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  1. Or instead of I stabbed her it’s “she fell into the knife”. I think I’m getting the hang of this.
  2. I must confess that I have searched hither and yon for the perfect reality show. They put me to sleep when I sometimes get a touch of insomnia. I can’t find one. I get depressed watching super obese people licking their fingers while eating a tub of Kentucky Fried Chicken. As I said earlier feet make me nauseous so the whole idea of watching people with foot problems would have me vomiting all over the sofa. And for the love of God, please don’t get me started on those addicted to watching a dermatologist poke around pimples and other assorted growths on people’s bodies. But maybe I’d watch those two PC contestants scrapping in the hallway of their apartment. It might put me to sleep and if not maybe I’ll finally have an answer about how tooth challenged individuals (no matter how vile they are) eat a hunk of steak.
  3. I briefly saw the repeat case today with the two feuding neighbors. I must have been either occupied with something else during the first viewing or it did not stay with me that Mr. Vulgar Gesture had teeth like a jack o’lantern. I saw those beauties in high def today and was mesmerized. And it might be wrong but whenever I see someone missing the really necessary teeth I wonder how in the hell they chew food. How do dentists do it?
  4. Horsefeathers! He sounds like a catch. In all seriousness, are we the chosen people who understand that it’s not wise to loan anyone money (family and friends) without the expectation that we might never see it again? I (like a lot of you) work hard for my money. I will not part with it to someone who either refuses to work or plans to spend the money on items that should be paid with their paycheck but likes to be the life of the party at bars and restaurants. I am working so that when I retire I can live comfortably and without a lot of worries. The contestants we see have goals that range from new rims to owning three or more 95” tv’s. Sad all around.
  5. LOL. “A bat was involved”. She refuses to take even the slightest responsibility for her actions. I didn’t hear if she had children or not. So sad. Can you imagine Princess in 30 years?
  6. Yes. And wasn’t she the coy one when asked gun? No. Knife? No, a bat. You know she’s a lulu when Judge Mike raised his voice. Sheesh.
  7. Wasn’t she a piece of work! I just loved how she kept preening throughout the case. Nora Desmond would be proud. I wouldn’t be surprised if she made the news someday...for something far more serious than cracking a bat over someone’s head.
  8. Excellent point. Never thought about that. And with Dershowitz he could possibly have thought there was another courthouse but there wasn’t. Speculation amongst the bemused spectators was that he thought he was in Manhattan but alas, he was in Indianapolis IN.
  9. You probably did the right thing but you did miss her gem reply when Doug said to her “so you won the case, what are you thinking right now”? The neckless woman said “no comment”. NO COMMENT? What does that mean? And may I add she tossed her head (but amazingly her thick neck didn’t move at all) as if she was the star witness in some really important case. I’m not even sure she understood the outcome. I am sure she’s not playing with a full deck. Her attitude reminded me of the Mike Tyson rape case. We were just married, living in Indianapolis and the case was a big show stopper. Anyway, after Tyson was declared guilty his lawyer (I think Dershowitz) ran out of the courtroom, passed the reporters who were shouting questions to him and replied “no comment”. His assistant said he was in a hurry to file an appeal. The funny part was that he was running through the the lobby of the courthouse to go outside to catch a cab. Well, anyone who knows Indianapolis knows it’s not New York and if you want a cab you’re going to have to go to the Circle Hilton or some other hotel and call for one. He didn’t know that. So, after tearing through the the courthouse, almost knocking down a few reporters he’s shown standing outside on the sidewalk looking up and down for a cab. Morons. All of them. The justice system didn’t fail him - his parents did. If he’s as old as he is and doesn’t understand that you need to look both ways at the crosswalk and never, ever jaywalk or jay run with being absolutely sure it’s safe - nothing in this world is going to give him smarts. I’m sure he’s the pride of his parents but to outsiders looking in, he’s a stupid fool who will not take responsibility for his actions. And yeah, the reporting police officer made up his statement. Include him in the moron comment above.
  10. “He abandoned me during income tax season”. I’ve run group sessions for those navigating the holidays with grief over loss and separation. Typically they are held early November to cover those holidays at the end of the calendar year. Seems this year I was negligent in my counselor duties but I assure you and all TPC contestants that I will design group sessions specifically targeted for those individuals abandoned during income tax season. I will assemble binders for take-home materials that address the delicate subjects of abandonment and deductions. Maybe I can even get an H & R Block representative to show up to monitor a group exercise that incorporates “letting go and filing individually”. And I bet you thought I was just going to mock the nitwit in the hallterview.
  11. Couldn’t have said it better.
  12. My husband asked me the same thing.
  13. My professional life in a nutshell. Many years ago I was involved in a nasty divorce/custody case. The “lovebirds” were married for six years and had one lovely daughter between them. The court gave me a few extra bucks to talk to the child to see how she was handling the divorce. She was an absolute peach and if I could have - I would have scooped her up and brought her to my home forever. Anyway, mom looked like a contestant on TPC, or Maury Povich and apparently I just missed a brewhaha between her and soon-to-be ex-hubby while they were in the courtroom. I arrived and very discreetly asked her what happened and she bellowed at the top of her lungs “I don’t know, the judge has incontinence”. What she meant to say was that the judge was ordering a continuance....I just remember people trying not to laugh and the judge glaring at her. To this day I don’t know if he thought her stupid or did he think she was being sassy. Either way Judge didn’t appreciate it. And every time I would see that judge the word “incontinence” would float in my mind. He died years ago. Heart attack.
  14. Let me get this straight. TPC is going to have cases from home? From litigants homes? So much better seeing their abodes in real time as opposed to grainy pictures on a cracked cellphone. I am all in.
  15. If wifey slapped hubby, why did hubby apologize for slapping wifey? Were they both beating the hell out of each other?
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