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  1. What happened to Kelsey’s sister’s arms? The one with the green shirt. It looked like she was missing both limbs. Did she get into an accident?
  2. Yup, Emily did go to the Fantasy Suite. I had no idea until years later when I read Reddit that she did indeed go. The show did a great job pretending she never did.
  3. Alayah I think she stunning. It will be nice to have a Bachelorette, unlike last season, who knows she’s beautiful and is confident. She’s a bombshell like Emily, so the guys will really love her.
  4. Alayah has a PhD??? Does Sarah know Steve has a crush on her?
  5. Peter’s girls may be more messy than the Jed drama There is a pic on Reddit of Lexi kissing her sister which she apparently does a lot for attention Jades’ ex in laws dragging her Allegedly Sarah Coffin dumped her baseball player boyfriend when he got cut from his team. And she’s the one Steve said will win, yikes. Kelley met Peter at a wedding this summer. If she’s smart, she will keep that to herself. I have a feeling producers will “accidentally” tell the girls. All info from Reddit. My predictions are Hannah S and Sarah Coffin. Top 2 with Sarah winning.
  6. Any news on Tyler for Bachelor? I know he’s with Gigi and Chris was extremely bitter but would they really turn him down?
  7. Hannah admits things are tough on Instagram with a long post. I've seen so many “Tannah are done” posts. I’m wondering when they were even on? So safe to say Tyler has moved on. She’s writing long posts and he’s in the arms of Gigi
  8. Wow, you ripped Hannah a new one. This is exactly who she is and why I can't stand her as Bachelorette. All the she is "strong" people are wrong. Beautifully said/
  9. Good for Tyler. I knew he would dump her but not his quickly He better make his move fast if he wants to be the Bachelor Hannah was a spoiled brat who wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She chose Jed and she needs to suck it up. You can’t have Tyler as your 3rd option (Jed and Luke were her choices i believe) because your chosen didn’t work out. Tyler is a human being.
  10. She most likely called them. Whether Tyler knew is debatable. And didn't she move to LA? Why did she say she doesn't want to be an influencer? What else does she want to do in LA?
  11. Did she really feel that months ago or is she saying that now because she's embarrassed at how the whole thing went? She's pretending she was always thinking about Tyler when she probably wasn't. If she wanted Tyler, why didn't she choose him? I'll always maintain that if Jed was a good guy, she would still be happily engaged. Her top 2 were always Jed and Luke. Tyler was a distant third. The problem with Hannah is that she isn't clever or quick witted. She's emotional and easy to read. Hence why she was such a epic failure as Bachelorette.
  12. Same, Tyler was in the bubble and of course he fell in love, they all do. I'm shocked that he's still speaking with her once he went back in the real world. Speaking of Reddit, they are desperately planning the wedding as if Tyler will propose. They feel like they are dating him.
  13. Hannah’s brother is begging Tyler to marry her i feel like everyone is putting the pressure on Tyler to make up for Hannah’s mistake. She said she always felt pressure to live up to her beauty queen title and be perfect and now her family and fans can’t let this mistake go i thought Hannah was bold asking Tyler out but her brother has no shame as well. Runs in the family
  14. If we’re talking about the same video, she was spreading her labia lips so Chris most definitely saw everything. I saw that video years ago when everyone was wondering what she was showing Chris and people dug it up. im assuming she asked them to take it down so I doubt it’s still around i don’t remember a bed so it could have been a different video. It was also on the Playboy website. Yes she did. It’s on Reality Steve the producers protected her and cut that scene. I wonder why they didn’t bother protecting her during her own season It bothers me that Hannah went back to Tyler only because Jed turned out to a loser. She didn’t learn a single thing. I agree with others, she needs to work on herself because she will always be insecure with Tyler. Had Jed turned out to be decent, Tyler wouldn’t cross her mind. She’s embarrassed and stubborn, so she went back to her second choice. Im hoping Tyler ditches her once the dust settles and fans move to BIP
  15. I still think Tyler has a chance for Bachelor. He couldn’t say no to Hannah, so he will say they gave it the old college try and he’s stilling for love blah blah. I hope he contacts Chris right away to let him know he’s available even if he doesn’t want Bachelor, I don’t think he will be with Hannah. He can do better and I never saw sincere love from him towards her. once he gets back in the real world, he will move on.
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