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  1. James kind of comes off as a boarding school/prep school guy. Like when he's just in his normal world he is wearing a white shirt, blazer, and tie. He seems a little sheltered and eyes wide open. He's overall pretty sweet, at least, considering the people he's hanging out with. Kenny is definitely the guy that expresses himself with his body. Not at all surprised he makes his connections with women in the bedroom. He's confident on his sexual abilities.
  2. Regarding china pot-- I thought it was just a prettier way of saying "box."
  3. I loved how Yara said Juliana had no reason to be jealous of Brandon-- he lives on a farm and is not hollywood gorgeous or something. And I loved how the host called out Brandon's parents for only helping with a down payment on a house near them-- not the house they want.
  4. After watching this Reunion, with Angela and her showgirl outfit, Ansuelu and his tribal tatoos with shorts and flip flops, Kalani with her big belly and big boobs kissing each other in that velvet gear, the farm people, and the fat lady, I'm pretty sure this is the modern day variety show. It's just comedy at this point, and everyone is trying to hard to be the "top show."
  5. My thoughts that after she dissed him and threw the ring at him in the Ukraine he was done. He never got back in "that space" with her, and he did seem tortured most of the time she was at his place. She kept chasing him and trying to convince him to chase her, with her, "I'm very intelligent, I'm so beautiful, I was on TV in Ukraine" constantly letting him know how desirable she thought she was. I think what she ended up doing is just solidifying Mike's opinion of her as a snob, and given his laid-back country life-style, he knew she would never be happy.
  6. Jovi seems to be a mamas boy. Fortunately, Gwen is very easy-going and sweet, but Jovi appears to be extremely spoiled, and his mom still treats him like a kid. I'm not 100% convinced that Jovi's money comes from his job. I'm sure he makes a good living, but the way he throws around money makes me think there is a trust fund somewhere. He spends money like he didn't earn it.
  7. We have parallel lives!!! This is literally my life story and I resonated so much. My ex was also an attorney, but I did manage to snag a pretty good one who was a feminist and luckily knew the judge that was assigned. As far as mates-- finding someone that appreciates you AND wants to commit is very difficult. It really made me rethink whether I should have got divorced (even though I truly hated his guts) and at least have the commitment part. It all worked out eventually, but put me way behind my peers. I'm a citizen with a degree from a US university and speak English. Natalie would
  8. I don't think Natalie will leave. She doesn't have to work and has the place to herself almost all the time. She does have to put up with him, but a lot of wives put up with a lot more for a lot less. She won't leave Mike unless she finds a better man, which may be tricky. Look what happened to Fernanda. She thought she'd be all big time in Chicago, ended up getting dumped by a douche cokehead, and is now dating her stoner roommate. IMO, Natalie isn't going anywhere. She's got it too good (in that she doesn't have to worry about money, which is a pretty big deal), and that's IMO, ex
  9. I don't know if they are just pretending because of the script, but how does his mom and sister NOT know that Ansuelu and Kalani have no money? They have to know that Kalani doesn't work and that her family is paying for everything. Maybe they want a piece of the money Ansuela is making from the show? If I were Kalani or Ansuela, I'd be straight with them. I'd say, "Listen, Kalani is special and very attached to her mother. She isn't able to work away from the house because she will have separation anxiety. I can't hold a job making more than 10 an hour, and Kalani wants me at the house all th
  10. A silly man wanted a baby His post-menopausal wife said maybe Red hot was her clitorious Oh my how it was glorious Now he swings his penis for the lady
  11. The glorious clitorius. For whatever reason, I don't mind Angela and I enjoy watching her scenes. I remember when Rosanne Barr first came out with the Roseanne show, and so many people hated her because she was crass and fat and didn't act "like a lady." I remember my friend's at school weren't allowed to watch it-- I guess seeing a woman not act a certain way made people angry. I feel for Angela, and I think she is fine-- she's a little blue collar and her communication style lacks, but she is who she is. I actually feel really bad for her, and her anxiety and insecurity just overwhelms her.
  12. OMG, the pajamas at the tree shopping event! I forgot to talk smack about that. Kalani, IMO likes onsies because she's really overweight and it probably hurts to have a clothes with seams on the thighs and waists. When I was overweight (and I never even close to obese), I couldn't stand the feel of my stomach protruding over my pants and my inner thighs would get chaffed rubbing against each other in pants with the seam. Just anything tight. With a onsie you can get away with it being super baggy and you look cute instead of sloppy. https://www.monstersandcritics.com/tv/reality-tv/90-day
  13. Definitely. Andrei does bring something different to the business than Charlie. He will pick up the dad (dad marveled at having a chauffer!) he will drive a huge RV across the country (Andrei was a truck driver!), and he will demolish houses (he whacked that refrigerator door off in less than a minute). Charlie and Chuck used to be a clique, always agreeing with each other on how worthless Andrei was and picking on him together. Now, Chuck is on Andrei's side, and Charlie just has his glow stick wife to stick up for him.
  14. I think Yara kicked them out because they were all ganging up on her about Mylah's sleeping place, which is absolutely none of their business and it was shitty of Jovi to complain to everyone. Personally, if I put that much time and effort into a dinner for people, and then they came and picked on me, I would ask them to leave too, but I wouldn't be so nice about it. In fact, I did have a aunt come awhile back who took advantage of me being trapped in my house to let me know how I was doing everything wrong, and then ask my husband to verify that I was indeed wrong. She's not coming back agai
  15. So true!!! All of it. Charlie knows this, that's why he ignorantly spewed, "Most IMMIGRANTS who come to the country work from the ground up." His emphasis on "immigrants" made me think he was covering his own ass, because of course Charlie has never worked his way up on anything. It's something that "immigrants" should be expected to do. Also, I LOVED how Chuck's hideous sister who just wanted a place where "everyone could love each other" bragged that Chuck worked his way up from the bottom after taking time off to care for the mom, and Chuck quickly said, "You supported me a
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