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  1. I found this episode agonizingly hard to watch. You knew it would be a shit show from the get-go, and it was. Neither of them have a strong enough design aesthetic and both are unable to adequately manage a team. The first thing a team manager should do is evaluate the resources and assign work appropriately. By this point Olivia could see who would be able to handle what and needed to adjust her plans accordingly. Her design decisions needed to take that into account. She failed miserably at both. The clothes looked awful. I felt like someone had coached Olivia not to talk smack ab
  2. I loved Gary's but thought everybody else looked like J.C. Penney catalog crap. Well, the wedding dress pants outfit was OK. But holy cow, I was laughing out loud at how bad some of them were. Dangling straps and off-center zippers are just gimmicks. I know I'm not up on fashion trends, but ugly is ugly. Where does Tim get off telling them the next big thing is in the room when most of these people's work looked like bad home ec class projects? You can tell when someone has a clear vision, and Gary may not be able to articulate it in words, but he can sure show you what he means.
  3. After the first couple episodes of Season 1, this settled into being the usual dystopian post-apocalyptic whatever. It's pretty much all by the numbers, weighted heavily by way too much interpersonal drama. Just warmed over soap opera shit. We've seen it and seen it and seen it. I just do not need to watch yet another show about people skirmishing with mysterious aliens ("why do they want to kill us?") and scavenging in empty drug stores. Very little action. I really liked the set-up, especially the Alpine scientists in their mountain fastness. I love Gabriel Byrne and would watch him read the
  4. Just in case anybody's still watching this forum, I'll toss this out there. I just finished Season 1, for the first time. I have generally lost interest in corrupt lawyer shows, but someone said this was good and the pandemic just keeps going on and on... so I decided to give it a try. These are my thoughts: 1. I love Glenn Close. 2. So much of a show's success depends on whether you give a shit about the people, and I don't. I had not one iota of sympathy for any of them, with the exception maybe of Ellen's parents. Everybody is lying, cheating, and manipulating everyone else. I n
  5. I'm still processing the whole thing so this may be premature. No doubt some things will emerge over time. But some initial thoughts: I have always tried to avoid anything remotely spoilery about this show and so I knew nothing about the situation with Cas Anvar and had no idea Alex was going to die. So I was utterly unprepared and his death hit me hard. I've always loved Alex the character. He is the one who really *tried* to make the Roci a home and the crew a family. He was always the first to forgive. I will never forget the scene when Miller joins their meal and tells the story about
  6. What would be the physical effects of exposure to open space like that? For however long it took her to float over to the other ship?
  7. Answering my own question, according to this, there were three asteroids that hit Earth. Bombardment of Earth (TV) | The Expanse Wiki | Fandom
  8. I have not been able to see the news reports clearly enough to know for sure where the rocks hit, does anybody know? What happened to the other rocks? Around 66 million years ago, 75% of all life on Earth was wiped out by the impact of one asteroid, estimated to be 6-9 miles wide. Earth has been hit by at least two (or maybe 3) of Marco's rocks. This will be an unfolding widespread catastrophe on Earth, not some isolated disaster. I understand the breaching of the sea walls would submerge much evidence of damage under water, but I was stunned when our heroes climbed out of their elevator
  9. Finally watched this and was so disappointed. I found the whole business about Caroline and the teacher Ruth so unbelievable, on so many different levels, and so insulting to the character. Caroline has had a lot of success in her career and didn't get that far by being so stupid about something so basic. She would know better than to blunder into that situation. As head teacher, Caroline would be responsible for making sure all her staff were clear about sexual harassment laws and how to steer clear of problematic situations. It was as unlikely as having a UFO land in the car park outside the
  10. More than likely it means someone did it to him. Not to excuse him, but this is how this works.
  11. @sistermagpie Thank you so much for those answers! Now I need to watch Season 3 over again...
  12. I tried to watch Season 3. I realized immediately I had forgotten *everything* and was completely lost, so went back and watched the first two seasons all over again and then tried again. Viewed all together, I got frustrated with the ever-increasing complexity of the storylines and timelines. I was actually taking notes! But after a while I gave up trying to keep it all straight and just soldiered on to the end. Random thoughts: Superb acting throughout, fantastic direction, wonderful cinematography. I love stories that include woods and forests. If you like that too, you might wa
  13. I'm glad the fox didn't have to die. I have been waiting to read comments here before watching each episode, and this looks like another episode I can't watch. I am just not in a place where I can watch or hear animals suffering, dying painfully in fear. I can manage it if they die quickly and humanely, but wounding an animal and then waiting for it to die is just not my idea of entertainment. I will probably quit watching. Somehow I am less upset by dead fish. Even the dead mice was OK cuz they died quickly. Boom, lights out. Past seasons seemed to lean more heavily on fish as food.
  14. I read a book called "Two for the North" by Farley Mowat when I was in 6th grade, and it had the same effect on me. I can trace my lifelong interest in this sort of thing directly to that book. (It was called "Lost In The Barrens" in Canada.) Whenever I see shows like this, I keep thinking "at least they've got trees!" Imagine trying to survive above the tree-line. I too am having trouble with the blood and guts this time. Some of these people, I just wonder if they have watched this show before. When you have a bad fishing spot -- change locations! Jeez, people! And once the weath
  15. Really, if you liked Season 1, you will be OK with Season 2. It has some problems, but it hangs together, more or less. There will be some plot threads unresolved, but you can live with it. Season 3 will blow that out of the water. Dangling plot threads are either ignored or further snarled, turning them into complete nonsense. New and stupider plot threads are introduced which make no sense at all. There is no resolution. None of your questions will be answered. Characters will behave in stupid and irrational ways, people will be tortured for no reason, and you will walk away from your
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