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  1. I've watched every season of PR multiple times and this is by far the weakest group of designers, imo. Most of this looks like student work. They can't even pick fabrics or colors intelligently! So there is very little actual competition going on. So we snark on personalities. Which is not nearly as much fun as, you know, talent. Which is why many of us are wondering why we're still watching. I wish Dayoung had stayed.
  2. If they were booting good designers to give Victoria her free passes, I'd be a lot more outraged. But this whole gang seems very hit or miss. I don't see any vision or real originality in Sergio's work, however well constructed it may be. This is not Project Sewing Project. I do like Geoffrey's work and feel he has potential, but he's the only one who seems to have it going on.
  3. Speechless about Victoria. You gotta wonder why these free passes week after week. She should have been auf'd 3 different times! Sure, Delvin's dress wasn't great but Victoria's get-up was a grotesque 1970s nightmare. Just losing my mind. This show. smdh
  4. We would say: "He's expecting a flood."
  5. Again, I'm amazed that someone competed to get on this show and didn't watch past episodes. I'm looking at you, Delvin. Cuz if you did, you'd know: 1. if you say a challenge is in your wheelhouse, you will be in the bottom, and 2. judges hate green on the runway. Also, I know nothing about fashion or fashion history; aside from watching PR, I am clueless about the big name designers... but even I could not avoid Celine Dion's backwards tux -- because I STAND IN LINE at the grocery store waiting to check out and gaze at the covers of all the magazines lined up there. You could not miss it. Add me to this list of people who hated Victoria's "thing" -- Nina sure does have a serious hard-on for her. Why?? I could feel the save coming for Brittany, and shuddered when it came to pass. I imagine every single one of the designers who'd already been auf'd wondered why her and not me. It seemed a little cruel to do it in front of them.
  6. Mod note in the reply box.
  7. Well, the editing monkeys rubbed it in our faces: Chelsea's hard-life background, raising her siblings, contrasting with Victoria's "investor" husband financing her little vanity project. Victoria's meltdown versus Chelsea's graceful maturity. Manufactured drama. It is beyond me how someone like Nina Garcia will take part in this bolony. She doesn't need PR. She's not just another fame whore. She actually knows what she's talking about, yet she plays along with crap like this. Both of those outfits were horrific. Maybe both of them should have been sent home. But giving Victoria a pass for her surly teenager act? It's an insult to the other designers. Professionalism, anybody?
  8. In the publishing world, everything is either advertising or editorial. All of the content like articles, columns, features, photos, illustrations, even the white (empty) space is called editorial. The advertising department is responsible for filling up the ad space; the editorial department fills everything else. In the case of fashion magazines, the word editorial has come to mean visually dramatic, eye-catching, arresting, purposely not practical or realistic for an everyday woman to wear. The opposite of ready-to-wear.
  10. I'm sure the competition is exhausting, and some of them are probably battling jet lag during the first few days -- but if Dayoung isn't well enough or strong enough to keep up, she needs to go. Which is unfortunate, cuz to me she might be the best designer of the bunch. But that's the breaks for anybody on a reality competition show. I like challenges that make the designers work outside their comfort zone. In real life, you don't always get to have everything "in your lane". There have been some impressive outfits so far, but for the most part, I find a lot of this season's work to be random and forgettable. Usually by the fourth or fifth episode, you can get a sense of a designer's aesthetic but I can't tell one designer's work from another. It's not that these designers lack talent; I just think most of them have not yet found their voice, so to speak.
  11. At the beginning of the book, I remember wondering if the crime was somehow connected to the archeological site. Like the crime was some modern-day recreation of a Neolithic sacrificial ritual by a nutcase pedophile. It was a tantalizing suspicion -- and then the overlay of the 1985 crime and the present day: it was an enticing prospect! Victims never found: could it have been a time slip? Did Doctor Who carry them off? I was let down when I realized there was nothing to it. At all. Acting-wise, there were moments in that first episode that were really chilling. When they went to inform the parents of the girl's murder, the mother's outburst was heartbreaking. Some of the camera work was really wonderful too. I was completely flummoxed by the incident in the shower. I agree: he looked like he was turning into a werewolf. It was bizarre.
  12. This is why I love Primetimer! You guys just saved me a whole bunch of time! I read the books back when they came out, and was intensely disappointed with them both. Terrific ideas, great writing -- but giant flaws. But sometimes a really good script can fix a book's problems, so I was hoping that might be the case here. But apparently not. My two MAJOR beefs with the books remain in the TV show: 1. "In The Woods" was such a great story but... 2. I found the premise of the second book completely unbelievable. How could anybody pass themselves off as another person in such an intimate setting: close friends living together 24/7? I don't buy it. About the acting: I thought both Cassie and Rob were kind of wooden, and found it difficult to care about them. But it really doesn't matter: no matter how great the acting, I would not have liked any show that... Although I am bailing before the second storyline was properly launched, I can see that combining the two books into one show would be impossible, so I'm not surprised it didn't work.
