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  1. Agree. I like Sharna and I think she does well with needy or insecure pros, but she's like Tony in that Her choreography is often underwhelming. I think Nick needed her hand-holding, but I do wonder how he would have danced with someone like Karina or Anna.
  2. Eh. Guessing she bailed because she wasn't getting fawned over the way she wanted. I find it hard to believe the dual stories of her struggling with pneumonia all season and it suddenly being so bad she had to go to the hospital.
  3. Is it editing or is it a persona some of these contestants are putting on to play a part? There is a huge problem with how black women are portrayed on reality television, and there does seem to be a pattern on DWTS. But there are some black women who have escaped that portrayal on the show, which does lead me back to editing vs. persona. It would be harder to edit Tamar in that way if she hadn't given them the clips of her questioning the dance story/set up multiple weeks in a row. Did the producers ask her to give Val a hard time? Or did Tamar go that route to be seen as a bigger personality
  4. Victor Espinoza wasn't going to go anywhere no matter the height of his partner - the man can't dance. Karina was able to do more with the Woz than Victor. Some people have it, some people don't.
  5. I remember Louis doing the same thing with Priscilla Presley. She had some dance potential, but he buried her under routines that were too difficult.
  6. Didn't Keo complain about Charlotte not knowing right from left either? I'm thinking the problem is him and not the students.
  7. Nick historically has had confidence issues - he comes from a dysfunctional family, which we discussed on his thread in more detail.
  8. Are you really expecting a seventeen year old from another country to know about an American television show that aired thirty years before she was born? I'm thirty, and I could tell you absolutely nothing about The Jeffersons. There's plenty to critique Derek and Bindi for - unfamiliarity with the show isn't one of them, IMO.
  9. Plus there's the rumors of him being one of Lou Pearlman's "favorites." I can see where a dysfunctional family would make him a good target, and both events contributing to his lack of self-esteem. Both he and Aaron have always had a brittle quality, to me.
  10. Can't speak for OP, but my interpretation of her post was that the SHOW has no rules for either genre - and that's why they are generally a big mess.
  11. The post is awful but I can't help but feel a little proud of Jill. Do I want her delivering babies? Not really. But she actually kept after something she was interested in - something educational, at that! She is broadening her mind a little at a time, and Derrick seems to support her in that. I wonder if we will see her pursue nursing school in a few years.
  12. Exactly. It has to be done in a playful and charming sort of way. It was actually a good suggestion - not Ashley's fault Joe's a dead-eyed robot unable to execute it.
  13. Pretty much every parent I've ever known has done this, my own included. All legs are fine.
  14. Yes, someone break contract and spill the details!
  15. Got suckered into watching the first episode again with a friend trying to catch up. Chris Harrison's glee when Ashley Onion showed up and started talking about the birds cracks me up. You can really tell he enjoys her goofy act. (I do too).
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