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  1. Kelly never had an issue with Vicki when Vicki needed a friend and relied on Kelly. But then the other ladies took her back and she didn't care about Kelly anymore. Vicki did the exact same thing to Alexis-- befriended her when she didn't have anyone else to film with, and then dump her as soon as Tamra and her were friends again. Kelly is definitely hurt, and she should be, IMO. Vicki totally fucked her over when she tried to get in with Kelly's ex to have a couple to hang with with her and Steve.
  2. I always thought that Vicki and Brooks were both on the cancer scam, since they were trying to peddle some natural product. I don't think they thought that it was going to be challenged, and that messed everything up. Vicki flat out lied saying she had this binder of his medical history and that she went with him to visits. Everyone knows she was lying and was part of the scam. Brooks is a serial scammer, and Vicki likes money, so I think they tried to partner, but since they are both dumb as rocks it didn't work out. I think Vicki is fun to hang out with, but if you try to get close to her, there are lots of secrets and denials. Best to keep it light.
  3. Emily is a big lady. I don't think it's a big deal, except that she is always making contradictory statements. She makes off handed comments that imply she's insecure about her weight, but then she also says she embraces her body. My personal thought is that she's a binge eater. I had a friend that was really big (bigger than she was comfortable being) and she had these dietary restrictions about gluten, and she would always pack a healthy lunch, and she ate healthy. But she admitted that she binge eats at times. Like an entire bag of Doritos and an entire cake and ice cream. She'd "diet" until she felt hungry again, which could be days or weeks, and then do it all over. I'm not saying that Emily has BED, but she's taking in a bunch of calories somewhere. Tamra seems to be fine with eating for the most part, so is Vicki, Gina, and Kelly. THis is just me, but as someone with a lot of eating problems and history of eating disorder, I HATE to see it on this show. I hate the ladies with obvious eating disorders, because it just reminds me of how hard it is to be normal, and how obvious it is when you aren't. Brownyn, Lisa Rinna, and Jackie from NJ are currently the folks I fast forward because of how they always have to make a big deal about food and eating.
  4. Tamra drinks. Emily doesn't. If Shannon quit drinking, she wouldn't have anything in common with Tamara. Right now, they both like to get sloppy drunk and take unlimited shots. It's got to get hard to find drinking buddies and party friends in your 50's.
  5. How does anyone keep track of when 90 Day Finance is on? Is it Sunday? I'm so confused. When did this air. What's happening? The schedule is terrible. The honey party favors were adorable. Mursel's alter of honeycomb was everything. They are like human versions of bees. Anna is sweet, she's just quiet and has a hard time verbalizing, but her face says everything. To be honest, I really had no idea what Anna was trying to say to Mursel at the honeycomb. Anny and Robert are, as Pao said it best on Pillow Talk, BOTH divas. It will be interesting to see how this all works out. It was nice how Robert took Anny to the gym but totally made it seem that it was to "blow off steam." No, Robert, you want girl to lose weight, nicely played on that one. The sectional couch was awesome. But yeah, in 5-years it will be dated. Too expensive for something trendy for, IMO, anyone. He is being super nice to her. She bought a car for her time in Brazil, that now her sister is using to make money? She's definitely playing the little girl thing to her fullest advantage. I'm sure she can get a different rich guy, and he knows it. He's torn.
  6. My mom wants me to give her a heads up that I'm coming by. She would get upset if I just showed up and yell at me for not calling first. I also don't get along with my mom and I'm always upset by how cold and uncaring she is. Anyhoo, I sort of am feeling that Jackie's MO this season is to show her superiority by countering everything the women do. Doroles has an open house that everyone is welcome to come by-- she will greet with open arms. Jackie has to say the opposite. Jennifer gets lipo to lose weight. Jackie has to show her that she loses weight by controlling her food and not eating. Jennifer has a lavish home and buys tons of shit for her kids. Jackie has to write an article mocking her a bit and labeling her kids as spoiled. Jackie also has to show as little interest in parties as possible, and prove that as long as the kids are having fun presentation doesn't matter. Her throwing the party favors on the sidewalk and then insisting that that kids only care with the favor is, is well, wrong. The kids are smart enough to know they are picking someone out of a box and it's not that exciting. They put the Happy Meal toy in a gifty/ kid friendly bag for a reason. She's purposely being difficult. I think if Dolores said that she was making her parents call before coming now, Jackie would say, "Oh, well, I just started asking my parents to surprise us, and we love it!" I am beyond thrilled she is not my mom. I'd definitely have issues with someone that I have to constantly compete with.
  7. Jackie and Jennifer bring out the worst in each other. By trying to show the other one up, they are both showing their true selves. There is no side to take, IMO.
