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  1. Maybe it was her subtle way of letting a certain person know who was in charge and who wasn’t the queen of the show.
  2. I think she’s pissed because they’re not in the studio. Every guest that comes to the table can’t personally congratulate her on her pregnancy, she can’t do the big baby shower show in studio with 50 other pregnant women (probably military wives with deployed spouses or nurses who treated coronavirus patients), and all of the freebies that they’d give away, along with one for her. She probably also wants her own Rosie/Elisabeth moment where her people called the split screen “mean ugly Rosie picking on poor pregnant Elisabeth”. She’s not getting her own People magazine or some other magazine spread because people just don’t care right now. With everything going on in the world, nobody cares; she’s irrelevant.
  3. Poor Nate. This is starting to become a regular thing. I guess he’s not meant to have a true love. The fight scene was fun. I’m wondering why nobody noticed that Sara was abducted. Will they realize she’s gone or will she be erased from their memory?
  4. I wonder if this is why she doesn’t leave her house. She doesn’t want a paparazzi photo of her pregnancy body.
  5. I wasn’t sure if I would like this episode when I first saw the preview. I thought it would be quite campy. It was, but it was also very well done. Considering how dark the season has been, it was more lighthearted and fun. I’m not a big Constantine fan, but I liked him in this episode (and I liked his reaction to the return of OG Zari). Can’t wait for the finale next week.
  6. I wonder if Bev will save the house at the last second, or if they’ll kill her off and their inheritance will pay off the mortgage(s) so the family breaks even. The only other thing I can think of is that Louise has the money and she buys the house and moves in with them.
  7. I enjoyed Dan and Louise with the CPAP machine and her glasses and cap. There didn’t seem to be a lot of Jackie in this episode; I’m not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. With the house in foreclosure and Becky talking about marrying Emilio, I have a feeling that the finale will resemble the original series where Becky and Mark eloped.
  8. This triangle is absolutely aggravating. Elizabeth and Nathan have no chemistry. He makes no effort whatsoever in his relationship with Elizabeth. Even when he asked her to dinner, he was hesitant and then instead of waiting for an answer, he told her to think about it. Lucas has put in more effort in getting to know Elizabeth. He’s asking her out and setting up dates. If it wasn’t for Allie being a student, I doubt that Nathan and Elizabeth would really interact outside of a cordial hello. Rosemary and her Mary Poppins apron were absolutely adorable. For a character that was overbearing and somewhat annoying when she debuted, she has quickly become one of my favorites. I’m glad Fiona is sticking around. I wonder what her story will be once the show returns. My guess is that she goes to work with Lucas at the oil company and we get some sort of a quadrangle. I wouldn’t mind seeing her with Nathan if they’re going to put her with a main character. I think she could draw out his personality (if he has one) and I think her interactions with Allie could be fun.
  9. Same here. Constantine is my least favorite character and it seemed like he had about 75% of the show. I'm hoping that they’ll keep both Zari and Behrad. I was surprised that since the two Zaris were talking when he was killed that they didn’t sense anything. I was half expecting that they would sense that he was gone and morph into some sort of a mix of the two Zaris.
  10. The only way I’d be okay with Fiona leaving is if she got her own spinoff in a new town. She could be the modern woman shaking up a new town.
  11. I was wondering where they were going with this Fiona story. I thought it would be some sort of sexual harassment story when we saw her on the phone and then crying. She and Rosemary are my favorite characters and I’d hate to see either leave.
  12. I wonder if they’re chemistry testing Ben and Becky just in case they can get Johnny Galecki back on a full time basis to put him back together with Darlene. Ben and Becky seem like they have better chemistry and would be a better fit. I was surprised that he was able to fix the water heater. I didn’t take him as a blue collar type of guy like Dan or original Mark. As for the baby thing, both Becky and Darlene have had premature babies. Considering both of their histories (and I’m not sure about Mark’s birth) wouldn’t there be any concern that a new baby could have the same fate?
  13. I wonder if we’re headed for a Meredith/Hayes/Jo/DeLuca quadrangle. Jo seemed to have a bit of chemistry with Hayes and seemed happy that DeLuca got a win with Richards’s diagnosis. I had completely forgotten about Bailey’s miscarriage. It was nice seeing her with Amelia and it reminded me of when George helped Bailey when she gave birth. I am slightly annoyed that we didn’t learn the baby’s name.
  14. I wonder if Bev saw a bit of younger Becky in Mark and thought that it would be a good idea to help him so that he didn’t end up in a poor position like Becky did. Also, after his argument with Darlene, I was wondering if he was going to announce that he wanted to live with David.
  15. I really hated how the town was walking on eggshells regarding Elizabeth and Lucas leaving together. It almost felt like the town wants her with the local Mountie since she was married to the previous one. I hope that they don’t guilt her into being with Nathan if it appears she prefers Lucas.
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