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  1. Way to downplay Teddy’s bloodclot, seemed to me like an obvious set-up for her to return with more pregnancy related complications. Hope she’s not getting on a plane, she should be smarter than that. Chuckling at the idea of her hiding out in a hotel room until it’s time to have her appear on the show again.
  2. Flynn

    S14.E16: Caught Somewhere in Time

    I have an iffy feeling about Jackson and Maggie after this episode. How April is behaving seems like it's really getting to Jackson, and he didn't look happy when Maggie met him in the locker room, even after she kissed him. I might be grasping at straws here, but I have a teeny-tiny hope for Japril still. And why couldn't Jackson and Maggie still hang out even if he had Harriet for the night? They were planning to make dinner at his place anyway. Thought it was weird that Maggie just bolted when Jackson showed up with Harriet in the stroller.
  3. Flynn

    S14.E10: Personal Jesus

    I feel so bad for Matthew... He's a great guy that didn't deserve anything of what has happened to him. I'm wondering if April will go completely off the rails now. And how the drama with Paul ended... it was too easy to just kill him off! Disappointed with the writers here. But a good thing that they donated his organs, at least.
  4. Flynn

    S14.E08: Out of Nowhere

    Haha, thanks! I always have to do it a few times during the holidays, try to get my family in on it, but they jumped the Grey's ship a few years ago and just laugh at me when I'm under there, haha! I also have a nosy pet, my big lab keeps squishing under to lie beside me and licking my face, but it reminds me of Doc, so it's okay :)
  5. Flynn

    S14.E08: Out of Nowhere

    Would love to see everyone gathering around Jo and helping her through this. I've really warmed up to her this season and am so curious to see how the DV storyline will pan out. Kinda hoping Alex will kick abusive husbands ass, but not if he'll risk going to prison again. Agreeing with all of you, Jaggie doesn't work, and will not work. I just don't see them together. I'm a Japril shipper, so would love to see them together again (I know there's been a lot of fighting, but it calmed down last season when they lived together at Jackson's and I'm still hoping it will work out. Well, so it's Bye Bye Ben then? Will probably be another firefighter episode in the future where Ben is injured or in peril of some kind. Don't think we've seen the last of him just yet. Gaaah, I cannot wait two months for another episode, it's just too long!!! Thankfully there's Christmas in between so I can rewatch the Christmas episodes of season 1 & 2. It's become a Christmas tradition, really! (and I sometimes lie under my tree and watch the lights too... Once a Grey's lover, always a Grey's lover.)
  6. Flynn

    S11.E21: How To Save A Life

    Meredith throwing up was possibly a throwback to season one? I distinctly remember some vomit. I expect a second McBaby, as Derek recently said he wanted another baby.