender. And in order to win one, you have to defeat someone that has one, once all 3 are in play. It’s unfair for whoever wins the first 3, but an incentive would be given for each time a player defends their red skull. So if a player wins 3 or 4 eliminations and reaches the final, they are given either money, regardless of their finish, or advantages in the final.
  10. Cory had pictures of his daughter that he was looking at.
  11. Well, we now know some of the people are betting on a purge that will allow them a last chance at getting a red skull. But I bet a purge will only happen once all of the contestants without a red skull are gone. And it looks like it won’t even be necessary just to give everyone a chance at a red skull. If there is another men’s elimination, it seems like they’ll just allow Kyle to face Josh. Which means no man would be left without a red skull. Nany,Melissa, and Bayleigh are the women left with potentially two more female eliminations. So it looks like nobody will be cut without a chance at getting a red skull. Which is disappointing.
  12. I agree. And I believe he has apologized for them. But still, it was worse than what Dee said, IMO. And MTV cancelled Cory’s GF Taylor for comments she made 8 years ago when she was still a teen. Comments she supposedly apologized for on TV. MTV has opened a huge can of worms unnecessarily, IMO. How can you take their stances on Dee and Taylor seriously if they don’t go and cancel Johnny,Jordan,Mattie,Zach,Ninja,Bear and plenty of others? They should have simply condemned Dee’s comments and shadow banned her like they did with Kenny and Evan(although Kenny claims he still gets availability calls).
  13. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/2tXWis6
  14. What’s worse is they didn’t have a problem casting and featuring a woman who just came off of her THIRD DUI!!! Mattie could have easily killed multiple people because of her actions. Two prior instances weren’t enough to get that through to her. Her ass was passed out drunk behind the wheel on her third one. I just saw a super cut of all of Johnny’s offensive tweets yesterday. Far worse than anything Dee did. But not a problem for MTV. I’m not calling for the cancellation of Johnny either. I’m just pointing out how badly MTV is handling this and how they aren’t sincere in their indignation.
  15. Welp, looks like they are going to continue to edit out all things Dee from this season. They changed the description of the next episode to remove a reference to Dee’s storyline. This is such an overreaction. From reading the reactions it’s almost universally agreed that fans don’t want them to edit this season. We know what Dee said. We know she’s banned. But even the people who are extremely offended by what she did can’t be that triggered by watching her on the rest of this season, can they? And the editing actually made her look better than the scenes they cut out. She is the main villain of this season. Cutting her out entirely removes most of the drama. The only remotely understandable explanation is if they were facing pressure from sponsors who were threatening to pull their ads.
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