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  1. I don't think people are very interested in the howlers' marriages. For whatever reason, it's the girls' courtships and quick marriages that attract attention. Jana's would bring their biggest ratings yet. She and her betrothed would quickly replace Jeremy and Jinger as the "breakout stars"!
  2. Derick's name was misspelled throughout the article!
  3. @Jynnan tonnix - best of luck on your surgery. I hope you heal quickly and feel better than ever! @Happyfatchick, I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope she turns the corner soon, heals and is back home recovering! The face tuning is cracking me up! I'm going to complain about my annoying sil today. I went back on FB when my cousin passed away, feeling the need to stay in touch with my numerous cousins. Meanwhile my sil (I'm married to her brother) seems to have friended every member of my large family. And she's the type who posts comments and boastful pics on everyone's posts, even if she barely knows them. She's been pissing off my closest sister, who is one of the few fun people I follow on FB. Sil takes any topic and turns it around to herself and waylays my funny sister's amusing posts. She polices everyone and corrects people all the time. She truly believes that everyone should be just like her and no one is good enough to measure up. She picked on my sweet sil (married to my brother) yesterday and I so wanted to smack her down, but I won't fight on SM. To me she is the embodiment of "Perfect is the enemy of good." She considers herself to be perfect and I'm sure she believes that others are merely "good" which is not good enough for her. She talks incessantly and loudly, just like my late mil. She's probably on SM more than she used to be, due to the pandemic, but of course, she thinks that she is never on it, because she is such a busy person, too lofty for SM. Anyway, she's been on my last nerve since the 70s, 😲 so I guess I'll just continue to deal with it. Fortunately, my husband is just as annoyed by her.
  4. Same thing happened to me with a landline. The same creditors would call for "John D" on a daily basis. I'd say that I told you yesterday I don't know him. I was given his old number. Then they'd claim they had never called before. It drove me crazy. One day his sister called. He must have been ducking family in addition to creditors. This was right before I got my first cell phone (well, I did have a car phone in the pioneer days!). I gave up my landline and never looked back. But my daughter gets calls on her cell for the guy who previously had her number. One day HE called her and asked her if she could give people who call his new number. She replied that she's not his secretary! These days it seems like most of my calls are about continuing my car's warranty. Even though I opted out of those calls, they keep coming! I don't answer unless I know the caller.
  5. So true! We're in the During now. Everything before Covid is the Before and everything after will be the After. I can't wait for the After!
  6. I have a group of dear lady friends. We started out the pandemic with zooming and continued with online chats. Then outdoor (masked and distanced) groups of about 6. I went to a couple of those, but now that fall/winter is coming they are acting somewhat like the virus is gone and wanting to go to restaurants. On our endless chats, get togethers keep coming up and I've stopped responding to the plans. They know I'm going to say no, but I feel like they think I'm overreacting. And these are bright, aware women! They do wear masks, but my feeling is that you have to remove them to eat and drink, so no, I'm not going to a restaurant, even outdoor seating. If I was going to break social distancing, it would be to see my grandkids, whom I haven't seen in 7 months. But I'm not going to do that. I'm banking on having a future with them. The fact that seeing them requires a trip to another (less safe) state and a stay in a hotel is what has kept us from going there. I will see Mom for her 90th b'day, but all of us "kids" are going on different days and staying masked. She deserves a big party, but that isn't going to happen this year.
  7. Jill has been blathering on and on lately about how much she loves her husband and children. Methinks she doth protest too much. And by the way, JillR, it is possible to love your families without trumpeting it to the internet world. Some people tell their loved ones directly that they love them.
  8. The Rodrigues family will be serving Jesus in person if they keep attending these shoulder to shoulder events unmasked!
  9. I follow a bunch of these Duggars and friends on instagram for the comedy of it. I never post or even like because I don't like and I don't want to get blocked. But life is so hard these days and JillR is the WORST. I unfollowed her and I think I'll unfollow the rest and just watch this spot for self glorifying insane posts from Duggar "friends" especially JillR.
  10. Zoomama - I wish you the very best of health. I hope you do decide to tell your children. I know I would want to know. HFC - I love red barns and yours is lovely! I went to the eye doctor yesterday and I'm excited that I'm going to be seeing better and that I'm fine. I was very concerned because my right eye has been fatigued, even first thing in the morning. Although I had surgery for crossed eyes as a child, my eyes still struggle to work together. She said I have healthy eyes and no glaucoma. Lots of floaters, but they go with my age. I have ocular migraines sometimes, which does not concern her. Hurray! I get very discouraged some days about the times we are living in. I'm really trying to be positive. Thanks for "listening" 🥰 fellow closeteers!
  11. Israel looks eager to go to school. I'm happy for him. Sadly, his school will likely go remote soon. But things will one day normalize and he'll be back, having a more normal life than his cousins and making friends outside of the family.
  12. Yeah, it's not like Jeremy has a reputation for bringing home the bacon.
  13. I lost my same age cousin last week (doesn't appear to be Covid-related). He was the first of our generation to pass and has been part of my life since I was 2 weeks old. He never married and lived far from his only sibling. He will be greatly missed. It's hard not to have a service! I'm sorry I haven't commented much on posters lately. I've been reading and my heart goes out to everyone who's struggling and rejoices for all who are celebrating. In good news, Mr. BB & I have been feeding the fish (and snapping turtles) at our local pond. We found some multi-species fish formula (for bass, etc.) and they come swimming right up to us. It's really cute. We go late morning and early evening. We were concerned because our association has been doing some weird "updates" to our pond and we were worried about the wildlife there. They seem ok, though! It's so funny because the big ol' snapping turtles come swimming over to see what all the excitement is about!
  14. Baby looks really alert - she's a cutie. Name has not been revealed yet.
  15. Why does JillR always photograph herself from such weird angles? Also, why does JillR always photograph herself!
  16. I remember seeing the Smuggar children race lovingly to Suzette in some video. It left me with the impression that she is a loving grandma. I hope that means that she will embrace Nurie and feed her too!
  17. And they wear pajamas to bed. Duggars do things differently.
  18. Wow, @Jenniferbug! I'm glad you got your husband home safe before the storm. One beautiful summer day, several years ago, I was walking and admiring the clouds, about 1/2 mile from home, when I realized a storm was forming behind me. I quickened my pace amid tree limbs falling and rushing wind and considered going into our neighborhood clubhouse to wait it out or racing home. A woman with a baby in her car offered me a ride and yes, I did get in a car with a stranger! Turned out she was a neighbor from about 1/2 block from my home. I was so thankful. It was a microburst with lots of trees down. So scary! Anyway, all of the damage is stuff. Luckily your family is safe and sound!
  19. We've been bingeing seasons 16-18 on Hulu. Sometimes Mike is so careless with people's stuff in his rush to climb around and dig precariously. Robbie is kind of a grump. That said, it does seem like most people are glad to have met the guys after the pick is over. I'm really sick of people who have loads of crap they haven't cared for and expect top dollar for it. Those are the most boring picks.
  20. @Oldernowiser, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your dear mother. She sounds like an amazing person.
  21. I wondered the same thing. Shouldn't he be handwashing constantly like the rest of us?
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