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  1. I drool over Anny's hair. It's so thick and shiny. I think the shoe place was like a Famous Footware-- I saw boxes on the shelves but also saw name brands like Nike, Asics, and Clarks. Or a DSW, but probably a Famous Footware. They give out a lot of coupons (which I'm sure Robert would have). It looks like they were at an outlet mall. In any case, Anny was happy and it was a step up from the thrift store. I like how Blake answered Jasmin's questions like she answers questions --- "I don't know, not much," scoff. Jasmine and the drinking thing. Girl, his friends drink. Good luck trying to get him to not hang out with them anymore. I'm glad Jasmine apologized for walking out on him. I think that really hurt him a lot. Betsy definitely TO ME comes across as super jealous. Her sister has a husband and a kid, and women do get jealous over that type of thing. Cuz it's attention that they don't get. That said, if my fiancé talked to me the way Sasha talked to Betsy, I'd be on a campaign to send him back. But I don't put up with rude men. AND Betsy was really rude to him, too. So maybe it's justified. I don't know. Her wedding with Sasha was really nice. Also, the baby looks way more normal now that he's older.
  2. He's missing his front teeth, which is why we can't understand him. 😞 He doesn't seem like he's in the best of shape. Like they were knocked out or something. It does remind me of that song from school, "All Iz I wnt fo' ismish is my two ont eeth..." But I don't think it's because he can't speak English, but who knows. Is Bojangles a relative? Least attractive man/woman (personality counts!). No one is totally hideous to me (Colt was, but different season). I guess Wine Mike. He has heavy bags under his hooded eyes and he's pasty and has a bulgy face. He always looks hungover and coked out to me. Couple most likely to break up first. Total toss up. Best supporting character. I have to say, Natalie's friend really sped up the demise. She brought up the ex-husband (a doctor), religion, and kids. She clearly didn't think much of Mike and brought all the big issues to the table in like one dinner talk. Well done friend. Children most likely to need counseling. Anna's kids have to be very messed up from seeing their mom so desperate to get laid. They are gonna hate women. 😞 Couple that you would like to know in real life. I think Anny and Robert, cuz they keep it real. Plus, I like dive bars and happy hours, and I feel that Robert probably does too. LOL!
  3. Jackie doesn't come off that great to me. She doesn't seem to have the greatest personality, and she mostly just talks when she has something bad to say about someone. She seems very judgmental, not that smart, and super insecure. Jackie loves talking about how wrong and bad everyone else is and she compares people to each other, which is not productive or healthy. I feel like Jackie is probably the fakest one, trying to seem like her life is so great and she is so superior when she never seems happy I like Jennifer, because she has some personality. She's funny. She puts herself out there. She's secure and doesn't care if she's offensive. Jackie tries to do it under the covers, but she's just as vile and jealous as Jennifer is. She may be one of the smartest ladies IN THIS GROUP, but that isn't saying very much.
  4. RE Robert and his brother seem to look for insecure women that they can control. How else can anyone have that many children without committing any type of responsibility? They seem experts at people women down in order to control them-- get them to have their kids and then not expect anything from them. Robert only has one of his kids, and he's looking for a cheap nanny because he just can't deal with any type of responsibility. In sum, Robert and the brother are losers. Plain and simple, huge ass losers.
  5. So...season 7... Best looking guy? SYNGIN! Best looking chic? Anny (she has a pretty face) Couple with the best chance? Michael and Juliana Most outrageous moment? Tania having the guy she was hitting on talk to Syngin via Facetime, while they were both trashed Funniest scene? Anything Angela makes me laugh. Her keeping her cellphone to her chest, strapped by the bra strap is pretty real. Also, Angela's recountment of the embassy visit was hysterical. She seemed legit floored that they didn't get she had an emergency.
  6. I think in Finland, alcohol is regarded as low-class. Similar to my friends from India who don't drink, because it's only the low class that drink. Being that Jasmin is so image conscious and wants to seem all put together. Maybe she and her sister are from some small town and are have a chip on their shoulder about being regarded as whatever...
  7. And Michael looks like Charlie.
  8. I can't help that I like Angela. She's got spunk and she's absolutely hilarious. She wants her drink and smoke and her man, and somehow found Michael in Nigeria. And she wants her daughter's egg so she can tote Michael's baby. You just can't make this shit up. It was nice of her to get them a microwave. And to try to help making dinner. The brother putting pressure on her to control things that she has absolutely no control over was mean and manipulative. I wasn't a fan of that. Is Emily having trouble losing weight so she compromised in her head by making her hair platinum grey? She looks like Sara Jessica Parker in "Hocus Pocus."
  9. It's really hard to make a relationship work when one person is a partier, and the other isn't. Not only is Jasmin not a partier, but she doesn't even like Blake to have a drink. Not sure how that is going to work. It was pretty shitty of her to make him go to a different place for dinner, and then DITCH him altogether. I felt for Blake a bit in that moment, but ultimately, he shouldn't have let her go by herself, IMO. He could have compromised somehow, but he basically told her he was going to get wasted, which was a dumb move. They both ended up where they wanted to be though, I guess. I am completely floored how Micheal and Julianna's wedding cost what the wedding planners were quoting. 40K to 100K? That is just completely not possible. IMO.
