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  1. My understanding WAS that Johnny was a highly respected and successful IT professional with a viable management career and the compensation such a position would warrant. He goes on this reality "show" and shows parts of his personality and behaviors that are verging on the pathological!! I wonder how his co-workers/supervisors regard him now that he has emerged as such an uncaring and vicious person with virtually no insight into his character flaws.
  2. I agree with you and recall that one couple many seasons ago (Ryan DeNino and Jessica Castro) DID come to physical blows and some post-season shenanigans that required Jessica to get a restraining order from the court to keep him away from her and her family!
  3. I hate to say it, BUT when thinking about all the "new" concepts/visions/themes that we saw prior to the hiatus (all the over-production), I'm more than content loading as many past episodes as I please onto my VCR. I'm enjoying those shows from prior years (and iterations) much more than the Martha Stewart/Alton Brown/Charing (grilling) competitions with the judges interrupting the contestants with incessant babble as well as invading the cooking space with inane comments. Maybe they spent all the $$$ on the new set (another production hype that didn't enhance the show...still onl
  4. I don't believe they were married; however your point is well taken.
  5. Say no more!! Whatever other traits, characteristics or behaviors Jose may have pale into comparison to his RAGING! Can we only IMAGINE the scenes that would occur if or when Rachel deviates from Jose's proscribed spending limits on her??? Can we only IMAGINE his meltdowns if she's a bit late returning from a social engagement with a friend??? Zach is in the same boat with Michaela. Both Jose and Michaela are not marriage material as things stand now. Neither is Johnny. Ryan would probably be compatible with a mate who appeals to him sensually. That leaves Gil and Myr
  6. I think that the ninja caper that she pulled off with the former employer was a more trivial matter to Larry because it involved a time when he wasn't involved with her and he could understand her "rationale" for wanting to make herself whole after being fired. The embezzlement issue with the non-profit that took place over a # of years was entirely a different matter because it was precipitated by her defying his ADAMANT rule about not providing children with financial aid unless each WORKED for it. Being the manipulator she was, that included going around RULES, she chose to commi
  7. The only thing I could think of is that over that number of years she bought and bought and bought different things for her 6 children and grandchildren that added up to a lot of $$. Mention was made that she was paying one of the children for a "no-show" job but maybe there were more of these "arrangements." Also, maybe she helped the children/grandchildren with various things, like home improvements, that also cost a lot. She emphasized to her daughter not to worry about financial shortfalls in her household as she had more than enough to cover the costs. Of course, she attribute
  8. I WAS married to a "rage-o-holic" for MANY years. Waited until kids grown, now blessedly and blissfully divorced for many years. From my experience, these "nut-jobs" NEVER exhibit their outrageously disgusting and dangerous behavior to co-workers and/or people they meet socially. The offending behavior is exclusively saved to spew onto the "victim" (wife). The children also witness the "meltdowns"; however, are too baffled and/or afraid to confront the abuser. I would BET that Jose's co-workers at NASA are STUNNED at his behavior on this show and I BET his supervisors are APPALLED
  9. I know the show couldn't delve into Lori's background because of time constraints and the flow of the storyline--but I was curious about her childhood and early life. I know her sister helped her when she was a fugitive; however, there was no mention of her parents. Sociopaths are not created overnight.
  10. I noticed that from DD day forward, after they agreed to stay together, production made sure to NEVER (at least never that I recall) show Virginia with a drink in her hand (I don't recall her ever holding a glass/cup.....please correct me if I'm wrong). My guess is that a decision was made not to dwell on her obvious pathology (alcohol dependence) and, instead, stick with the issue of having children (or not having them or waiting to have them), In that way, Virginia could emerge from the train wreck of a "marriage" without the stigma of having a problem with alcohol. As I reca
  11. I recall a few seasons back there was Jazmin and Will. From the moment Will met her at the altar, he was not attracted to her. Jazmin went to extensive (maybe undignified) lengths (donning very skimpy lingerie on camera) to entice (possibly seduce) Will. He never bit. He was simply not interested in having a romantic relationship with her. They divorced. Last season we had Clara and Ryan. There were many sexual overtures by Clara that, according to her, were never reciprocated by Ryan. From my perspective as a viewer, I never could see any romantic chemistry between them and, despit
  12. ....and that's obviously because he is unhappy with HIMSELF for reasons he cannot fathom and/or articulate. Therefore, his ability to function "normally" in a relationship without professional help is slim to none. If he could have resolved his personal issues himself and achieved a successful and fulfilling relationship with a mate he would have done so by this time.
  13. Both have fierce tempers that are seemingly uncontrollable. The tempers are uncontrollable because neither sees the need (maybe producer driven) to appear less abusive and/or threatening than they are. It's very easy to see why each of these 2 abusers is completely unsuited for marriage!! Maybe after a few years of therapy each could process his underlying reasons for intense anger (that comes out "sideways" in their relationships) and move on to more healthy relationships. The wives (Rachel and Bao) could also do with some therapy to develop skills of dealing with "difficult peopl
  14. Ryan seems fastidious in his personal grooming and neat in his living habits. I think one of the biggest "turn-offs" Ryan has toward Brett are her personal habits and housekeeping skills (or lack of). I think these traits might influence Ryan's desire not to be intimate with Brett. Frankly, any adult knows, or should know, how important personal habits are in ensuring a healthy relationship (both physically and emotionally) between a couple.
  15. I hope none of her friends/co-workers are watching the show. How Bao can ever regain her professional standing, confidence, personal integrity and/or ability to normally "socialize" with others is (unfortunately) getting harder for me to imagine with each episode! And to give up all she had prior to being hooked up with her lunatic "husband" is beyond upsetting. This entire fiasco is bound to leave emotional scars on Bao and I hope she takes the opportunity, after the show wraps up, to get beyond the damage being Johnny's "wife" has caused her with a caring mental health pr
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