  8. My thought was Jackie purposely made the party underwhelming to make a point to the plastic surgery lady that she didn't care about parties and to sort of stand her ground and well, be stubborn. She seems petty and dog headed about making her point that she isn't impressed by Jennifer's showy wealth. She's also probably pretty intimidated by Jennifer who has more money than her. Jackie seems like someone that always wants to be the queen bee in her friend circle and have the best life in comparison to others. She also thinks she is smarter than everyone, and to be honest, I don't think she's really demonstrated that. She doesn't seem very nice and really really into herself.
  9. Yeah, seeing Joe's sperm made me insecure about my intelligence. Thanks for fucking with me head Bravo. Don't do that again. No one likes Joe. He's a total douche. He's short and dumb. Keep him off of the screen. Thanks. Jackie is such a bitch. She thinks she is so much better than everyone, and she doesn't come off as smart as she thinks she does. Marge is the same way, she's a total snob and is putting up with the likes of Teresa to keep her job, but she can only hold it in so long. Marge is broke as well. SO much.
  10. Porn star granny is young. She look old because of all her work on her face, but she's only a few years older than Robert. The fact that she brought up right away that she was a porn star is a red flag that she wants attention, IMO. She wants all the conversation to be about her. And she got it. Not many 46 year old women have settled on porn as a career. The porn industry is not a good place to be working in, so it's odd that someone would be able to subject themselves to the abuse for so long. She can't be mentally okay. Not because she has sex for money, but because the sex for money industry treats women terribly, and it's getting worse as people want more violence in their porn. If she is working for people that create porn that people pay for, it's probably shockingly degrading.
  11. Bryson is a cutie. Someone suggested that Robert wanted a wife because for the first time he has to take care of a kid, and he needs some help. He's superficial and vapid, but cheap, so he got a girl from a poor country, thinking she would be grateful to be in the US and didn't realize people from other countries aren't dumb. I think Robert, being a box of rocks, thought that she wouldn't know good clothes from thrift store clothes, and she could be easily fooled. I don't think Anna is that bad. I think she has a good heart, and doesn't have major expectations. I mean, she's still there. She just wants to be romanced and be treated special, like any girl, and Robert low-balled her big time. He must be super great in bed that she is even still there. I'm sure grandma knows and that's why she's around as well. Which is gross, but sadly probably true. Anna is more quiet, and not super verbal, made more prominent by her lack of English. But she's definitely not stupid and she is really being tested with Robert's weird ass life. Compare with Julianne who is marrying someone that has money and adores her-- I think Anna was expecting more of that type of treatment.
  12. Marines are sadistic. I learned this from my friend, a marine, who was surprised that I had a marine friend that I said was nice. Marine's are trained to be ruthless and emotionless. They make more $ and have greater status in the military, but they are very very difficult to live with as a civilian. Relevant because Brianna's husband was a marine. He's a psycho. Also, he did a reality show where he got treatment for PTSD awhile back. If Brianna isn't scared of Matt, she should be.
  13. This episode was hard to follow. I agree with the folks who think this season is complicated. It is! I thought Emily and Gina weren't friends. Now they are? And then Vicki is a friend, but she was in the whole episode with her stupid daughter and gross son-in-law. Though the boys trying to smile for the camera was super funny. Some kids don't know how to smile (and I'm not too surprised Brianna's kids don't, probably not a lot of joy in that house). Brianna seemed smaller but still depressed and negative and unhappy. Her husband must not be in the military anymore if his facial hair looks like that. The bushy beard and t-shirt are the cool look right now, so I don't fault him for catching the trend. I was also glad that we didn't hear him speak. That was a plus. Gina reminds me of an insecure high school student, talking about how much her boyfriend from a different high school loves her, Eye rolls. Brawnyn's mouth is weird, it's like jelly and she seems like she's tweaking all the time. I can't get past the chemical vibe from her.
  14. I kind of felt bad for Ryan in the therapy session. He sees his siblings with a dad who loves them, and he doesn't have that, and he's jealous. The clip they constantly show of Ryan and Simon arguing, Ryan is 21, not 18 (Tamra makes it sound like Ryan was a runaway to escape an abusive stepfather). And Ryan started being parented by Simon when he was 8, so he spent most of his life a-okay. I'm not sure whose fault it is that Ryan is more accomplished. Maybe it's no one's fault. He definitely did (and still does!) have opportunities. More than 99% of the people in situations similar to him (single parent, no education, underemployed). Maybe Tamra purposely keeps him dependent on her so she can feel needed. It seems Tamara and Ryan have a co-dependent relationship. She hides it for the most part, but Tamara seems to love controlling Ryan, and unlike with her kids with Simon, no one is stopping her from crossing the line. Simon definitely keeps Tamara and their kids in close check. Ryan is sort of like the secret kid that lives in the basement.
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