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  1. @sistermagpie Thank you so much for those answers! Now I need to watch Season 3 over again...
  2. I tried to watch Season 3. I realized immediately I had forgotten *everything* and was completely lost, so went back and watched the first two seasons all over again and then tried again. Viewed all together, I got frustrated with the ever-increasing complexity of the storylines and timelines. I was actually taking notes! But after a while I gave up trying to keep it all straight and just soldiered on to the end. Random thoughts: Superb acting throughout, fantastic direction, wonderful cinematography. I love stories that include woods and forests. If you like that too, you might want to check out Black Spot, a French show that features a very creepy forest. I thought we had it bad when we had to keep track of two versions of each character in two timelines. THEN we added more timelines, more versions, then Season 3 threw in the parallel universe thing. I can barely remember where I put my glasses, for Gott's sake. I agree with the poster above who said it's a cheap trick to introduce this flashy new twist in the last 2 episodes that neatly explains everything. It made sense and held together, I guess, but it is a sloppy storytelling technique, imho. Also very much loved the music throughout. This show could do with a drinking game where everybody takes a shot when you hear that descending violin glissando, which signals to the viewer something creepy just happened or is happening. Or every time someone gives a sonorous monologue about the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end..... Or every time someone tells someone else not to trust (x) and that (x) is lying to you. You'd be roaring drunk. Though I am generally thumbs up on this show, I am still brimming over with unanswered questions. Can someone please explain to me the Hairlip Trio? Who were they and why were they running around randomly killing people? Why did it take three of them? Why did the admin at the power plant have to die? Did anybody ever help the French delegation? It became evident by the end that a bunch of the storylines were just for fun and had nothing to do with the actual plot. Such as Claussen. Nothing about Alexander's past or Hannah's attempts to blackmail him had anything to do with the time travel plot, no? Other than emphasizing to us what a dick Hannah was. Why did young Noah have to kill the guy who was digging the tunnel with him? What was the deal with that guy's tattoo? And what was the point of the tunnel anyhow? Why did we need to see Agnes Nielsen and Tronte come to live with the Tiedemanns? And Tronte's affair with Claudia, and Agnes' affair with Egon's wife... and why was Helge's mother such a bitch, and who the hell had a child (Peter) with Helge? We learn at the end that Charlotte actually was the clock man's granddaughter, but earlier he told her he was not. He said two women appeared with a baby (Charlotte): who were they? I raised my eyebrows when we were told that Claudia's whole motivation was to "save Regina." How did she do that and was she not motivated to try to save the world from nuclear holocaust? (For that matter, we never got a coherent explanation of how exactly this nuclear "event" worked together with the clock man's device to cause Armageddon. Or if we did, it went right over my head.) What was going on with the dead children who were kidnapped and held in the bunker and why were their eyes burned? and why was the bunker fitted out to look like 1986? Why did Noah give Charlotte's watch to Elizabeth? I could go on and on. I do think this show tried to do too much and got too clever for itself. I think it would have been a tighter, better story with about 1/3 of the storylines cut. I don't think you should have to read a bunch of blog posts and recaps to follow the basic plot of a show. On the other hand, it's refreshing to see a show that doesn't spoon-feed explanations to you. Whatever its sins, I am willing to forgive them for one reason: the examination of "Paradise" in the final episodes. When we see Martha and Jonas realize they can't exist in the origin world, of course it's sad -- but then they evaporate and it's so beautiful and natural, along with the others who don't exist in the origin world. And then Hannah's explanation when she says nonexistence isn't so bad -- that it felt like a relief, to be at peace. That worked beautifully against expectations. Everybody was trying to save someone they love, trying to find someone who was lost, to hang onto someone, and it seemed to be asking us to consider that letting go, allowing someone or something to pass away -- it doesn't have to be a tragedy. I really love that. Oh, and count me along with the others who think in the closing dinner party, Peter's date was with Benni.
  3. I'm glad the fox didn't have to die. I have been waiting to read comments here before watching each episode, and this looks like another episode I can't watch. I am just not in a place where I can watch or hear animals suffering, dying painfully in fear. I can manage it if they die quickly and humanely, but wounding an animal and then waiting for it to die is just not my idea of entertainment. I will probably quit watching. Somehow I am less upset by dead fish. Even the dead mice was OK cuz they died quickly. Boom, lights out. Past seasons seemed to lean more heavily on fish as food.
  4. I read a book called "Two for the North" by Farley Mowat when I was in 6th grade, and it had the same effect on me. I can trace my lifelong interest in this sort of thing directly to that book. (It was called "Lost In The Barrens" in Canada.) Whenever I see shows like this, I keep thinking "at least they've got trees!" Imagine trying to survive above the tree-line. I too am having trouble with the blood and guts this time. Some of these people, I just wonder if they have watched this show before. When you have a bad fishing spot -- change locations! Jeez, people! And once the weather gets really cold, the fish will disappear even at a good spot. So don't rely too much on one food source! And I think (so far) these people are being really naive about caching their food. The local bears, wolves, and wolverines must sit back and laugh. Bears are designed to climb trees, people! I think a bunch of this season's people are building generally sturdier shelters, some of which are really cool.
