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  1. How about the last ONE YEAR!!
  2. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…I don't know what your day job is (that would include inside or outside of your home) but you could certainly qualify to appear as a "warm-up act" for any of the Vegas headliners!!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  3. Thanks SO MUCH for providing me with side-splitting laughter that I really needed today!! All your suggestions are exactly right and the part about the ultra-religious ceremony to utilize the church venue simply shines on all levels! BRAVO!!
  4. First of all, I find Ryan's appearance to be disheveled and unkempt to the extreme. The scruffy facial hair with the waxed mustache really gives him a bedraggled look, obviously by design. As far as his generosity and financial situation are concerned I think he has an excellent career-type position in the tech sector and makes a good living. However, I see Ryan as a withholding type of person in many aspects of his being, financial being one of them. I kind of experienced Clara "tap dancing around" the issue of the cost of the venue stating that he would have to bear the brunt of the
  5. He's no doubt from Massachusetts or one of the New England states. The ink at his neckline reminded me too much of the defendants I interviewed in jail/prison over a 25 yr professional career on the defense side of the criminal justice systemπŸ˜„
  6. I'm sure they have some of that $$$ invested by professionals who have, no doubt, advised matt and amy so that after the gravy train ends (as it will inevitably do) they will have a slush fund to presumably be able to turn into a lifetime of income. That would include being able to borrow (if need be) on the value of the farm in the future that they will presumably inherit (with shares to the rest of the kids). Not bad for a kindergarten teacher and a "stay-at-home dad" with no marketable skills whatsoever.
  7. Absolutely! ALL of them love the $$$ and the "celebrity status." Speaking of Zach as one example, I can't think of any "calling", trade or profession that he would be equipped to pursue with the background, experience and training he has at this time. He has 2 children to support and ALL of the Roloff's (and offspring/partners) have become accustomed to a certain level of a "lifestyle" that the show affords them. Of course, there are the little sidelines and PR presence that they apparently thrive on, as well. If the TLC cord was "cut" Amy and Matt would be fine financially but
  8. Notice that posters are always using "plurals" when describing the crime. The diabolical mastermind from Harvard Law who was prosecuted and convicted of the Vallejo crimes spoke about co-conspirators according to Denise; however, apparently no other people have been charged. Who knows where the Solano County crimes are now in the charging process? I know there must be a statute of limitations that will eventually toll and wonder where those cases stand regarding investigation?? Every feature of these cases exemplifies the travesty of justice that occurs when the prosecutorial agencies w
  9. I was thinking when that outrage was revealed that the case should be approaching $20 million in a settlement because of the INTENTIONAL and VICIOUS level of slander and psychological and physical abuse perpetrated against Denise (and Aaron) by law enforcement agencies in Vallejo! Personally, I don't think there is enough money in the world to even come close to compensating Aaron or Denise for their pain and suffering that will surely be with them for the rest of their lives. I wonder WHY that settlement was so paltry. It's almost like another slap in the face for the couple. No
  10. I was surprised that the case wasn't settled for far more than $2.5million because after attorney fees and taxes are deducted I'm not sure there will be much money left for their future. I guess that was part of the reason for writing the book. It's reasonable to conclude that in time the couple will heal (hopefully, Aaron as he was less victimized than Denise --if there is even a scale to measure such things) and perhaps return to the work force to earn a decent living; however, with the scars of their ordeal likely to last for a lifetime it would have been reasonable to have them finan
  11. I believe this couple was renting and this was their first home purchase. If I'm wrong, someone will surely correct me!
  12. My guess is they may be sharing the home upkeep, maintenance and other expenses after moving in to the house and between both of them they could qualify for a mortgage if they had to refinance; HOWEVER, I believe she is the one on the deed and she is the one who paid cash for the house from either an inheritance (grandparents or maybe a trust fund from her parents). If they decide to part, that would eliminate any messy legal issues to resolve. The tip off was when they paid a premium of $40K (that had to be cash) to win the bidding war for the house. Because of their different pers
  13. I don't think Zach is temperamentally equipped or desirous of "rocking the boat" with Tori because their relationship is built upon the dynamic we see each week and that's what apparently works for them. There are many couples I know where the wife "runs the show" and the husband acknowledges and accepts his role as the more reticent one in the marriage. These are very long-standing marriages. I also know couples where the husband is dominant and the wife more placid and "laid back." I am divorced, myself, because I had the latter type of husband and after a long marriage and my
  14. Just a thought....Virginia will use this "hiatus" period to cash in any way possible on the MAFS payoffs (Couples Cam and anything remunerative from social media), and create a stash of $$$ (her own) that she can use to re-establish herself after the glow of the reality TV recognition reaches its peak and starts to recede. She, along with Vinny (not even mentioning the radioactive chris) are to two most financially insecure among the group this year (I know they portray Vinnie as a major entrepreneurial heavy hitter; however, I don't believe it).
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