  10. Sniper School is for people in the Army. He probably just paid a lot of money for a "cool" sounding class where he could be sharpshooting and feel like a bad ass. Sniper school is not for civilians, and even if David was in the army, he's too old to be active in anything at this point. The age limit is 42 or something. So it's just Dolorles wanting to have a manly guy that can kill people, because she's gangster like that. I used to like Dorlores but I'm starting to think she's really dumb and a big time enabler of male machismo and violence, thinking it makes her seem old school Italian or something. She's a dodo.
  11. Marty said that Margaret was jealous because she was ugly and Danielle was so hot. And Margaret likes him why? Didn't see also push him in the pool? And now she cares about his relationship with Danielle? Margaret is causing her own misery, IMO. She needs to stop trying so hard to be on this show-- she's more seeped in the storylines than the viewers! RE Joe calling Gia-- I think from prison or ICE or wherever, each caller needs to set up an account. So maybe he already called on Teresa's account, or maybe there isn't money in Teresa's account.. who knows. I think calls are like 50 cents a minute, and the money has to be preloaded into the account. Also, Gia might be logged on-- so when Joe can talk, he logs in to his account, and he can see who is available to talk. It's not like he is just making a random phone call, it's sort of like Skype. So Gia may be waiting for his call, and waiting for her dad to log on. Once he logs on, he sees she is logged in, and then he can reach out to her.
  12. Not too much excitement on this episode. Anna and Mursel both having tantrums because they didn't get what they wanted, and then trying to make the other feel guilty by more crying became ridiculous. Even though it hurts, Anna will be better off without Mursel in the long run. Given it's real that he left. Mike and Natalie. I hope it's over. They have nothing in common, she's controlling, and she would be miserable at his farm. My husband scoffed when she wanted him to apologize for making her throw the ring. I didn't even know he was paying attention, but he sure picked up on that. Jasmin and Blake. Neither seem to be big talkers. They are both really into image and looks, so maybe it will work out. Jasmin's botox/fillers must be wearing out because she is starting to smile a little bit. I think she almost laughed once, too. Her face even moved a little. But there are lots of articles about how people in Finland don't do small talk and only speak to close friends, and even then minimally, so maybe it's normal. I don't know. Julianna saying how she felt free with her bike, was a set up. I was excited to see her go interact with people and do something on her own, but nope. She just rode her bike over to the ex-wives house with the daughters cheer clothes. Her Mike looks just like Charlie from Charlie and Chocolate Factory, the original one. Sarah's comment about getting married in Toledo (Ohio) makes me think she's hiding jealousy. Mike and Sarah are treating her more like an au pair than a stepmom. I did miss Anny who never fails to say something completely off the wall. I also missed Sasha whose snide comments about American food (to a chubby American) would never be said aloud by anyone else. And that gigantic kid is always a sight to behold. Methinks the only way Angela and Michael will be together is if she moves to Nigeria. Syngin. Oh dear. You don't want a job and will pout about it? That Tania is the responsible one in that relationship spells doom. I know there are people that live off the grid and live as simply as possible, but I didn't peg Syngin as one of them. Good luck with that Syngin.
  13. Okay, so I'm a big reality TV watcher, and there was a realty show on, a long time ago, where she competed for and won a restaurant. It was called "Famous Food" and was 2011. She was actually very normal on the show. No drama at all. That said, given she doesn't eat anything, what's her show going to be about? How to peel and orange, slice it and arrange it on a plate? How to season cauliflower? The lady doesn't eat anything.
  14. I'm having an issue with my house and insurance. I'm convinced now that the most criminals are PAID to be dishonest, lie, argumentative, and assholes, to save money on claims. There are SO MANY shitty people out there who are "legally" working because of law loopholes. It's gross. Joe and Theresa did their time. They have been under the radar now for over 5 years, so their period of excess is way way over. Joe is now in Italy. Teresa is hustling to keep her house and lifestyle.
  15. Melissa annoys me to the nth degree. For someone that has such poor judgement about people, Theresa has nailed it with Melissa. She's living a teen fantasy where she's super young, super cute, and super spoiled. The realty is she's married, with children, and has little to no redeeming qualities, no talent, and is obsessed with what people think of her and being cool. I actually think the secret to Theresa's success is that she ISN'T calculating. She's just herself, and she's unique, and maybe not the brightest, but tries really hard, and I think a lot of people can identify with that. Melissa just tries to hard to seem sexy, cool, good mom, business, etc. Really, she's a stay-at-home mom. She isn't even pretty, and she's had gobs of surgery. Man, she just tries too hard to be relevant and stay on this show. I feel like Joe Gorga is in constant fear of Melissa. When Teresa talks, I feel like it is what she is really saying. With Melissa, she censors everything for the cameras. I think Teresa's just very real. Like or hate it. Joe Gorga hitting on his niece. GROSS. Typical though and not surprised. The only women that will pay attention are relatives. He's SO NASTY. Margaret and Jackie. Both introverts. Awkward with one another. Cringy. Melissa seems grossed out by Joe Gorga. All the time. It's interesting how hard Margaret wants Theresa to like her. Why?
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