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  1. I had a hard time watching this. I was so bored with the first hour that I struggled to finish the second hour. Was Sims the guy who was fired and then threatened a lawsuit to get rehired? As for the lady, I have no clue as to who she was. After seeing the previews, I just hope that Linc is still the father of Amelia’s baby and they’re just screwing with us with the paternity issue. I’m completely over Owen and Teddy and unless they plan on killing off Teddy and putting Owen and Amelia back together, I have no interest in this story. Is the actress who plays Jo pregnant? Her face looked a bit fuller.
  2. I don’t know if any of you have seen the show Daily Blast Live (a coed show similar to the View), but there’s a host there named Tory Shulman who I think would make a good cohost on the View. I don’t think she’s a Republican or a Conservative, but I think she’d hold her own as a cohost.
  3. This was better than part 4, although it felt a bit rushed towards the end. I admit that I’m not as invested in the whole Arrow story as I don’t watch the show, but it was a nice tribute at the end. I also loved Brandon doing the Superman flyover at the end, although I was wondering if Tyler’s Superman now has both Jonathan and Jason since Lois mentioned that they had sons. My only dislike was that the Legends outside of Sara, Mick and Ray were more cameo appearances on their own show. I also wish we could have seen Gleek instead of just getting the reference. That, the visual of the building and seeing Beebo made me smile.
  4. Interesting that they (Harry) somewhat approached Disney about voiceover work. Little Archie isn’t going to be King. I wonder if maybe they’re setting him (or a future sibling) up as a future POTUS with an American upbringing.
  5. I caught a bit of Julia C this afternoon and she wasn’t too bad. It was the first time I have seen her, as I’m not too familiar with the newest batch of hosts other than Terri (I watched her on OLTL before it was cancelled). She seemed pleasant enough, put together and friendly to the OAPs.
  6. I watched this movie today and was pleasantly surprised. It had a decent story, no annoying characters and the scenery was nice. It’s one that I’ll probably watch again.
  7. I watch Legends and Supergirl, so I wasn’t really invested in the other stuff. I loved the stuff with the two Supermen. I just wish we could have gotten a comment from Mick when he saw BR’s Clark and Ray standing together. That seemed like a missed opportunity.
  8. Was I the only one expecting Lois to find a SORASed Jonathan? I was wondering if he would show up as a toddler or even an adult.
  9. I was thinking the same thing, although my mind went to Calista Flockhart’s character and Jimmy. I also wonder if they’d bring back Kara and Alex’s dad to complete the Superman reunion. I only watch Supergirl and Legends, so I’m not really invested in Oliver. I do wonder if he’s really dead (along with Kara’s mother).
  10. I wonder if we will also get to see Ed Sr or if he will only be mentioned in passing. I’m not giving up on Andy. If Ed Jr is around 21, I could see Andy being slightly older than Harris and possibly in college or living with Fred and not wanting to be around Jackie (assuming that her parenting style is similar to Bev’s). Maybe they’re focusing on one character at a time and they’re saving him for something big (i.e., Bev dies and her share goes directly to Andy).
  11. https://tvline.com/2019/11/25/the-conners-season-2-little-ed-jr-dans-brother-cast/ This sounds interesting.
  12. Unless they change it, I think the only time she slept with Tom was after her brain tumor surgery. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a random hookup once baby Allison was born after Amelia told Linc that she wanted to slow down (or Linc gets a surprise diagnosis where he can’t have kids because of his past cancer diagnosis).
  13. I called the new doctor being Christina’s package from the beginning. It just seemed like a Christina thing to do (and I love that she called him McWidow). Disappointed with the Amelia news. I’m hoping that Linc is still the father, but if he isn’t, I wonder if this is the beginning of the end with Teddy (future death in a spring finale?) and that Amelia and Owen end up raising all three babies together. I'm not a huge fan of Contacts, but based on their snotty attitude towards him, I wouldn’t be disappointed if that car in the bar took out a few of the interns.
  14. I would think JD, but maybe he would put Jana in charge. I could see him letting her be in control if she was married to a husband of his choosing.
  15. I doubt it will make our local news since we’re in Virginia. I’ll be watching the morning shows tomorrow (GMA, etc) to see if they mention it.
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