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  1. I can't help but think after watching last night that the whole thing was set up. Neither Madi or Peter are interested in getting back together. It was obvious from their body language. And after how his family treated her, no way she stays with him. I have to assume her family is very, very upset seeing how their daughter was treated. It is also obvious from about the 2 week of this stupid show that Peter had NO interest in settling down and getting married. He was in it for the ego boost of all these women wanting him and seeing how many he can boink. I seriously doubt it was just 2 in the Fantasy Suite. It is also obvious Peter is in an arrested state of development....and is likely to stay there for the foreseeable future. He hasn't grown up because his parents won't let him. I've seen many on here refer to Barb as being Narcissistic, or having some behavioral disorder. I'm no psychiatrist so take this with a grain of salt, but if I have to say she seems more like someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. Has to be the center of attention, extreme emotions, manipulates everyone around her, has to control everyone around her, nothing is ever her fault, etc. My mother has it and it is a nightmare to deal with someone with BPD. Their world is centered around them and if you go against anything they say it is because you are trying to hurt them or purposely doing the opposite of what they want...not that you have a mind of your own. They are exhausting. Like I said above, I think the whole Madi and Peter reunion thing was all a set up by production. I think they brought Madi there so Barb could go off on her and they could try and make some success out of an awful season. Finally, does anyone know what Madi did to his family for them to hate her so much? I mean they don't just dislike her, there is a visceral hatred of her. The parents and the brother. The brother was dumping on her on social media last night saying that she got a good edit but people didn't see what she is really like. What could she have possibly done? This has to be more than about being 3 hours late and not apologizing. Anyone know?
  2. Here's my take, Madi and Peter are clearly NOT compatible. They have a different view of intimacy and the role it plays in a relationship. He seemed shocked that she would "throw away what we have because I had sex with other women?" Uhhh, YEAH! Relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. How is Madi supposed to trust the guy who told her he loves her, he's crazy about her, and wants to be with her and then goes and sleeps with two other women? I think that is what Madison was trying to tell him when she said he can't wrap her head around him proposing to her but less than a week prior was banging two other chicks. Her values and views towards marriage and a committed relationship are different from his, and there is nothing wrong with that. Peter is just not the one for her. Imagine you are her and you get together in the end. Would you ever trust Peter (or any guy) who tells you early on he loves you. YOu watch the show and see that he told several women that. Then you find out he slept with other women. Would you trust him? How can you have a relationship with some that makes you feel doubt? He needs to be with someone like Hannah Ann, who clearly is a doormat and lacks any self respect but doesn't mind if he gets his jollies with other women, she'll be waiting right here for him. Madison needs to be with someone who respects her and her values. That's not Peter. Madison and Peter are simply not compatible
  3. Does anyone know the name of the song they played in the beginning of the show?
  4. Isaac isn't part of the Wolfpack anymore. He dumped them when he won last year. Isaac is actually the only one I didn't like. I like the rest of them, even though I think Noah is kinda dorky. But he's not competing this year, sooo. I like everyone in the group. I don't think they are arrogant, just focused. I did notice that Brian Arnold seems to have a job now. No more "stay at home dad" so he can train 100% for ANW. I guess his girlfriend made him step it up and help support the family.
  5. Did anyone else catch Flip Rodriguez on Keeping Up With the Kardashians this weekend? I don't normally watch the show but it was on when I walked into the room. I picked up the remote to turn it and noticed Khloe and Kourtney (I'm ashamed I actually know who they are) were at an obstacle course gym. Then I noticed Flip was playing with the kids.
