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  1. I completely agree with you. I don't EVER see Ameliia being a member of some phony "country club" set. EVER!! I see her as a "social justice warrior" out to make her mark in community medicine and bonding first and foremost with her patients, not some pretentious colleagues in certain specialties who pull down a fortune of $$$$. HOWEVER, on the other hand, Amelia will always make a decent living (especially after repaying her probably massive student loans) and I believe there would be stress between her and Bennett regarding the disproportionate incomes between them. Not necessarily
  2. When she mentioned (in passing) when Gil inquired about her having children and she was quite equivocal stating that she'd have to engage in certain procedures to restore her pre-pregnancy body (very costly and never covered by insurance), I saw Gil's brain "explode" (in a most inconspicuous way as he's so classy). In my mind, his thoughts deriving from that statement set off a "doomsday clock" in his head.πŸ˜… HOWEVER, I agree that "...they'll prolly stick it out til Decision Day).
  3. So, if Zach had the first surgery at 9 that would mean that Jackson still has about 5 more years of growth to accommodate the condition until surgery could be done. I wonder at what age Zach reached his ultimate height and whether the ultimate height is reached differently for men and women. I think I recall that Matt is a different category of dwarf than Amy and Zach?
  4. I think I recall from one of the "Little Couple" episodes that surgery can't be performed until the full growth of the child is reached as if the child is still growing when the surgery is done it would have to be performed again?? If anyone knows differently, I'd be interested in hearing what he/she has to say😊
  5. My thoughts matched your probable conclusion about him and first wife. My question was, under such circumstances, why the 3 children were apparently in HIS custody so much of the time??
  6. I think that's one of the greatest impediments others have in relating to him. That lymphedema was simply grotesque! Also, I wondered why Dr. Now didn't INSIST on therapy for him? He really could have used some counseling!!
  7. I barely watch it; however, the snippets I did catch always have me cringing with the obvious friction there is between them, all initiated by Jamie. IF these little Doug "shenanigans" are true, they smack more of "passive-aggression" than anything else, IMO. Doug seems very intimidated by Jamie.
  8. I was wondering if the 3 girls were in his custody all of the time or if he shared custody with their mother? I noted his wife made innumerable references to them wanting to have children of their own so that's why my question arose.
  9. I don't see her working effectively in a "corporate structure." I don't see her taking constructive criticism from superiors and I don't see her faring well on annual "reviews" for the reasons you mentioned. In my State, people with that type of professional background and temperament usually go into individual consulting where they can be their own boss. From what I see about Myrla she thinks much more highly of herself than is warranted under the circumstances.
  10. I agree with you. I think she was a "principal" at a school (or schools), maybe independent day schools (not sure) who tired of the organizational structure and demands of her position and possibly was encouraged to go into the "coaching/training/consultant" aspect of the profession (I know something about this). That would involve her forming her own company and being an independent contractor to school districts/individual schools to assist in various aspects of areas in which she claims to have expertise. This can be quite lucrative and if a person builds a reputation in certain ar
  11. I completely agree. His borderline disheveled appearance (including the knot of the tie being so sloppy and not conforming to the shirt collar), completely turned me off!
  12. I thought both sets of parents were very distinguished looking and classy. Both wore beautiful, tasteful clothes and appeared delighted with the match (as well they should have been IMO). Bao and Johnny actually make me want to tune in each week to see their relationship grow because I think both have what it takes to make a successful marriage (I thought the same of Woody and Amani)!
  13. I completely agree! I noticed immediately that, with the exception of the "realtor" none of the participants' professions/careers were mentioned. It took a bit of "researching" to reveal Bao's and Johnny's positions and both seem entirely credible and successful in what they do. I also note that neither Bao nor Johnny are at the top of the prestigious career chart (doctor/lawyer/engineer) but, instead, chose to pursue other avenues to professional accomplishment and success. Both are at the "middle management" level of corporate achievement which indicates to me that they have a profes
  14. I agree that there is a LINE beyond which "normal" behavior is crossed.....Jose's behavior seems to have crossed that line as I believe it spills out into other areas of life experience that might be problematic to a wife (if you know what I mean😊)
  15. ....and both organized, professionally successful, neat and clean!!!
  16. I completely agree. Both of them seem invested in bringing their best skills and attributes to the table to make the marriage work and the affection and respect each has for his/her family is a joy to see. Also, their beautiful immigrant story of rising in America from poverty to success is something that should bind them together. Very inspiring and Bao's poem was simply beautiful! When I compare this couple to last season's (I will refrain from characterizing the train wreck that we saw)_____________ it's like going from night to day!!! (so far)
  17. I would have said that it would be more usual for Caryn's folks to visit HER in Oregon for the summer months; HOWEVER, I completely understand their reluctance to travel at this time and commend her for sacrificing better weather to spend time with her parents regardless of the blistering heat.
  18. I've lived in Arizona for 30 years and this is the FIRST TIME I have ever heard anybody say AZ was "calling them" in JUNE!!πŸ˜„ Typical temps hover around 110-15 except for when we get the monsoon rains (like today) when it's storming and we dropped to 90. I'm confused by Caryn's comment.
  19. Please correct me if I'm wrong but won't the next block of shows focus around Tori's miscarriage and it's devastating effects on her and the entire family? I wasn't sure about the timeline between the actual event and the filming season but admit I was quite surprised that her pregnancy announcement (on the show) came merely six weeks after testing positive that she was indeed pregnant??
  20. Unimaginable and DISGUSTING!!!
  21. The thing that came to mind when referring to something being "cute" was Amy's ENGAGEMENT RING!!πŸ˜„
  22. The wig ( or whatever it was) didn't add to the overall look...
  23. You took the words right out of my mouth....πŸ˜„
  24. Well, that is certainly their prerogative and it is to be respected. They had facilitators from the court in the cases I'm familiar with who work with both parties but are trained to be very sensitive to victims families thoughts and attitudes toward the perpetrator. He/she would never "push" for a proscribed result or try to interfere with the wishes of the victim's family. The successful use of the Program is when all parties feel a sense of fulfillment being in contact with each other.
  25. There's a concept of Restorative Justice in some States whereby the victim's family gets to communicate on different levels with the convict who committed the crime against their loved one. In this case, Andrew seems authentically remorseful and has taken responsibility for committing the crime. With the exception of committing this horrendous crime due to the coercive and sinister influence of his evil sister, he lived an exemplary life and has continued that pattern throughout his years of incarceration. The Restorative Justice program might be a success in his case becaus
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