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  1. I've been out with friends when one of us was tired, hungover, or had to get up early, therefore not wanting to drink. The rest of the group may order a drink for that one non-imbiber, to encourage or try to sway her to join in and rally. We are about the same age as this group. If the non-imbiber doesn't want to drink, no one is going to force it down her throat. The drink may sit there, or someone else may even do her shot. Free will people. I also see nothing sinister about Shannon asking the waiter to make it a double. If it were a mixed drink, maybe it could be perceived as sinister. The thing with tequila shots though is that a "double" is just bigger in volume. Plainly obvious to the naked eye, whether it is naked wasted or not. I'm not blaming Shannon or Heather for any alcohol Kelly consumed. It's called personal responsibility, Kelly. Vicki is just gross. That is all.
  2. Please don't let Ashley find out about that! ;-)
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