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  1. Unless it's snowing, or below 20 degrees, I don't wear a hat. Hats, IMO, are for old ladies with bad hair, little girls at Easter, and the derby.
  2. I feel like Brawnwyn did A LOT of drugs in HER TEENS and she is still in that mindset. Remember L.A. Gear? And the ruffled pastel skirts? I've also noticed the bare feet thing and how she is always curled up and in bed.
  3. I think I figured out what the problem is with Elizabeth. She's a douche. Some definitions from urban dictionary that I think fit (My comments are in bold): A person who thinks they are cool, but is actually completely not cool; tool. Must always be the center of attention even if it means doing something socially awkward. (Like wearing unflattering clothes... tummy shirts... that are clearly distracting, laughing hysterically at serious questions and then not able to quit smirking). They most often wear a hat in an unconventional way (Such as: backwards, to one side, slightly to one side, or obnoxiously worn on one side of the head, appearing to be barely stable) Being a douche is not limited to just males. (Again, the belly shirt thing and otherwise odd clothes) A fucking odd person who likes to annoy the shit out of ppl and have pleasure abt it. They stand out alot due to their abnormalities and other things that ppl hate about them.
  4. Quick thoughts. Shannon is funny. I love her witty under-her-breath comments. Case in point. John- You want a drink? A vodka? Shannon- No, that's too strong. I'll take one of those beer pong teenybooper drinks. (under breath-- because I so young at heart) I find it hysterical. I'm also very easily amused and quite frankly, it's rare to see someone that has an authentic sense of humor. Also-- I think Shannon's boyfriend is an alcoholic. And I think they like drinking together a lot. Hence why they fight a lot. I don't believe Shannon and David were drinkers (together at least). But Shannon and the bf are constantly drinking.
  5. Yes. She's pretty grossed out by Mike. But compared to Uncle Beau, Mike is a health nut. Uncle Beau takes 10 whiskeys every 4 hours followed by a pancake with butter and syrup every 5. The french toast probably was the highlight uncle Beau's days. Which is probably why Mike does fireworks-- he's used to entertaining the easily amused uncle beau between his drink periods, snacks, and nap entertainment hours.
  6. I feel like the big girl farm hand that is "helping" Julia is really who Brandon's parents want him with. And/or they want Julia to feel competitive with her and emulate her. Which will never happen. The big girl farm hand being pushed on Brandon is probably why he was desperate and found Julia to squash that.
  7. I've lived in the US my entire life and I still don't know how to use all those compartments on the washing machine. I pray after each use.
  8. Which is why he immediately took of his shoes! LOL
  9. Shannon is a mess, but she seems very authentic. She's savvy but naive. I feel like what she says is true. Same with Brawnwyn. She may be experimenting, and may be kind of old to experiment with her sexuality, but it doesn't seem like anyone really has ever pushed Brawnwyn to do or be anything. She was/is rich and spoiled, but the expectations for her are very low. Which is why I think we see a rebellious teen with her. She's extremely immature. I don't think anyone really cared much about her growing up, and it seems people still don't. Her husband is a gross sicko. She treats him, IMO, way better than he deserves. He's a nasty fuck who should also get real with his life and what he fostered with his wife. He wanted kids to seem normal and wants a lot of sex with people. He also does not seem straight at all, so I do think their threesomes probably involve some men from time to time. In any case, he's fucked up and fake and a liar, which is likely why Brynwyn can't stand him. Elizabeth is a one and done and a grosse one poser. She won't be able to keep it up. Gina seems like she is telling the truth. I do find Emily and Shane both repulsive. They think they are so smart FOR OC, but outside their bubble, they would be taken down intellecutually in 2 seconds. Shane continues to repulse me with his tiny bald head and huge super white teeth, and really unfortunate personality. Neither of them seem to engage in any intellectual pursuits. They both are dumb and lucky that Shane's family has money and he has a trust fund.
  10. I think Elizabeth lies about a lot of things on this show. Everything she says, and then gleefully laughs afterwards, I think is a total lie. I think she mostly lies about things. When people call her out on the lies, she makes up a more elaborate lie. She is really obsessed with coming off as rich and "cool." She reminds me of Dana from BH a long time ago, but no one cared enough about her to follow up on anything. Was she raised in a cult? I don't know, but the FBI is never a first responder. So that she told a neighbor, and the neighbor reported it, and the next day the FBI showed up is complete bullshit. The FBI wouldn't come in unless they had been investigating for a long time and the local police/ crime units couldn't manage it and they were requested. I work in federal government, so I know how it works. Again, Elizabeth just trying to sound cool. Someone should just put her on a yacht and let her sail away forever. I didn't get how she lied about having a seperate place for her clothes, and then when called out on it, she said she didn't trust women. Brownwyn immediately backed off. I was like, NO! That makes no sense! Not trusting women does not give you a pass to try to impress the women you don't trust! It's very cat and mouse with these people. You get called out-- you admit to a fault (not related to what you were called out on), people forgive, and the cycle continues. Exhausting and boring.
  11. I think Mike is really a dumb ass. He wants a hot wife (NATALIE) she's religious, not going to cheat, isn't trying to be famous, just wants a kid. Is she any crazier than all the drunk ass druggie welfare moms in his area? NO! She's a keeper. He's going to do better? All he needs to do is stock the fridge with veggies, let Natalie cook (he could stand to lose some pounds), and turn the heat up! I know old-school folks and they are all about low temps, but it will maybe be an extra 3 bucks a day to keep it warm and it's so worth it. I kind of feel like he is her charity case.
  12. Stephanie looks great for her age, but her mind is definitely cognitively aging. She's about 5 - 10 seconds behind everything, and she does have the old lady voice and gait. Very pretty though. Brandon's mom, Brandon, and the dad, but Julia is about 10 times smarter than any one of them. Same with Yara and Jovi, but Jovi is more lazy than dumb.
  13. It's weird that Jovi couldn't stand to be with Yara for a few hours in the apt without going out on the town, but he was fine going to his mom's house and doing nothing. He seems like a mamma's boy. Problem there. Jovi seems okay, and he does seem to care about Yara, but he is trying too hard to be cool IMO. I thought Jovi's mom, Gwen, was a nice lady. The faces and expressions of Yara and Gwen are kind of the same. I think the Brandon situation is more complicated. The mom appears to manage the farm which is where Brandon works. I think momma Brandon is most worried about losing her labor with Brandon, and is terrified Julia won't want to work on the farm and take Brandon away (which a baby would do). That said, Brandon seems to truly love the farm and working on it, but why he chose Julia is strange to me. We will see. At least this batch of couples seem like real couples.
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