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  1. So many thoughts with David and Lana. First, I'm floored they found her and got her to meet David. I'd kill for the real story about who she is and what her real relationship is with David. When she and David are together, it's very predator/prey. The way Lana looks at David is the way my dog looks at me when I tell him to stop licking his paws. There is this guilty, "I want out of here" look and then submission because there is no where to go. Petty-- Lana's teeth are jacked up. I noticed she tries to keep her mouth closed as much as possible, and always in pictures. David wanting affection from Lana is like Danielle wanting affection from Muhammad. He pretty much tried to ditch her at the airport and she was determined to find him. Lana is sort of the same--- she is trying to get by with as little contact as possible. I honestly think, if it weren't for the show and producers, Lana would not have ever met David. Usman and Lisa. So, it's not all Lisa. Usman is constantly on the fence about Lisa. Lisa is constantly on the fence about Usman. It's like the couple in high school that are "going out" but bitch about each other to their friends. They are both at the same maturity level though-- they strangely seem sort of like the same person. Avery and Ash-- don't care. He's undocumented in Australia. He's never coming to the US. He's lucky to be in Australia. Avery is sensible, but she's definitely ate way too much cannabis to be all there. Both of them are very strange to me, and again, there seems to be a lot more to their story. Ed is eating it, and that's fine. Geoff and Vayra are a very strange couple, but I think they are also both pretty shady, so they work well. I'm not sure why Geoff doesn't like Mary, but she seems like the best bet out there. Maybe he wants a relationship that he can easily back away from or control. Don't know, but don't really care. I'm not really sure I believe their story is real anyway. Vayra got a Visa the week he left, even though she couldn't get one before? Whatever. Producers are making these bizarre situations, and then wanting us to believe them. It's really annoying. A story a DO believe is that Rose is over Ed, However it got there, I'm happy about.
  2. I don't think Ramona or Sonja like Tinsley and they have the same problems with her that Dorinda does. They kind of like to see Tinsley have it.
  3. Kyle has ideas of how she wants things to look on TV. She gets mad and cries when things don't go the way she wants. She likes Teddi, because Teddi will always try to make her look good, and never confront her. Now that I think about it, the NY ladies are cool in that they can argue and fight, and then get over it 10 min. later. Kyle wants 100% adoration at all times. Maurico does seem to be very romantic and caring, and her daughters are also very sweet to her. I don't think she likes anything to be said or done that makes her look bad in any way, cuz she sort of has this idea in her head that she's this perfect star that everyone loves and wants to protect. When people call her out, it shatters this character she's developed for herself that she wants to portray on camera. Lisa V did very little to call out Kyle. Because Lisa V doesn't really give a shit about Kyle or her motives or drives. So Kyle liked her because she didn't really challenge her, and didn't care that she didn't challenge her because she didn't care.
  4. When Usman said he had never proposed before, but he copied what he saw on TV-- I thought that was SO SWEET. I love Usman.
  5. The men are posers losers. That's why they are always in trouble. Edwin seems fine, probably cuz he has Teddi's trust to live off of. PK and Maurico walk the bankruptcy tightrope. We never see Harry or Tom, but I respect them for that.
  6. Buca de Beppe is crap. I have bad feelings about the place cuz my ex husband and his trashy family always wanted to go there cuz it's easy to split the check. The check came and it's 10 credit cards. Everything is family style. They got their drinks at the bar. St. Paul, MN. Also-- no one was a chubby chub chub-- just poor.
  7. I do think Aaron and Denise make a cute couple. Not that it matters. Not that it matters, but I'm sort of feeling a lot of NY Luanne from Dorit and Ericka and Rinna. Really self involved and any concern/feelings about others is superficial. Not that it matters if people are superficial or fake or aren't. Nothing really matters.
  8. So, here is where I'm coming from, and why I think it's funny. It's not a mystery. There is no code. There is no scam. It's a legit public chain. But what's funny is that THEY don't know. Because they don't know about the simple chain places. They were in an empty restaurant, no one prepared them any dishes or made them any drinks, and Dorit is thinking it needs a makeover. HELL YES IT DOES if it's going to attract rich folks. IMO, it's going to be funny, because they ASSUME that someone who is friends with Lisa will have restaurants like Lisa. Lisa V has upscale places. When Dorit asked about decorating Bucca de Peppa or whatever, I had to laugh at how clueless she was. I'm from the midwest, and Bucca De Peppo or whatever is LOVED by middle/ lower class obese people. Chub chubs. It's not a CA type joint. It's all high calorie, high processed food. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out.