  5. Really, if you liked Season 1, you will be OK with Season 2. It has some problems, but it hangs together, more or less. There will be some plot threads unresolved, but you can live with it. Season 3 will blow that out of the water. Dangling plot threads are either ignored or further snarled, turning them into complete nonsense. New and stupider plot threads are introduced which make no sense at all. There is no resolution. None of your questions will be answered. Characters will behave in stupid and irrational ways, people will be tortured for no reason, and you will walk away from your TV disappointed, frustrated, and really mad that someone ruined a pretty good show. It's like the showrunners gave the task of writing season 3 to Beavis & Butthead. Please don't read on, if you haven't already wasted the time necessary to watch Season 3. I kept waiting for someone to return to the scene of Hildur's death and find her god-dammit motherfucking cellphone with the recording of Munk's admission of guilt. NOBODY EVER DID. They had SMART PEOPLE from Oslo there for 9 weeks and nobody could manage to stand there and call her cellphone and listen for it to ring?? Unbelievable! What was the point of making Markus the governor? The whole plot thread makes no sense. Sheriff Dan was recreating the shaman's (body part thingie) -- why? Was the new governor supposed to become the new shaman? Why would the Demon Dan want to create a shaman body part thingie? Natalie succeeds in curing her own blindness and passing along the parasite's eggs to a new victim -- so then what? She dies? Or turns into a Demon thing like Dan? Who knows? Who cares? Anybody? Bueller? I can't even remember what happens to Vincent and I only watched this a few days ago. I think my mind blocked it out. Petra and Ingrid were the only two characters I liked and who seemed to have a clue about what was going on. Sadly, Petra loses her damn mind in Season 3. Ingrid continues to run around pointing her gun at people. Eric continues to be completely useless and clueless. Rune Lennox has disappeared, and Michael drinks, roars and pukes through most of Season 3 before being enchanted by the enchantress -- who suddenly gives up after 75 years and decides hospice is OK. -- WHA? New, irrelevant characters are introduced -- the cheapest solution for a storyteller who's utterly lost control of the story. Honestly I could go on and on. Lars the snowplow driver and Ralfi in his bunny suit are my two other favorite characters. But I am assuming the parasite infects everyone in Fortitude and they all just kill each other cuz there really is no other way for this story to end. What a pointless waste of time. Even in a pandemic quarantine. (I want to put in a plug for the guy who played the shaman, Robert Sheehan. He's in a really good Irish TV series called "Love/Hate" -- if you can find it, watch it.)
  6. I just finished season 3 (which is only 4 episodes), and it was complete and utter trash. Mostly torture porn with some additional nonsense thrown in. Season 1 was pretty good. Season 2 is OK (more or less), but please do yourself a favor and stop there. There is absolutely nothing good in Season 3. It makes no sense whatsoever. I feel sorry for the actors and crew.
  7. Really, it took 3 of them to kill Dasha: Villanelle with the golf club, Eve with her foot, and whatever Konstantin did just before walking away from her bed.
  8. Didn't Konstantin flip some switch on Dasha's medical machine just before he walked away? To kill her, I mean.
  9. 1minute 52 seconds in -- I am completely losing my mind over Niko in the hospital. I have literally thrown my hands up in the air and exclaimed loudly: "OH FOR FUCKS SAKE COME ON!" I cannot possibly take this seriously. WTF. Apart from the scientific implausibility, there's also the fact that prolonging this guy's life amounts to TORTURE. Jesus. Let him die, for fuck's sake. AND he was in the middle of Butt-fucking Nowhere Poland, yet somehow doesn't bleed out laying there in the farmyard? What, they had 9-1-1 medics near at hand? They airlifted him back to London? I mean... This is just... I'm speechless. Almost.
  10. I decided to wait until this season of PR was finished before watching this show, afraid I would get them all mixed up. So I'm late to the party. I was hoping this show would be a "smarter" version of PR, but no. I died laughing at this episode's runway show. Every single outfit was hilarious. I don't know what planet these people live on. I also wanted to snark on Tan's tearful outburst and that group hug. All this felt very much like manufactured drama to me.
  11. Geoffrey always seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown, yet he somehow gets through it. He gets so flushed, his whole body turns red, and his hands shake. I worry about his health. He somehow managed to make Thijin look chubby, which should be impossible. I was expecting snark from the judges about granny panties or camel toe or some such. Victoria's monstrosity looked horrendous. I burst into laughter when I saw the whole get-up. IN WHAT UNIVERSE is that mess considered chic or fashionable. I agree with those who felt the venue was not good for a fashion show. This isn't America's Next Top Model.
  12. I've watched every season of PR multiple times and this is by far the weakest group of designers, imo. Most of this looks like student work. They can't even pick fabrics or colors intelligently! So there is very little actual competition going on. So we snark on personalities. Which is not nearly as much fun as, you know, talent. Which is why many of us are wondering why we're still watching. I wish Dayoung had stayed.
  13. If they were booting good designers to give Victoria her free passes, I'd be a lot more outraged. But this whole gang seems very hit or miss. I don't see any vision or real originality in Sergio's work, however well constructed it may be. This is not Project Sewing Project. I do like Geoffrey's work and feel he has potential, but he's the only one who seems to have it going on.
  14. Speechless about Victoria. You gotta wonder why these free passes week after week. She should have been auf'd 3 different times! Sure, Delvin's dress wasn't great but Victoria's get-up was a grotesque 1970s nightmare. Just losing my mind. This show. smdh
  15. We would say: "He's expecting a flood."
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