  6. I can't believe Lance fell so early. Do you think he will get a wildcard? ANW seems to love them some Lance. AT3 was a total rockstar and I wanted him to get to the end so bad. Either way, he is an awesome dude and I wish him all the best in life. I figured with all the hype they did with Kacy for the past week that she was going to make it to the end. I even said so in another thread. I was shocked when she fell on the logs. Seriously, my response was "wha...that's it!?!?!" I wonder if they will give her another wildcard this year. I really wanted her to succeed because I think she has been put in a bad place being the first woman to make it up the warped wall and then to complete a city final, and then she failed so bad last year. When they were talking about Brent's run before he went and said something to the effect, "he has had some big changes this past year, we will see if that affects his run", I thought they were going to announce he and Kacy were getting married. I'm a little shocked when they said they broke up. I get the feeling she did the breaking up. I can't believe he failed, AGAIN, this year. He hasn't been successful for like 4 years now. Maybe it's time he hang it up.
  7. I think Kacy makes it through the first round. they seem to be promoting her and I don't think they would do that if she failed.
  8. have you ever noticed that Matt Isman makes subtle jabs at him. Like you can tell Matt thinks he's a douche, too. I mean he has to talk the guy up as he does all the contestants, but he always manages to flow a jab or two in there. Also, it annoys me how "intense" he gets when he's competing. It's like he's trying too hard. He cut his hair last season and I actually think he looked better with the longer hair, even though he was obnoxious about it.
  9. I like Lance, but think they "cowboy" thing has been beat to death. He competed on the All Stars show and they had him do the rope climb, which was just stupid. Dude was sloooooow and lost by a mile. I understand your knee jerk reaction to Lance because I had the same reaction to Isaac last year. The guy just rubbed me the wrong way and seemed like a total douchebag. To find out (from what I have read thus far about him) that my suspicions were correct. Apparently, he hates Geoff Britten (according to Geoff) and thinks that Britten stole his spotlight. He told Geoff that he ruined his life. Not sure what that is all about. He also dumped his group, the Wolfpack, that he was a part of once he won his money. So it turns out he is an asshole in real life. I'm glad he's not participating this year. Let him take his million and be on with his life. I apparently am not the only one that didn't like the guy. I wish Geoff had won. He wouldn't have been such a sore winner and seems to have better sportsmanship than Isaac. The other guy that rubs me the wrong way is that "Adonis" guy Rob Murosky (the "weatherman's" cousin). Another guy that you just know is a total douche in real life.
  10. I read somewhere that Isaac Caldiero (who won the $million last year) wouldn't come back unless NBC paid him. I also read that Noah Kaufmann (the Dr that is also part of the Wolf Pack) wasn't invited back this year. The Wolf Pack looks like it took on new members.
  11. [snip] Isn't it bad enough that children have to deal the the hurtful things said by their peers, who usually don't know any better? At least they have an excuse. I would expect a grown adult to know better. I think their kids are adorable and they look like real kids, not made up perfectly for tv. What is wrong with some people? [snip]
  12. I was watching ANW marathon last weekend and they were playing a couple of seasons back. Matt and Akbar weren't as animated and it really made a difference. They can be corny sometimes, but it does add more excitement to the show. Same thing with the "personal stories". I know they can get tiresome at times, but the do add an element of excitement to the show. You really want the person to succeed. I think ANW has found its sweet spot. Jessie Graff is so graceful in her moves. I was watching the All Star show and she was doing that peg board thing and she moved her body with such control and grace. I think she was even pointing her toes at one point. I love watching her. She and Megan Martin are my favorite female competitors. I kinda feel sorry for Kacy. She seems to be in a bad spot. NBC really pimped her out and she wasn't able to measure up last year. I hope she does better this year. I want to see her succeed again. My favorite male competitor is Brian Arnold. I really want to see him make it to stage 4. I also like Drew Dreschel because he is just fun to watch. Isaac Caldiero rubs me the wrong way for some reason. He just gives off that doucebag vibe. I read somewhere that Noah Kaufman (the Dr. that is part of the wolf pack) wasn't invited back. He is so nerdy that sometimes it made me cringe, but that has to be tough when everyone from the group you train with gets invited back and you don't. Based on that FB posting by Flip, I would say that my observations are correct. It sounds like he and Angie broke up. I think he and Tiana are now an item.
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