  9. Right, there is no code to crack at all. That's the thing. It's very strange that Dorit and PK would be bragging about investing in the place if the knew the type of place it was-- which is really garnered from going there, not financial reports. In any case, I think that Dorit is eager to show that people will do business with her, and that's the point-- to show that a guy that also knows LVP will work with her and PK
  10. Yes, I get that they know the guy. I'm saying that they don't know anything about the chain in terms of what kind of restaurant it is and the price point/ quality of the food. And the "dear friend" extremely rudely said, "you think I want to go bankrupt!" when she asked about budget. IMO, they aren't dear friends. They are sort of starting over. I'm thinking about it, and I see with both PK and Dorit not really understanding budgets and not being very financially savvy and also very self absorbed, I can see why they are struggling to gain respect as business people. I'm kind of understanding how they are being labeled as scammers. Denise got the gig on Bold and Beautiful recently. She wasn't on it in the first season. I think the added stress of a full time job is making her less tolerant than before, because she just doesn't have the resources to deal with all the drama, and is, well, tired. I think Aaron is extremely good looking. I would totally understand him as a bartender, or personal trainer, or maybe a tennis coach. But I'm not going to him medical care. A massage? Hell yes. Here is a picture of how easily he blanks out...
  11. What's up with PK and Dorit buying into Buca di Beppo? That's so strange. It's a place to go to gorge on carbs and low-quality food. You go with a big group, everything is family style, and it's in between a cafeteria, buffet, and Olive Garden. They are investors? In this shitty chain that buffet people go to for a fancy dinner? Dorit's getting punked. I don't think she nor PK have any clue about the history of that chain. I've been a few times, and it's inexpensive, tons of food, and geared towards those who want to gorge. Very very strange, IMO.
  12. I've noticed a major rivalry or jealousy and scorn between those that are successful actresses and those that tried to be. Kim Richards pretty much despised every actress, and had no trust for them. Maybe been burned to much, by fake friends that take their agent/ jobs/ roles/ etc. Denise does have a confidence because she has "made it" and isn't trying to do anything at this point but make some money. Lisa Rinna I don't really think is an actress, but more a personality. In any case, she's sort of the wild card. I don't think she would very burn a bridge that could get her a contact to a paying job. Lisa Rinna though, is very stuck up. Kyle trying to impress everyone with her acting schedule, IMO turned off Garcelle and Denise. I think they are annoyed by how hard she is trying to seem like an actress. We saw the same thing with Gretchen and Heather in OC. Grethen had a role on something and was acting like she was an actress and Heather was quick to call her on it. I think Kyle would never be able to have a career in BH as an actress. You have to be very independent and strong willed and confident. Kyle couldn't even get through a minor criticism without comfort from her husband.
  13. I would agree that Avery and Ash do not seem remotely in love. I wonder if he is trying to scam her for real. She's obviously suspicious, but maybe she came more out of curiosity than love. And Ash is getting caught in so much stuff- he's causing fights and tantrums, IMO, to try to distract Avery from everything else. He's banking that Avery will feel sorry for him. In any case, I don't really see much love between the two of them. He seems fake and very dumb, and Avery seems very on to him. However, I'd realize he's just stupid and it's a lost cause. Avery, for whatever reason, can't figure out that the guy is dumb as rocks, and has no memory of what he said before, because it's one of the 15 scripts he's able to remember and recite when he needs an out. Hopefully she gets it soon that there is no hope for him.
  14. Lisa Rinna-- your adult daughter bought flowers. This does not mean you are descendants of Einstein. No genetic lottery was won. Please stop. Sutton is inappropriate and she cries a lot. She's sort of the new Kim. I can see why Kyle likes her. Sutton really hates Dorit. I see sides forming. Lisa Rinna and Ericka. Kyle, Teddi, and Sutton. Denise seems to hate all these ladies.
  15. It's beyond ironic that both Ed and Geoffrey, when they were in the ladies' favor, took it for granted and bitched at them for just wanting a green card, and looking for anything that would point to wanting a green card. Rose's sister asked for money--> Rose just wants a green card. Rose doesn't have a roof--> she must want a green card. Vayra was accused of just wanting a green card because she said she is holding off on renovating her apt. Geoffrey was like, "You just want a green card! You're expecting a green card! I haven't asked you to come to America yet! You PLANNER! YOU SUCK!" and when he found out Vayra, who he met on an INTERNATIONAL DATING site, had talked to other American's, he lost his shit and was like, "Oh, so I'm the dumb sap that you found to get you a green card." Ed and Geoffrey are both spoiled babies. Any tears they shed were crybaby tears because they didn't get their way. It had nothing to do with losing the "love of their lives"
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