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  1. Actually, I have faith in Duvernay, the lady is deep, she's got this. She's going somewhere and I most definitely believe it isn't toward everything is poor Ralph Angel.
  2. Yes, she is a hot mess, boy does she frustrate me. Just when I would think she was actually on her way to getting her act together, she'd drop the ball.
  3. I do to, it makes for good story telling and I think I'm supposed to be frustrated with this aspect of his character. Still root for him, get frustrated and want to ring his ears at the setbacks, but never stop rooting for him, for all of them.
  4. Why should they be the only ones to have known better? Ralph Angel is a grown ass man with a son and worse he was being offered help but because he's so damn immature, he refused it and ended up throwing money down the drain. I hope I don't see those two sisters of his treating him like some baby throughout this series. Where blame is on him, it needs to be pointed out and not placed on his sisters because they are women, supposedly smarter, and older. He is a grown man with a child, he needs to take ownership of it all. He bitched about wanting to try to keep the farm, Aunt Vi asked them to l
  5. LOL, the teddy bear Ted, from the movie TED, has a new role on Empire, I love it. I was waiting for that bear to say something. I can't believe Luscious pointed his fake gun fingers at the back of Jamal's head. Oh please, of course I believe it. I hope Cookie's wardrobe improves because I don't know what the hell was going on with it in this episode.
  6. There was during the day time of course, when viewership is lower. She had the young lady, I forgot her name, but it was a young lady who she's known since her days as first lady, she was sitting right next her as she spoke. She also spoke at the convention if you can recall about when she first met Hillary, she was in the wheel chair. Oh wait, I'm not sure if I was watching CNN or MSNBC at the time, sorry. But I do know they covered it briefly during the day time on one of these channels. She talked about getting those who live with autism into the work force more. I forgot who she l
  7. Bwaah, Rachel said she wanted to call in sick today so she could go to the Bridgegate trial, LOL.
  8. As a matter a fact, Russell strikes as more of someone who would commit murder or at least pay to put out a hit on someone. I thought he was capable of ANYTHING when he led in burning down Belinda's house. Gamby is the kid from school who has no strength in his core, he's a follower. He's the idiot that ends up taking the fall, yet he wasn't really the mastermind behind it all. Dummy, you can see already Russell trying to run a game on Gamby with his "you" this and "you" that bullshit, with Gamby interjecting and reminding him that it was he too that committed all the crimes right along side
  9. Her kids didn't strike me as murderers. I don't even see her filling them in on what she would deem as a huge humiliation/failure. Whoever it was they were tall, taller than even Russell, as well as heavier. Heck, it could be the Russell's neighbor across the street since Neil is the one who knocked him out cold defending Russell. He knows what his car looks like, he pulled up in front of his house in it. Although the guy didn't look as muscular as that neighbor but he sure did look to be the same height. And it would also explain why he also set Russell's car on fire too. I'm thinking i
  10. Melissa is cracking me up, with her don't bring me into this shit, I'm good with her (Tre), this season. I laugh every time, looking at Melissa trying not to blow things cause she and Joe are on the inside now and I don't blame them, LOL. When she was at the Wakiles, telling Jacqueline to cut the shit and leave me alone, I'm not in this, I could not stop laughing.
  11. Tre and Nene would definitely end up punching the shit out of that uppity smart, ass mouth Bethanny. Those two could not take her mouth at all, she definitely would not be able to hide her "looking down on them" attitude. On another matter, I don't give a shit about Kathy and Rosie, they aren't entertaining and that's not Tre's fault. This to me is much to do about nothing, it's nobody's business which is how Tre wanted to keep it but, Andy wanted them on the show and he's the boss. However, Tre still has star power as far as this viewer is concerned and if she leaves I know I won't be w
  12. The person who shot Neil was clearly much taller than his wife's short husband, who looks much shorter than Gamby even. No way could that have been him unless this show is that bad that it thinks viewers like me don't notice huge differences in height. I'm thinking they are smarter than that because the show is on HBO, I'm hoping they are anyway. Now could he have paid someone? Maybe, but I doubt it. He admitted he was jealous to Neil and he didn't seem sinister during that convo.. Not only that, Neil ended up encouraging his daughter to take up motor cross again which actually is what the st
  13. Really? Interesting, because I've only been just introduced to her via this election season. I don't live in CA, so I really don't follow their politics. It's just that she's gotten coverage in terms of down ballot races during this election season, and I took notice. Chris Hayes over at MSNBC interviewed her to some extent and that's when I thought that democrats might really have something here.
  14. I think KW majored in political science at George Washington University. I think that Kamala Harris woman, Attorney General of CA, might be the first. I can see her on a ticket, and I think that's where she's headed if not trying to get a Supreme Court appointment. She's running for that senate seat. It would be great because she's black and Asian, I believe her mother is Indian and her father is black. Something tells me she might be on the rise.
  15. I'm rooting for them all as well, but aunt Vi is right, this sheltering of Blue is what apparently occurred in the raising of Ralph Angel and it isn't good. I also think being the only boy, carrying the family name, he was his father's pride maybe and had huge expectations put on him because of it, and he when he felt he couldn't live up to them, he started going in the wrong direction. Ralph Angel has a ton of growing up to do. I still can't get over that robbing of the store, it was just so stupid. I can't get it because he didn't do it because he and his child were genuinely starving and t
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