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  1. Someone asked Sarah on instagram about the spoon!! Mystery solved.
  2. Yup. No puberty = still a child. On a side note - Skyler (Jazz's friend from last week) seems pretty suppressed too and yet also had the surgery. Wonder if it was as complicated for her as it sounds like it will be for Jazz.
  3. Oh man. Sometimes the editing on this show really cracks me up. Amber to Gary: "Yeah, I'm able to get up and do things when I'm supposed to" *Only Amber laughs* *Camera pans to Leah's face being like ummm what*
  4. I toured the stadium locker room a few years ago!!! It was really cool to see it in person :)
  5. They should have just taken 37 this year, I don't see what the big deal is since they've done it several times before. Taryn was equally as good as Christina, and there's enough lockers.
  6. Erica and Holly have both recently posted pictures with themselves and Cersten. I don't think it's anything to read into too much.
  7. Matt touching his phone and then touching all the ingredients in that salad... bleghhhhhh (Unless the editing was weird and he did wash his hands)
  8. I don't know who is in charge of editing this season, but the voiceovers are so horrible even I notice them, and I only half watch this show. For example, they had Leah re-record parts of the conversation with her mom and then insert those new clips while they aren't showing her face. Last week I noticed it with Kail several times. The inserted sound clip is completely different than the surrounding audio. I just wanna know how dumb they think we are.
  9. Some insiders vaguely confirmed (by liking posts) that Katelynn had a bad rep from LSU, which the DCCs who knew her probably passed on to K&J. At least, that's what I think happened. No other way to explain it - Kelli loves a makeover project.
  10. I don't think Shelly owed Jenna any confidentiality as essentially her boss. Shelly responds/reports to Kelli and Judy and it is probably her job to report those sorts of things to them. Jenna dug her own grave.
  11. She asked about whether she would ever be point again, something along those lines.
  12. They are short, but if you look at Jenn K's compared to the new girls', they've definitely been lengthened an inch!
  13. Alexis has been under the radar but she gets my vote for prettiest among the rookies. She is really stunning!
  14. I do not think Kelli was mocking Kashara, I thought she was trying to make her sound endearing, which she totally is.
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