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  1. pdlinda

    S.09 E.05: Paradise Lost?

    I think you're right....however I do see these traits in Matt, as well!!
  2. pdlinda

    S.09 E.05: Paradise Lost?

    So funny you phrased it that way....I too was born and bred in NYC but left many years ago. However, I totally concur on the "perceived arrogance thing." I have a son-in-law who matches your description of Matt to a TTTTTT!!! In 17 yrs, no genuine smile or joy, empty, wooden, no fun, everything "canned and scripted"....your exact quoted analysis. I will now view the show through a more perceptive lens, thanks to YOU!! LOLOL....
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows for sure that the show has been renewed for next season? I googled and from what I gathered TLC did not clarify that the show was renewed. That would be a BIG LETDOWN for those of us who receive so much affirmation of what uncontrolled, incessant, compulsive eating can do to a person. This show keeps me "honest" in maintaining the 100 lbs I lost 15 years ago! I hope it's picked up for as long as Dr. Now is able to continue doing these surgeries. I recall that last season (the one before this one) he had an "associate"introduced; however, that doctor never appeared in the season that just ended, so maybe Dr. Now believes he's interested in continuing doing the show..
  4. pdlinda

    S07.E27: June, Chad & Pauline

    Does anyone know if the show has been renewed for next season???
  5. pdlinda

    S07.E26 Milla

    I was AMAZED at how well Milla tolerated numerous surgeries, including BILATERAL knee replacements! I had both hips replaced (2008 and 2017) and never went to rehab; HOWEVER, I'm getting ONE knee replaced in October, 2019 and hope to go to rehab for ONE week because I live alone and they say the knee is a more difficult rehab than the hip. The skin removal surgeries are very devastating to the body with excruciating pain (as we saw on that show "SKIN TIGHT" where Dr. Now also appeared and also the follow-up with Dottie). Milla has an enviable level of resilience, perseverance and discipline! I noticed that when the new BF and her family went to the Italian restaurant, she chose to eat a salad. I thought that augured well for her grasp of what is necessary to maintain her weight. I say that from personal experience!!
  6. I love it when Andrei makes cash demands in a seeming VOID of understanding that you need cash (or credit) to draw from to pay for things. I cannot believe he has any "credit" as he has no employment and couldn't possibly qualify for a credit card with his profile. Where is this $600 supposed to come from??? He deflects by stating that it's for and "emergency" and when family's involved you have to step up and pay for things! WITH WHAT MONEY???? Where does the money come from, you lazy, "entitled" arrogant bum?????? In his case, he KNOWS where any cash request will be funded. Libby's DAD!! He's going to skate through this marriage on that basis. Unfortunately, I'm an expert on this subject. My SIL is also a lazy bum and comes from a wealthy family who constantly capitulates to his cash demands (basically supports his family although my daughter's works outside the home) to quell their apparent potent sense of shame that their son cannot (or WILL NOT) work to earn a living. This is an "illness" that feeds on itself. The more these lazy, unmotivated, and ENTITLED men are enabled by the parents the lazier they become. SICKENING!
  7. pdlinda

    S07.E25 Jennifer & Marissa & Liz

    Does anyone know if the show was renewed for next year??? I often wonder how long Dr. Now's surgical skills can endure as he gets older (like the rest of us). I know his heart is in the right place; however, when he goes into detail about tying up all those blood vessels (hundreds, at least) when he's doing his skin removal surgeries, the reality of how much manual dexterity and eye/hand coordination he needs to do a perfect job makes ME feel exhausted!! Last year he brought in a potential "associate" whom he introduced to some patients but that was the last we saw of this much younger gent. Dr. Now is really an icon in his field and it would be great to believe he'll be in optimal physical/mental/cognitive shape for many years to come but the reality is that at some point he will likely retire (as, likely, will the show)! Oh, well, there will always be those hundreds of episodes in the TLC vault that we can play until time immemorial!!
  8. pdlinda

    S07.E24: Sean

    This entire saga with Sean and how much time, effort and resources the show put into filming his years of deterioration leading to his death is an object lesson in exactly what you stated. There are people who can benefit from addiction treatment and there are those who cannot. I worked for YEARS with criminal defendants (over 90% of whom suffered from co-occurring disorders--substance abuse AND mental illness). The drugs they used were illegal so they wound up charged with crimes. I studied and applied so much research in the field (my graduate work included) and had innumerable resources that the courts permitted me to use to try and reduce recidivism. In the end, I would say the stat of 5% success that Dr. Now uses for the food addicts (and mental health sufferers) also applied to the probably thousands of clients I worked with over many years. There were those who were simply too damaged by circumstances, like their first five years of life (that they HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH CREATING) to muster up the energy needed to learn discipline, guidelines, routines and healthy ways of coping with life that would have allowed them to make the positive changes they would have needed to live functional, productive lives. There ARE those who can overcome a treacherous childhood, absolutely!! However, for the majority this early emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual deprivation is too much to overcome and they spend a lifetime of self-destruction. At least Sean was spared the ultimate deprivation of being incarcerated in a jail facility. I am thankful for that small favor.
  9. pdlinda

    S07.E24: Sean

    I got to thinking about the circumstances of Sean's mother and father's meeting and the circumstances of the pregnancy and Sean's arrival into the world. Were the mother and father in a "relationship" or was the pregnancy the result of a one-night stand?? I wonder if the "father" was ever involved in Sean's life during his formative years. I wonder if Sean's mother ever had any type of evaluation regarding her parenting when Sean was in elementary school? In any event, my thoughts are focused on the relief and gratitude I feel for Sean's leaving the world of so much deprivation and struggle and failure and dashed hopes and into the realm of heavenly peace and quiet. I say this in profound deference to the immense efforts of Dr. Now and all the massive #'s of caregivers engaged in trying to save Sean from himself. May he rest in peace.
  10. pdlinda

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    I certainly am not an authority on Moroccan "culture" but why am I getting wired with anticipation when the American "fiance" of their local, azan, appears with purple hair and her usual "form-fitting" outfits???
  11. pdlinda

    S07.E23: Lee & Rena & Sarah

    I also noticed that by the end of the show, Lee had somewhat of a "makeover" replacing what can only be called his "bad boy biker " (wannabe) appearance with a more conservative look. That also must have cost a nice bit of change...
  12. pdlinda

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    I think the producers agree to pay for the trips KNOWING that azan will always renege. Whether the tickets are actually ever purchased is another matter.
  13. pdlinda

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    Gotcha!! Point well taken!
  14. pdlinda

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    What in the WORLD would make you believe that azan would even ENTERTAIN "sexy time" with nicole????? That was always his point: HE DIDN"T WANT sexy time with nicole and saw in her a physical and mental FORCE that was overwhelming and repulsive. The only thing azan could do to keep the $$$ coming IN and her physical presence OUT was to play this obvious "game" of tantalizing her and never coming through because he KNEW she was "addicted" to him and the "relationship" and would do anything to keep the "drug" in her life. The main victim in this sleazy, disgusting scenario is MAY!! Her scars from this appalling level of parenting will be long lasting!!
  15. pdlinda

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    I agree with the poor decision making. HOWEVER, what about Tory??? What was HER role in all this poor decision making?? Wasn't the new house HER idea?? I get the impression that Zach doesn't blow his nose without Tory approving. Jackson is HER dwarf child, too so I'm curious whether she gave sufficient thought to all the unintended consequences of the cascade of the decisions you describe.