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  1. I hope you're feeling much better today. Surgery is tough on our bodies. Be sure to take it easy this week, even if you feel better.
  2. Chicken, sauted onions & peppers, and cheese quesadillas with fresh salsa & sour cream on the side.
  3. Hah! If you're in the south, at an intersection, and the light turns green? Don't honk the horn if the cars in front of you don't move fast enough for you. I found it funny getting such indignant looks (during my first year living there).
  4. Re: fireplaces? We're waiting for delivery of our gas fire unit to be fit into our fireplace. No ashes to clean and we can turn on the "fire" via a remote. Just selected the marble for the surround. We better have a cold winter now!!
  5. Something bad must've happened to Sunny in a kitchen cause today, on Turkey Day Sunny's Way (a new show?), she's again on a patio, complete with grill & other portable appliances. It sort of looks like a studio, though, which is odd. *She's* odd!
  6. It's during the holidays that wonderful memories of our moms' cooking our favorite meals really come through. I loved my mom's stuffing. She'd simmer various parts of the turkey with celery & onions, but I can't recall what she did with them! Loved the stuffing made with dried cubes of bread, seasonings, and of course, dried parsley. I bet fresh parsley wasn't available in November back then.
  7. Baked chicken breasts, dressing, gravy, & lingonberries.
  8. I missed the first half of the show today. Was Alex not on? I saw a promo of her new show so maybe that's why. GZ's gravy is intriguing to me...soy sauce?
  9. annzeepark914


    He's such a cutie and comes across as a nice person. I bet he & John King are still recuperating from election night & subsequent days!
  10. Eggs sunnyside up, hashbrown patties (from Trader Joe's), and breakfast sausages from TJ's...breakfast food for supper!
  11. Herb roasted tilapia fillets (Ina's recipe), roasted fingerling potatoes, and salad.
  12. I thought that as well, but now I think I was confusing Fixer Upper with Love It or List It. There were several episodes on LIOLI that featured gay couples (and none that I can recall ever on Fixer Upper). I wish they'd do the show without Chip. His nonsense gets on my last nerve.
  13. Glad you came through your surgery well.
  14. This all sounds so good. I'm going to make this. Did you buy the squash cut up & toss w/ the kale (& at what temp?)
  15. That's real college sports. You know they're on campus to get an education...a whole different world.
  16. That's up to the colleges minus their athletic & alumni associations.
  17. Sadly, a lot of these "students" aren't at a university for an education. That's why a farm system would be more honest & fair. It'll never happen as these schools don't want to admit so many of their athletes aren't on campus to get an education.
  18. Yes, but without any salaries for the "student" athletes, plus they have to attend classes.
  19. @ABay: Good luck tomorrow! Be thinking of a cool gift you'll give yourself as a reward for being brave. That's what I did (had 2 back surgeries this year so I needed the incentives!)
  20. Mr. P914 believes all these college teams should be farm teams for the pros (like minor league in MLB). It really irks him that the athletes aren't really students, that they're taking up space that applicants, who just missed being accepted, could have used. He really detests the one & done rule.
  21. annzeepark914


    I cannot stand all this pageant hair and the unprofessional clothes of too many female broadcasters. Sometimes, instead of grinding my teeth, I try to envision how their male counterparts would look in equally inappropriate clothes and hair styles. It bugs me when I think of what so many female media pioneers endured just to get serious on-air jobs (as opposed to cooking shows and lifestyle segments during the day).
  22. I didn't watch but am curious. I hope it's repeated (forgot Malinin & Shin were participating in this & I wanted to watch them again).
  23. Funny! I love Facebook. But I'm an oddball I guess. I only have 14 "friends" (12 are relatives). Only these friends can see my posts & photos. The public only sees my name (two initials + last name) & my cat's photo. For me, it's a living photo album. Our daughter & family are in MN yet we've watched the daily antics of our grandson from a few days old up to today, age 10. It's a big deal for us as we only see them once or twice a year. I've had people want to friend me but I say (fib) "it's a family-only thing". This way I'm comfy posting photos, comments, of course my jokes! Politics are taboo (thank goodness for private groups so we can vent!)
  24. I no longer have my photo on Facebook. I put up a photo of my cat instead. But I know what you mean about fellow FB posters who will figuratively jump down your throat if you offer the slightest bit of criticism of the subject(s). A while ago, I wondered why some cottages were so close to lakes that they barely had a front lawn. Several posters at this site, snarked about "lawns", that these places weren't "fancy enough to have lawns" & that they liked it that way. I no longer participate at that FB site.
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