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  1. Notmuchofacook

    S07.E13: Cake Therapy

    Kim whined about Lisar hurting her family, her kids, etc, etc, etc. She doesn't seem to realize that we have all seen her drunken behavior on TV; not just on Housewives, but on Dr. Phil. SHE is the one who hurt her family. Gossip hurts, too, but it's gossip based on Kim's pattern of behavior. Kim is no saint. In fact, she annoys the hell out of me and seems to love playing the victim, the innocent hurt little girl. Ugh. The sooner she is gone from the show, the better.
  2. Notmuchofacook

    S01.E01: Disconnection

    I have read a lot about Scientology; not because I'm interested, but because i don't understand why folks would become so committed emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I love that Leah is exposing these charlatans (I'm not a big fan of Leah's; I think she's a bit over the top) and I want to see this bogus "church" go down. They don't pay any taxes. At all. And their holdings are huge. HUGE. Bad, greedy, awful, vindictive people. I'd love to see Miscavage go to jail followed by Tom Cruise.
  3. Notmuchofacook

    The Kitchen

    Yes! Wow...the lipstick. Was it green or was it yellow? It was hideous. All I could see was her mouth. Thank god she downplayed the eyeshadow. Not liking powdered sugar is probably unAmerican. I feel that way about cilantro. Yuck.
  4. Notmuchofacook

    Watch What Happens Live

    Andy's sexual innuendos are really tiresome, and I hate the games where the guests have to identify someone's crotch, butt, or breasts. I record this show, but if I'm not interested in the guests, I delete. Anyway, Andy gets a little too avid with the male guests and I can't see a male host behaving the same way towards females. Just because he's gay doesn't give him a pass. Thanks for listening/reading.
  5. Notmuchofacook

    S03.E14: Reunion Part 2

    Yeah, TRav is a moron. The thing that grinds my gears, though, is that Kathryn feels she has a hold over him and can say what he may do and what he may not do. She flies into rages and, yes, blocks doors, when she doesn't like what he says. She needs to understand that they must learn to co-parent, but their lives don't have to intersect. I am glad they went to court and I rather imagine they'll be returning often. Kathryn seems to think that because she is the baby mama that she can call the shots on TRav. Not gonna happen nor should it. I believe it's better for Kathryn to have supervised visits; she has no idea what parenting is about. Hell, she doesn't even know how to act like an adult. Yeah, I know she has some issues. She should work on them and get her meds fixed. I am not at all sympathetic to either one of them. TRav's expressions when Kathryn was being so emotive were priceless.
  6. Notmuchofacook

    S03.E14: Reunion Part 2

    Dear god, Kathryn is certifiable.
  7. Yeah. Can you imagine sitting near her???? God!
  8. Notmuchofacook

    S03.E13: Reunion

    Kathryn is a mess. I wouldn't spend five minutes in her company. When the children are mentioned, she suddenly turns into a madonna (not the rock star) and smiles. Minutes later she's a screeching harridan, accusing castmates of unprovable behavior. She needs to do a bit of her own soul searching. And get to a therapist. No sympathy here. The others are deeply flawed, but not one of them gives me the creeps like Kathryn. (PTSD, I think, from a former lunatic daughter-in-law whose behavior was so much like Kathryn's it makes my head spin. And, BTW, this former DIL gave up all three of her kids to all three of her baby daddies and I know doesn't ever see or support two of them.)
  9. Notmuchofacook

    Watch What Happens Live

    There is nothing Nene Leakes can do to herself that will make me like her...or even tolerate her. When I see her on a show, I'm done.
  10. Good thing Beth didn't go to the dog wedding...it could have evolved into the RHONYC GoT "Red Wedding." That's all I've got. I'll show myself out.
  11. Notmuchofacook

    S12.E07: Snow You Didn't

    Khloe needs to stop with her lousy British accent. It's stupid and not funny. Well, she herself is stupid and not funny. Kris needs to back off her desire to have the estranged husbands/boyfriends stay in the family. Doesn't she get it? I guess I can see including them at Christmas if there are children involved, but it's not her decision. She might ask the girls what they think and then go with their answer instead of sounding like she's preaching from a mountain about "family" etc. Stupid woman. Stay out of their business, ma'am. Again...Khloe is painfully unfunny. I really wish Kourtney would cut Mason's hair. He's adorable, but the hair is just wrong. STOP with the selfies and duck lips. It has become an obsession--not healthy or cute. I'm pretty sure my watching this goat rodeo is not healthy, either.
  12. Notmuchofacook

    S08.E11: Invitation Interrupted

    What I have been noticing more and more this season is that Bethenny does not look at the person she is talking to. Her eyes drop down or look to the left or right, she makes her mouth look small...anyway, she never has an open expression at all except in her talking heads. Then, she's looking either at the camera or the person asking her the question. I think it's odd and uncomfortable. Furthermore, often as she enters a room, she's looking at her phone and even before either she or the other person leaves a room, here comes the phone. I think it's alienating and neurotic. She did manage to look directly at Carole a few times when they were in Beth's bedroom. I don't like the cliquey thing at all. Freezing Sonja out is mean. Having a meeting with the others to decide who gets to go to Mexico???? Seriously, is this a high school sorority? Oh, LuAnn. You're entirely too giddy about your upcoming "nuptials." And, rather than wait to tell everyone all at once, we get to witness her strange happiness over and over when she makes her announcement to each one. Bravo couldn't spring for an engagement party? Ugh.
  13. Notmuchofacook

    S12.E05: Fake It 'til You Make It

    They wanted to be like "normal" people. So they go to great lengths to look "normal" and get on the tour bus with real "normals." Rather than observe how "normals" behave, Khloe starts her look at me, listen to me behavior. It appeared to me as if the "normals" were mortified that this weird looking old woman with the long, grey hair was talking so much and so loudly...and being so silly with the younger two. Their behavior was disgraceful; laughing and giggling as if to say, "We are so clever, normals. Now we're normal like you, but you don't know it, because we're behaving like normals." God. What stupid females.
  14. Notmuchofacook

    Tiny House Hunters

    OMG. These people. Four kids, the oldest a teen age girl, and they're discouraged about the dining table. These are TINY HOMES, people. They don't have much storage or privacy or dining. For crissake, buy a freaking house.
  15. Notmuchofacook

    The Kitchen

    I enjoy this show and learn a thing or two, but I have to ask: WTH is going on with Sunny's aggressively ugly makeup? The eyeshadow and lip colors have been awful the last few shows.