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  1. Maybe I’m just a pessimist but I think that ship has sailed. And sailed far, far away.
  2. “Wall Street Investor”. Yeah, right. Want to bet he invests his savings all the while sitting in his nana’s basement, in front of the computer monitor sans a pair of pants. Quick side note...the Carolina Girl’s comment that he’s a pathetic little putz brought something to mind. This weekend we took a quick ride out to Lake Placid, NY. We’ve never been and my husband had a quick meeting in the area Monday morning so we stayed over Saturday and Sunday night. Anyway, we went to a barbecue restaurant on the Main Street Sunday night, fairly quiet but as we sat there I looked around an
  3. Dad was a piece of work too. Clearly he’s still feeling the sting of Hollywood rejection by his over-the-top emoting, poor sap couldn’t even muster one tear when talking about his shining star Tucker and her plight And if I were one of the other two children I’d be more than a little irritated that here I am, living my live as best I could...not killing anyone...not having Keith Morrison investigate my background and dear old dad keeps going on and on about how (no slight to his other two children) Tucker, his first was so special. Yeah dad. For Fathers Day this year...go
  4. She was a nasty piece of work, am I right? I just love that expression. My co-worker uses that all the time and I’ve been trying to shoehorn it into a conversation but in my job I mostly listen so there isn’t much opportunity. Anyway, the plaintiff and defendant both had, what appeared to be nice homes. That is, no unmade beds, no drug paraphernalia, no overflowing baskets of laundry so it was a joy to wander and look at the background. NPOW’s kitchen has one of those faucets on back of the oven wall that fills large pots so you don’t have to schlep the huge pot to the stove. My
  5. A thousand apologies. It’s frightening in its postage stamp size, I shudder to think the impact of his droopy mug on a large basis. I need to change it. It served its purpose for a good laugh but now with this site acting strangely I am fearful of the damage it could do. Lawsuits and all that. I do have insurance but not sure I have the Harvey Levin scared-me-to-death clause. If there was one, I’m sure it would be a fortune.
  6. So that’s what all the hubbub was...I had it on but we had a staff meeting and there’s only so many time you can excuse yourself to hit the restroom. The ratings for that episode was 1 (AngelaHunter) and a half (me).
  7. Speaking of the lamp, I wonder if there’s a small door behind this art piece that opens up and several “nesting lamps” come walking out. Also, a shout out to the defendant’s rocking aviator glasses. I had a flashback to an Elton John concert, circa 1978. Philadelphia PA. He (the defendant) must have been might proud of that lamp since it occupied a prominent place in the screen shot. Similar to the pit bull owner’s proud placement of paper towels and spray bottle on the top of his fridge. He should have used those items to wipe down the microwave. The fingerprints were ab
  8. You all have expressed my feelings so well. I was interested in the new DA’s program to look at potential wrong convictions. Not all who say they are innocent actually are but if nothing else it does give a chance for those who are to have their claims heard. One little thing though, the DA’s assistant said (paraphrase) you’ve got to read this, it was well written. One hopes those who are innocent but uneducated get their letters read. Illiteracy should not exempt them from this opportunity. Anyway, the DA is a rockstar in my book.
  9. Thank you. That certainly makes sense. It was hard to understand her through the hysterics, tears and hyperventilating. She needs help. I hope she gets the proper care.
  10. Today’s train wreck. Watching the distraught Plaintiff with her two chihuahuas trying to get some cash out of the ditzy, unfocused defendant was trying. Anyway, for those of you who sat through it, I am hoping you can clarify something the defendant said. She clearly stated that she had to put her dog down after this encounter with the plaintiff and he died just like her father. (???) Then, again she states that her dog and father died the same way. From what I gathered the dog was euthanized by animal control. What did that have to do with her dad? Maybe I missed somet
  11. It could be but I’ll pass this time around. When you are my age, less is more. Waaay more.
  12. You all are on a roll today. Nope. No BMW or Lexus. Although I know in terms of status among the litigation crowd I’d be an outcast. I drive a pre-owned jeep from a dealer we’ve known since moving to Boston. We’ve never had an issue they (or a warranty) wouldn’t fix and if the issue didn’t fall into those categories my husband and I pay for it. We’re stupid like that. For today’s cases in the first half hour I’ve got nothing. Except Judge Acker was rocking some bright, shiny blue eye shadow. No joke - when I got a gander of her eye makeup I was immediately propelled back to jr.
  13. Another day...another hooptie case. This one, though was a bit different because of the language interpreter. I don’t know. I’m getting bored with people buying a car for two grand then expecting a deluxe model right off the showroom floor. Two grand is nothing to sneeze at but do these litigants have any idea what a new car costs? How about one that is not new but runs nicely? You’re still talking at least ten grand. If I saved six thousand dollars, rather than spend a good chunk of it on a hooptie sans air conditioning - I’d take a bus or Uber, save a bit more and buy one of
  14. Comments about today’s episode with Plaintiff not pleased with party planner’s decoration for a birthday party. Usually these cases are cut and dried but this one seemed really frivolous. Plaintiff wanted a birthday party theme for her mother that incorporated an Ice Theme and 70’s disco. Anyway, the two themes did not seem compatible. On one hand you had this beautiful, elegant setting of shiny white and ice blue table settings, background decorations then on the other hand you have a wall sized poster of Soul Train with blow up balloons spelling out DISCO. Personally I tho
  15. One more suggestion: Wayne Knight aka NEWMAN!!!
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