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  1. I wonder if she doesn’t want to be a permanent host. It’s one thing to appear every once in a while. It’s another to have to be there every day.
  2. She is so obsessed with her. I think she wants to be the conservative equivalent of AOC, and the conservatives as a whole barely tolerate her.
  3. I love that her boys were wearing Mario outfits. It makes me wonder if they have had exposure to the Nintendo Switch or any other video game console.
  4. Wouldn’t Archie also be eligible since Meghan is a US born citizen?
  5. Maybe he sees a bit of himself in Jackson and thinks of him as a mini me. He’s also more interactive since he’s older and seems to enjoy everything on the farm.
  6. I wonder if they’re waiting for Carrie Ann to return before they audition female hosts. I truly hope they’re not considering Jerry O’Connell. I can only tolerate him in small doses and my patience with him is wearing very thin.
  7. I wonder if this has to do with her being in NoVa/DC. She might like it there compared to NYC and is trying to get fired so that she won’t have to quit if she doesn’t want to go back to the NY studio.
  8. Was I the only one who thought that Jackson was going to get the applause? His scenes were well done, although I was disappointed that his final scene wasn’t him getting on a plane and April and Harriet being there to meet him. I’ll miss Koracik. I was hoping that with all of the scenes with Jo and the Irish doctor that maybe they’d put him with Meredith. They had good chemistry during their scenes this season.
  9. Glad to see Gina back and home permanently. I’m hoping that we’ve seen the end of Ben and Darlene as a couple. I wish we would have seen the other proposal. I like the idea of a sports bar for Jackie and Becky. I hope it’s successful.
  10. I can watch this show primarily for little Jackson. He is absolutely adorable. Am I the only one who thought it was strange for them to be in the pool with their microphones attached to their backs?
  11. This is why I’m hesitant to try new shows, especially with ABC. Every time I try one of their new shows, they cancel it. They did it with Forever and Time After Time. I won’t invest my time in new dramas if they’re only going to be cancelled after a few weeks.
  12. This has been happening for a few weeks.
  13. This happens on both a custom homepage and the all shows homepage. I am using an iPhone 12 and this happens on both Google Chrome and Safari.
  14. No matter how many times I see it, I will never understand that Oscar Mayer “Yum” commercial with the choir.
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