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  1. bravofan27

    S14.E01: New Friend, New Flames

    Tamara has always lived beyond her means. My guess is she still is, but is probably making good money doing appearances and being on the show for so long. However, the house could be a rental, but my guess is she'd be called out on it-- it's too easy to look up real estate transactions and home ownership. She's killing it though, IMO. She's competitive and a go getter and she's making things work for her.
  2. bravofan27

    S14.E01: New Friend, New Flames

    Thoughts on this episode: The new lady and her family are a little interesting. She acts and looks like an aging porn star, and it looks like her husband takes care of everyone. They do have a nice family though the breakfast scene made me think that the mom didn't birth all the kids herself, and also that she doesn't spend a ton of time taking care of them. Yes, the husband is probably gay which is why she keeps trying to have kids and make herself as sexually available as possible to keep him interested. He's the gravy train. Gina is TOTALLY a hot mess. She looks awful and seems miserable. Great TV though! And Emily with her whiny crybaby husband--> I think Emily and Gina are going to bring the drama just with their messed up lives and trying to play it off like everything is fine. Gina tried to do that last season and it blew up in her face.
  3. I was also disappointed that Colt got his way. But I think the producers wanted more Larissa and Colt interactions since they know those two are live wires and Eric brought more than what they anticipated for drama. We need Colt. He's reality gold. Larissa was also born for reality TV.
  4. Nicole is sweet and nice. However, she reminds me of several women I have known throughout my life who were very overweight and accepted less than what other women would expect because they wanted a good looking guy and they found a good looking guy that paid attention to them and told them what they wanted to hear, and that was more than they could ever expect/ want, etc. Azan is the typical player of insecure women who look for people who are easy to charm, expect next to nothing, and will worship them. I think he's motivated by money, and he could be married with three kids, and Nicole would still have hope they would be together and take his calls. Nicole is obese, a single mom, uneducated, unemployed, and below poverty level. Her family and government assistance is probably her main source of income and always will be (besides this reality show biz, which I'm assuming all her money she's making from it is going to Azan which is the ONLY reason he is still around). It's really a reality check in the sad state of our society.
  5. I'm disappointed Coltee couldn't see through the Eric and Larissa act. Larissa was laughing in glee because she couldn't even believe how amazingly perfect her plan to make Coltee jealous went. My mind is blown, that Coltee, knowing how cheap he and his mom both are, thought he would be able to scold Larissa into financial submission. But he bit his own ass wanting a wife that was sexy, but then was unwilling to pay for the maintenance. I think he's fine with Debbie and porn. I think that's all he's willing to afford. I also think that Coltee, like he himself said, have a good thing going and anything that jeopardizes that isn't going to work.
  6. bravofan27

    S09.E23: Reunion Part 2

    First season Camille was very sexual, always showing off her body and being demur around the men. First season Kyle, IMO, didn't like Camille because her body was rocking and she got all the male attention (even Tayler's husband who didn't dance at their wedding, would dance around Camille).
  7. bravofan27

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    My feeling about Colt, is he was interested in having the cheapest hottest wife possible. His father clearly did not take care of his wife (Debbie), given she appears to be in poor health and in need of her son to support her. She watched Larissa's spending like a hawk. She didn't want Larissa to have anything.
  8. Marrying a mamma's boy can be a nightmare. Because they think they can pout and stomp and get their way. As adults, that only works for the mom, since she is the only one that still looks at him like a cute little boy. For everyone else, it looks immature and annoying. My husband does like to pout, and he love to look cute to get his way. He's also from Latin America, where his female relatives lavish him with love and attention. However, his mom thinks I spoil him! That gives me hope. LOL!
  9. That's for sure! He got into trouble when he walked off, so he buried his head in his hands or looked up at the ceiling to not have to look at them. It actually made me laugh.
  10. Larissa's new "boy friend" relationship is completely fake. Beyond fake. Faker than fake. But kudos for her for trying her best to look like she's doing okay and make Colt jealous, which I'm sure it did. Oh Pedro. His dramatics. I saw a lot his sister in him, who is my least favorite person on TV. Not good. He's a bratty little child. Jay at least doesn't act like he's being constantly ordered to nap.
  11. bravofan27

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I don't think you have to attend AA necessarily. But you do need to attend some type of therapy each week. AA is usually the best choice because they are all over the place and reliable. But you don't have to do AA-- you can do a similar program or therapy. Maybe there is a cost-- AA is free... Yeah, she looks gross.
  12. bravofan27

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    Good for you! You should still enjoy a glass of wine. Just don't drive anywhere!
  13. bravofan27

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    Bethanny fake laughing in support of Dorinda making fun of Luanne.
  14. bravofan27

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    Andy to Ramona- "You said shit about Dennis." Ramona to everyone-- "I did, I feel terrible. It was awful. I'm so sorry." Andy to Bethanny-- "What do you think about this?" At this point, I'm completely waiting for Bethanny to say how hurtful that was to Dennis, that he was kind a considerate, generous man. How painful that was to his daughters.. etc." What Bethanny says: "Ramona has a problem with me." Because everything is about Bethanny. Which I suppose isn't too surprising since she can only stand to be around people who give her full attention, hence her newfound love for Dorinda.
  15. bravofan27

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    Bethanny is the opposite of female empowerment. She actually encouraged, at a seminar for ALL women, regardless of color creed, to find a white man to get behind them to finance things and be the face of the company. She's not woke. For sure. In some areas with low crime, calls about missing dogs or sick pets are common. I'm guessing Tinsley called from an area that these kind of calls are the average emergency. They are getting paid no matter what-- it's their job to respond. Bethanny's dramatics about how she just couldn't handle Tinsley calling 911 and being unaware of the issues behind this, was hysterical, only because Andy completely ignored her. Dorinda ignored her as well. That was awesome. I liked that Andy called out Bethanny on her bullshit comments