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  1. Its been fun everyone, but this just isn't the place for me anymore. Keep enjoying the show :)
  2. I'm bitter that Kate still doesn't know that she slept with Curtis 2.0 (Clyde). I'm bitter that Chad has been named the baby's father even though it's not mathematically possible. I'm bitter that Ava is back just when Steve and Kayla found their way back together.
  3. I had quit watching during the time that the HTS was built. What year did this happen?
  4. One thing that I hope really happens is Nicole gets her miracle baby. If Theresa and Abifail can have one, why can't she? The downside of this would be Super Dan being the father of course. I'd be willing to try and overlook it though.
  5. Good points about Chase. I would like to see him in a interesting story other than hinting to him bullying Theo. As for Eric, I always liked the character. I saw him as the "Anti Sami". While I saw nothing pointing toward him being gay, I think it could have been an interesting storyline at the time when Jensen first came on. In the case of Aiden, I wholeheartedly agree. Lots of wasted potential there. In a WAY back moment, I wanted to see more of Jack and Steve. We had that joke of a return in 2006, but I mean a REAL reunion. Going back to 1990, at the time of Steve's "death" Jack and Ste
  6. Omg! I'm glad I had not just taken a drink of water when Jenn asked Abby "how". Is she that blind??? Oh how I wish that Jack was alive so that Abby and JJ would have a parent with a functioning brain. Maybe Jack could help Jennifer locate her's. An APB needs issued for Jenn's brain! Abby had to tell Jenn that she......wait for it......CHEATED on Ben. Yes, she actually admitted it. Well, I guess she had to considering that the Dr told her right in front of Jenn that Ben wasn't the baby's father ((((eye roll)))). And another one goes under the bus. Eric drunk driving! Well, at least GV might g
  7. I want to marry this post! Love it! Spot on in every subject!
  8. Wow. Didn't see that one coming. Both Brady and Eric needing a transplant. The situation is a mess but I'm sure we are gonna see some great performances :) If Brady got a splinter in his foot Victor would claim Theresa was splitting wood somewhere. He is just too much anymore!
  9. Please tell me that Steve is joking about buying into Ava's crap. Theresa hyperventilating was hilarious. Anne was her usual self.....love it! Belle is just behind repulsive right now. She cheats on her husband.....again, gets upset because he wants a divorce, and treats her daughter like she doesn't have the right to be upset at all and just walks away from her. To top it all off, she attends the show with her ex and leaves with Chad! Kate needs to take a seat and shut her money grubbing mouth! The big reveal....enough said!
  10. Oh yes yes yes. This should be done. As it stands right now, everybody is just thinking that Aiden went psycho and tried to kill Hope. Major loose end! As for Chase, the storyline about his mother needs to be brought out. Right now, the only one who knows is Hope. The gunshot trigger sounds great. He could go dark and even think that he shot his mom because he was a killer like his father. This is what I was hoping for with baby Thomas. It's been done before with Shawn, Caroline, Bo, and Victor. In that case the truth didn't come out until Bo was grown. With Thomas it could have been told
  11. I think so too. We had one for spoilers but not for speculations. Hmmm. I never thought about this. It could have been interesting :)The fallout of Kate finding out that Clyde raped Jordan after bringing him to town could have been a good one. Imagine her knowing that she had been sleeping with Curtis 2.0!
  12. Let's discuss what we would like to see happen or what could have happened here :)
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