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  1. sharongogo

    S04.E07: All Hail the Queen

    I’m guessing preggers.
  2. sharongogo

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    I thought the counselor was terrible. He basically laid Ronald’s sobriety at Tiffany’s feet saying that the hope of this relationship is what got him through. That’s not how long lasting sobriety works. And then he said other addictions like porn or booze might show up and I 200% knew Ronald has current full blown addictions to porn and booze.
  3. sharongogo

    S04.E06: Knot Today, Anchors

    I thought Anastasia did a great job in a pinch, but fuck me if you think Ben would have made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I think the food probably tastes good, but gnocchi AND risotto for dinner? In the Med? In what universe?
  4. sharongogo

    S05.E14: Into the Closet

    I think this insecurity also explains her extreme hate for Lala. Lala made some lame comments about hooking up with Tom, which NO ONE believed. But Katie did, because deep down inside she knows he doesn't really love her. It almost make me feel for her.
  5. sharongogo

    S09.E07: Model Behavior

    I’m going to unpack this Matt/Kenya nonsense as best I can. Point A: I do think they dated for real; and I also think she’s manipulating him. But why would a man let a woman play him out as violent on tv? Matt loves her. Matt is a legit hothead. Matt is dumb. Point B: If you listen to Kenya talk about when the relationship was good, she says something like: “In the beginning, Matt was just happy to be in my presence.” The hubris and ego attached to that is intense and also probably A LOT to be around. Additionally, when Kenya explains why Matt gets mad it’s because she’s successful and famous and he’s just some normal guy. Keep in mind that her stories about why he gets angry are always because she’s so awesome; she’s not just badmouthing him, she’s trying to elevate herself at the same time. Case in point, no way did Matt care about a decades old Jay Z photo. Point C: What she seems most concerned about with the garage incident, is that it’s embarrassing. Jesus, that’s nuts. I can’t tell where her off-screen manipulations end and her actual mental issues begin. Point D: And the guy who ghosts on his birthday and you have to call back from CA….is right about to dump you. I see no evidence that Matt is interested in or agreed to meet her dad (super weird). I also believe Matt’s story that she knew he was leaving and setup the birthday party thing to create a story line. All the Housewives are putting on some sort of show, but Kenya’s story lines have historically been some of the most untrue. Point E: There’s also something about the way she aggressively confronts people who aren’t meeting her needs (see: her MOM) that’s very bizarre and ultimately destructive.
  6. sharongogo

    Newlyweds: The First Year

    I will eat my hat if Tara is 26.
  7. sharongogo

    S04.E03: Gun To Your Head

    I wish Effie could have seen that Farrelly was well meaning and used him to block Mann, but lord did I get how she felt. On the conference call you can tell Farrelly thinks it's Production's fault that they don't have a location, but for reasons I can't understand, Effie and Marc don't even hint that it's Mann. Clearly Mann thinks Effie doesn't have any power, because no one above her backed her or shut him down.
  8. sharongogo

    Speculation for True Detective

    Theory: The Mexicans didn't kill Irina because she worked with the cops, they killed her because they didn't want her to ID who gave her Caspere's stuff to pawn to Frank. PS. It was Burriss.
  9. sharongogo

    S02.E06: Church In Ruins

    Blake Churchman
  10. sharongogo

    Speculation for True Detective

    And I think The Birdman is a cop - so does Ray since he pointedly told Ani the rifle was full of buckshot, "like cops use" Is that the car that the masked person set on fire?
  11. sharongogo

    Speculation for True Detective

    The heist was in '92 and the cop said the girl was around 4, making her about 27 now. I think Frank's wife is in her 30's. And Frank's wife doesn't look Hispanic.
  12. sharongogo

    Speculation for True Detective

    I think the jewelry store kids are out for vengeance on the people who killed their parents -- and I think the LA cops did it during the riot knowing there would be too much confusion. Those cops then moved down to Vinci PD -- remember Ray's dad talking about the good old days in LA under Gates? And how it wasn't the same after the Rodney King riots? I'm not sure if they personally knew Caspere and had a problem with him or saw him as the connector between the corrupt Vinci cops and the powerful men they associate with - each helping the other to cover up their sins. But the first time the Cisco Kid shows up, she stays a couple extra seconds and looks at Frank like he's the devil -- that's personal. I'm just not sure what it's about.
  13. sharongogo

    Speculation for True Detective

    Leonard and Laura - the kids from the jewel robbery are either the Chessani children or the 2 Hispanic drug dealers. Either way, I'm convinced the Cisco kid is actually a woman. And in episode 6 in the cabin, Paul stays in the shadows while Ani is in the light.
  14. sharongogo

    S10.E04: Charity Case

    It's not the bragging by the Dubrows that bothers me, it's that Heather consistently talks about how much of this house she has to shoulder and how much work she's put into it. And then in the next scene, there's always some dude telling a very surprised Heather that she is significantly over budget. So, those scenes are either entirely setup or she's not very smart when she's deciding what materials to pick - wouldn't the first question be, is this within our "stone" budget, etc?
  15. sharongogo

    S07.E24: Reunion, Part 2

    If you listen to Kenya answer the question, she deftly says she gave a check to Detroit Public Schools - not that she personally donated her $$. And the check is a Cashier's check -- which, why? If it truly came from Kenya, it would be a personal check. The way she answers and the cashier's check lead me to believe that is someone else's money that Kenya presented to Detroit. And I think Nene knows this and that Kenya is bullshit.