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  1. snarkastic

    S07.E16: Breadcrumbs

    I don't know if anyone commented in a previous episode thread, but WHY do none of the ladies making food in the truck wear a hairnet or at least have it tied back? Is this why Sabine couldn't get a food safety certificate
  2. snarkastic

    S07.E15: Sisterhood

    As someone also born in 1983... ???????? Like, I'll call out the unlikelihood of Emma knowing about Harry Potter at 14, because no way. But that's just not true. Now that, I agree with. Cringey and self-absorbed are their middle names.
  3. snarkastic

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    Looks like it. Saw a pic of Cinderella, Emma, and Hook. Hook has a pacifier at the end of his hook which means it's original!recipe Hook, but WHY is he wearing the pirate garb at Henry's wedding????? UGH!
  4. snarkastic

    S07.E08: Pretty in Blue

    The end of the episode cut off for me, but it sounds like I just missed an empty coffin? I'll be honest, I just put the show on in the background nowadays, but where is this consensus that Jack is of the beanstalk from? Did I miss a line? He could be nimble and quick, or like fetching pails of water. There are lots of Jacks. He could be from Wonderland as one of the cards. I LOL-ed at the restaurant being The Walrus and them eating clams. And Regina saying they couldn't contact Storybrooke because they can't know about them lends credence to my time travel spec I am never giving up on. They can't know because then they'd be in two places at once and create a paradox!
  5. snarkastic

    S07.E04: Beauty

    I'm voting Alice as not Whook's daughter because it was her black rook that he carried with him, and she had his white knight, as if they were always the same colour, but at the end they played as opposite. He was black and she was white. Also, to keep with the trend of copying everything from season one, there needs to be an August pretending he's Baelfire type takeout.
  6. Ah, yes. The good old year qualifier. They're not aware in 2017 Storybrooke, but they are aware in like 2027 Storybrooke. (I'm never letting this time travel thing go)
  7. I just realized one great thing about the wish realm: if the curse was never cast, Hook and Emma never went back in time, so in that world Snow Falls still exists in its original form. It's still a canon flashback! (Also, that means that Hook and Whook for sure don't have exactly the same past.)
  8. snarkastic

    S07.E02: A Pirate's Life

    Emma and Neal meet in 2001 according to the flashbacks. Henry was 18 when he left Storybrooke. So they are are either lying, horrendously bad at math, or both.
  9. snarkastic

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    I was just about to reply but you worded it so much better. In order for it to make sense, SOME kind of time travel, not just different rates, has to have happened for it to be true that this is 2017/18. It fits the "don't make assumptions about the timeline" thing and they get to think they're so clever with the twist no one could possibly figure out based on what they write.
  10. snarkastic

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    Great. Now I'm thinking the season ends and it's revealed that Henry et al travelled back in time during the "curse" and will end syncing back up just after Emma and Hook left at the end of this last episode. Or right after Henry left in the first episode, creating a paradox. That's why all the technology is 2017 and not the future. Cause that would likely be the year Henry left on his adventure, no?
  11. snarkastic

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    They're probably waiting to use the word "step" until Henry introduces him to Cinderella. Can't you picture it? C: Ahhh! A guy with a hook! *brandished weapon* H: Don't worry. That's just my STEP-dad. C: *brandished weapon more aggressively* In other news, Killian has A Message In A Bottle, and then is cursed to join The Police. ... I'll show myself out now.
  12. snarkastic

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    Has anyone figured out how Past!Rumple can even explain to Snowing about not interfering with Young!Emma when Past!Rumple doesn't even know he's Rumple until 28YEAROLD!Emma comes to town? I'm seriously hoping it's just a dream type situation thing.
  13. snarkastic

    S06.E16: Mother's Little Helper

    Adam just tweeted #timelinepolice like a dick and said it came out earlier in ouat world
  14. snarkastic

    S06.E16: Mother's Little Helper

    Did it feel like to anyone else that the Henry/Regina side plot was a last minute insert to set up the end of the series as it had nothing to do with anything else that was happening? Also, all these meta jokes by Isaac have got to stop. First, we now know the way to get A&E under our thumbs is to call them washed up has-beens, and the beast "no one wants to see that", it's like they're just asking viewers to tune out more. AND I'm pretty sure Hamilton shouldn't be out yet in ouat world. If I'm being given generous, maybe 3 years have passes since the pilot sooooo 2014 at best.
  15. snarkastic

    S06.E12: Murder Most Foul

    I think they were in the vicinity of each other when everyone got sent back to the Enchanted Forest for a couple of hours. Archie was on Grumpy's shoulder in cricket former during those scenes.