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  1. The episode was somewhat boring. I had it on, but it was more background noise. They need to keep Amelia away from Owen. They’re divorced and broken up. He does not need to run to her for advice when he has issues with Teddy (I did like her conversation with Bailey about maternity leave). Is the actress who plays Amelia pregnant? I don’t know if it was the outfit she was wearing, but I found myself questioning whether she was pregnant during the dinner scene. I like the idea of Richard and Alex working together at a failing hospital. Richard’s interview was and the age thing was interesting. I have a feeling that the hospital will end up thriving by the end of the season and will end up a part of Catherine’s foundation of hospitals.
  2. I liked everything about this except for Darlene’s story. I loved that they had a lot of Bev in the episode and I liked the callback to Harris’s being a preemie.
  3. I grabbed a small set of L&L containers for the hubby. He started a job a few weeks ago truck driving and he has been taking my containers with him to pack snacks for the road. I wanted him to have his own set so that my favorite containers don’t disappear. I cant get over a $127 trash can. Some lady called in and bought one for each of her kids because they were raving about it (probably raving that their mother spent so much damn money on a trash can). For that price it better grow legs and walk the filled trash bag out to the dumpster and replace itself with a new bag.
  4. I think it was a pre-baby gift. I think Joy should demonstrate how to make the lasagna on her show and then tell Meghan to make her own damn lasagna (although I’d be surprised if Meghan even knew how to cook).
  5. I’m glad the show is back, but I wish Meghan didn’t come back. She always looks miserable. I was really surprised that Abby went to Russia without her twins. Not that I would have brought them there, but I was more surprised that, especially with one being a NICU baby, she travelled so far away from them (and her other baby) with them being so young.
  6. I was there about two years ago and wasn’t impressed. It was a cluttered, unorganized mess. I did see a lot of Temptations, flameless candles and that awful tablet looking video game that they bring out every Christmas.
  7. https://www.thekitchn.com/qvc-spurtle-review-22932314 This showed up on my google homepage today. I have a spurtle. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it. I was amused that it inspired an entire article on a cooking website.
  8. I enjoyed this. I didn’t have any expectations, but since Wednesday night television isn’t that great, I decided to check it out. My only complaint was that when they did the tribute to Luke Perry at the end, I wish he would have gotten the entire screen instead of Brandon and Dylan together.
  9. It looks like a nice set, but I don’t need the bigger containers. I can never have enough of the smaller containers.
  10. I don’t think she’s that stupid to do that. After the backlash that she got when mentioning “Asa” after Joy lost her baby, I don’t think naming her baby after Joy’s baby would go over very well.
  11. I wonder if they will pretape her book choices while she’s there today and air the segment next week when they have a few extra minutes to spare.
  12. Jana looks a bit rough in that picture. I don’t know what it is, but she looks tired and as if she’s aged at least five years.
  13. https://abcn.ws/2JapjNO Not sure where to post this. It showed up on my Facebook feed and immediately reminded me of the Duggars.
  14. I don’t remember how old Nathan is, but they both just look so old. They look like they’re closer to 40 instead of closer to 20 (and this is coming from someone who is in their early 40s).
  15. She doesn’t look bad, but she really needs to cut a few inches off of her hair. Even when it looks nice pulled back, there’s just too much hair pulled back and it looks so heavy.
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