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  1. LOLOL...I've been in similar situations so I noticed that too!!!!
  2. So glad I'm not alone on that point. I had to FF and REW practically every time he spoke and still couldn't make "heads or tails" out of much of what he said. I understand these are not professionally trained actors and the show can't constantly be asking for more "takes" of their spontaneous conversation, so more use of subtitles would be great!!
  3. I think that Amani and Woody are not well suited to each other. Woody has a pronounced whimsical, side to and I get the impression he's always "on" because (I think he said he went for therapy) his more complicated, moody side is best camouflaged by being the "life of the party." I can see Amani becoming fatigued just keeping up with his antics. His dance moves are hilarious and I love watching him as I would a performer. Amani seems much more mature and "sedate". This was not a good match!!
  4. I don't know your career or profession but if it's not screen writing you missed your calling!!!😄 Your theory seems like a definite possibility and my opinion of andreiiiiii seems to be circling the drain faster and faster. He definitely has a secret (or two) that he didn't reveal to Libby and from what I see of her brother and father, they will be on the fast track of ending that marriage pronto!!
  5. My concern is that the true nature of his circumstances going to Ireland and whatever transpired there or before he got there was never disclosed to Libby. Perhaps when the truth emerges the marriage might be rocked to its core. Andriiiiiiiiii seems very defensive when broached about his past and even assuming the producers are milking the situation for whatever it's worth, there have been prior cast members who were in trouble with the law, so it wouldn't be anything that the show would "shun" to reveal it.
  6. Thank you. You said it much better than I did upthread. The bleeding was what "tripped a wire" medically and it's the ONE THING that the "doctor" never mentioned. AND...she still went abroad apparently not knowing what the bleeding was all about.
  7. I mentioned the same point upthread. NO WAY does Angela have a pristine health profile!! I thought the "doctor" was a producer-driven "actor."
  8. When I heard the overall results of Angela's blood work from that doctor, I had to wince in disbelief! Sorry, not disputing that "miracles can happen" but to hear those pristine results of this older woman who is grossly overweight, a drinker and a chain smoker begs my belief system. The part about the "perfect" gyno exam regarding pre-cancerous cells is also in the "miracle" range as from what I know (just from the literature) someone with Angela's extensive history of sexual contact is high risk for these conditions. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. Who even knows if the "doctor" wasn't some actor the show brought on for dramatic effect???
  9. Yes, I would agree with the arson="terroristic acts" category that the Brazilians placed his charges at in their system. I really don't know what to say because she chose to become involved with him and have a child with him with all this knowledge under her belt and with the permission of her family. My heart goes out to the innocent baby boy who will grow up and certainly inquire about his American father's background.
  10. OMG! I forgot about his criminal history. I can tell you unequivocally and categorically (having had a LONG career in the criminal justice system) that ARSON is a major red flag to employers. I will also say that in these times, the first thing employers usually do is a criminal background check of prospective employees. Paul's employment prospects are very slim to none. HMMMM, I see Karine hightailing it back to Brazil with their baby pronto. Maybe Paul could get employment in Brazil; however, criminal background checks are available internationally with proper access.
  11. I can't understand why Libby was interested in looking for love in far-off places with a foreign national. She's easy on the eyes, doesn't seem to have any significant clinical mental health issues (LOLOLOL), has a lovely figure and comes from an intact family who are well off financially. She also has some ability to earn a living working for her father. Why would she have to go across the world to find some guy who's on some "power trip," definitely has a questionable past, refuses to work, doesn't seem to have any exemplary personality traits, no higher education or professional standing (not that I'm denigrated truck drivers whom I believe do a fabulous job especially in these times), and is borderline(or directly) abusive to her. My remarks are accentuated by my wandering thoughts of what would happen if the marriage failed and Andreeee would see some financial leverage in seeking spousal support from her (read that, her father) so he could be in his beautiful child's life at a price. Am I missing something? I'm confused.
  12. As the TV show is their "business" and there are big bucks involved in keeping the show going as long as possible, it might be advisable for the family to have a media expert on retainer to advise them regarding social media posts. It might cost them some $$ but, in the long run, would probably save them a lot of aggravation and possible loss of audience and future income.
  13. Agreed. It's obvious her genetic footprint was lethal in the lives of both of these men. i hold Sr. as culpable as she is as he chose to marry her and have 2 children with her. The collateral damage of his decision making (or lack thereof) is staggering.
  14. I keep wondering if the intense aversion Justin has for Steven may stem from sexual abuse as well as physical and emotional abuse experienced by him growing up. Steven is such a psychopath that whole textbooks could be written about his various mental abnormalities. Obviously, Justin was an easy target for Steven to act out his most powerful perversions (EECHHH). They say the "mother" left the home. My interest is in who this woman was? How did Sr. meet her and what was HER genetic footprint? Education? Background? Medical? Mental? To give birth to 2 children and then be unable/unwilling to care for them is bad enough; however, for Sr. to have married a woman with easily identifiable mental/emotional/physical issues (if that as the case) and have 2 children with her is even worse. This family is a textbook case of dysfunctional; however, my hackles really went up at the thought of Steven's new "wife" subjecting her 13 y.o. daughter to such a disgusting pervert. That really is child abuse!!
  15. I have a hunch that Jamie signed some type of contract with the show that pays her a significant amount of $$$ to appear on different "spin-off" type shows. The fact that she's pregnant adds extra value to the "drama" she can bring to story lines. I thought Jamie/Doug's home was very nicely appointed and seemed quite large. A few years ago I seem to recall that the couple was hurting for cash (I think she was lamenting the fact that she had to return to the stressful and demanding work schedule at the hospital to keep the "home fires burning" after the birth of their daughter; however, then she miraculously appeared in that "spin-off" show and all their financial troubles seemed to have disappeared. I think I also read they have rental property in Florida?? In any event, they seem like a lovely family, and Jamie is positioned to parlay her obviously love of the camera into sustainable income. I think Doug works at some type of commission software sales job; however, the TLC supplemental income must come in very handy for them to live an upscale type lifestyle for their growing family.
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