  13. Again, I hated everything, pretty much. Why was everybody going with dark dull colors and blah neutrals? Only two outfits had any color -- the rest were all funeral colors. Boring! Victoria's wasn't the worst, but it was far from good. Asymmetry is not a stand-in for an actual point of view. And those enormous shoulders! If the event had been a hootenany, I could just about live with Nancy's skirt, but that top was just gross. From the front it looked wrinkled and shapeless, but the back looked like a toddler got a hold of some fabric and a glue gun. If the event was a mallwalker's convention, Dayoung's would fit right in. The giant denim pants outfit would have worked fine for my 11th grade homecoming dance in 1975. But this was PARIS in 2020! PARIS. Not Grand Rapids. Who the hell were they designing for? So many of them just grabbed suits and fiddled around with them. No ideas? Make it backwards! With stuff hanging off of it! Give it two collars instead of one! Give it mismatched sleeves! That's innovative? Ugh. I realize this was meant to really challenge them: take materials from the least fashionable source you can imagine and design something uber cool for the ultimate Fashionista Headquarters. I suspect most of them were psyched out by the fact that they only had one day, then set loose in a sea of worn polyester and aged denim. Yes, it would be tough, and to me it seems obvious that none of these designers were up to the challenge. I honestly thought all three at the bottom would be auf'd.
  14. In spite of my complaints, I really liked this season too. One thing I love about this show is the way the protomolecule and its creators are always about six steps ahead of the humans. We're constantly confronted by our own mistaken assumptions. We see a world that looks a bit like earth so we assume it's earth-like, only to be assailed by stuff we could never anticipate. Which to me supports Avasarala's philosophy of "go slow". This is exactly what they have encountered time and again. I like very much the way they focused on the effect of the Ring on Mars, how they've lost their bearings now. I would be tempted to chuck it all and go find a new home that already has atmosphere. And I liked the do-or-die attitude of the Belters on Ilus. You can see how fed up they are with being told what they can and can't do, which inevitably results in extremism. McMurty was an over-the-top villain, and it all went on a bit long, but all things considered, I think they did a good job of telling the story on Ilus/New Terra. (I absolutely loved how everybody kept calling him the wrong name!)
  15. I loved this season, but have some specific problems that really ruined it for me. 1. Bobbi's storyline, while helpful in advancing the plot, was completely unbelievable to me. Bobbi is the most ethical, hardcore person we've met in this story. She would never knowingly get involved with people doing crimes. She WOULD infiltrate them to find out what they're doing and then turn them in. For the longest time, that's what I thought she was doing. I was downright horrified when I realized she was FOR REAL involving herself with this criminal enterprise. Yes, I understand she tried to "do the right thing" and got nowhere, but Bobbi is not one to give up when encountering opposition. If she was supposed to be emotionally "broken down" enough to join the bad guys, it didn't work for me. And excuse me, but they were bad guys, weren't they? Weren't they?? WTF. 2. Bobbi's romance. GAG ME. NOTHING about that worked for me at all. It felt like they were asking Bobbi to play-act being a typical girl getting feelings hurt by a guy, cuz that's what we do to female characters to "humanize" them. I feel sorry for the actress. No, it's not impossible Bobbi would develop feelings for a guy. But that guy should be Alex. Period. 3. Same deal for Avasarala. We have seen her marriage. She was married to an incredibly supportive, loving, warm, and gentle man who laid out on the roof and looked up at the stars with her. For reasons I'll never understand, they gave her a new husband who was the opposite of those things. Why? Why? Why? Again, I feel like the writers wanted to "humanize" her -- she's been nearly infallible until now, but again with the typical female stereotype -- the husband undermining her when she needed support and love... I was waiting for somebody to suggest Bobbi might be gaining a little weight or Avasarala having flashbacks of the time she got raped as a teenager. Cuz this seems to be the only way we put human faces on women these days. I kept thinking of the old Joan Crawford movies where a strong woman has too much success in a career and is cut off at the knees when she falls in love, cuz a man can never love a woman who makes more money than he does. Or who runs the planet. Do we have to drag them down to humanize them? I absolutely hated Avasarala's husband. I feel like the actual real writers outsourced the scriptwriting for the storylines on Earth and Mars to some film school students working on their senior project who had never watched the show. 4. I was also not particularly happy with the storyline for Drummer and Ashford. I love both actors and I like what they were trying to do there -- but -- and to me this is a big but -- excuse me but what about that cold-blooded killing on the bridge of the Behemoth last season when Ashford drew his gun and shot that innocent guy who was trying to stop him. Ashford has always walked a line between good guy / bad guy. I kept waiting for him to betray Drummer -- cuz that's what he does. Or that's what he DID. I guess he was supposed to become a hero this season. Whatever. Apart from that stuff, I have a few quibbles, but overall I think they did a good job of handling problematic source material, and as always the quality of the visuals and the acting was top notch.
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