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  1. I had already bailed on the show with Jack and I have read comments that it has turned into the Abigail show but a neighbor of my mom's who's daughter worked in fashion is soCal 20 years ago told us how difficult Lori was and I chose to ignore it as I remember her as a teen on "Edge of Night" with Preacher and so I just figured it was a personality conflict ---I loved "Garage Sale Mysteries" and am sorry about this whole mess but still---UGH---can't imagine the show now without her and they already lost Jack---only redeeming characters being Lee and Rosemary but I am already not watching---w
  2. 17 minutes into the podcast on Hallmark and I am not impressed with the excuses and the justifications---I miss a lot because my computer keeps freezing but really it sounds like "this is how we are going to explain" I have been here before with other shows-----I am not too interested without the mountie--Elizabeth facing life on her own with her pals just not anything I care much about---pretty sure I am out and I have not watched the last several episodes anyway---also a little too much forced laughter and apologizing
  3. His grandfather in Australia died---there is a link floating around to his appearance on the Hallmark talk show "Home and Family" where he talks about that and finding out when they were about to film the wedding scenes and some condolences posted on his Facebook page. I don't know what that all means for the show.
  4. I have not posted in a really long time so I don't expect anyone to remember that I posted about my mom's dementia and how much I did not want to watch this storyline other than loving Marla Adams from way back-----my mom was the Y& R fan but I am still watching off and on and did watch it back in the day ---she passed in November, she was 90 ---- and I miss her every day but somehow Y& R keeps on and I watch because it does not require very many brain cells---I have hated Cane with the fire of a 1000 suns since day one and that has not gone away and Lily was always a sap even when sh
  5. He beats hellout of Cane but then I hated Cane since day one so I am not objective---lol--Lilli is not great either but still away from Cane the whiner and the idiot i s always a plan unless you are 12
  6. yeah bannana I think you are right for sure and while I have never had Nick love still that sucks kinda-sorta even though back in the day I thought Nick was an ass at the time---still Adam is long gone and so is icky Dylan so who cares beside Grampire---and Faith? love the actress hate the nasty little girl but how could she be any different thanks to Victurd and Nick using her against Sharon---
  7. So UGH to everything I have read and I am pretty much the only person I know still sorta watching (kinda liking Chesapeake Bay or whatever it is on Hallmark--don't judge--lol) anyway my 90 yr old mom no longer cares and I mostly watch On Demand on the weekends but my best friend/college roommate/soap fan quit awhile ago along with her husband who refused to get sucked back in---so I keep trying but things are boring and are so obvious (looking at you Hilary) and no lesbian story or a dementia/alzheimer story will interest me---dementia is my real life and I want an escape---I still tune in whe
  8. Yah well I have hated Cane for years and years-----but then I also hate Jason Thompson as Billy---if it was any other actor I would not care as much but still at the end of the day my Cane hate trumps it----and if it means Lily might end up with Jordan ( is that his name--I am a little out of it) then OK---I like the tween kids especially Maddie and Cane has been a burr in my side like forever so no sympathy there----yes Cane is a pasty faced ass who should have been gone along time ago except for the 12 yr olds (but then I never loved Lily except when she was the other actress but still) I a
  9. I have always been a fan of Marla Adams back in the day when I was in high school and she was one of the best on several soaps---she is old school and knows how to do it--I also hope that she is not wasted on some sort of dementia storyline as I am a caregiver of a 90 year old parent and dealing with that in real life and am looking for a little escape (reason I am here so seldom these days) I mostly watch Y& R on Demand because I can be interrupted 4 times in 4 minutes and it is that or cable news and after awhile my eyes cross at that---used to watch "Bull"and loved "This is Us" but if i
  10. Back in the day I loved Marla Adams--not so much on Y& R where she was not a major character but I think she was Belle on Another World or Secret Strorm or some CBS show? her husband ran for the senate? ---gee I feel old---
  11. aarrgghh--I watched gina tognoini for years on 2 other shows and then she came here and her brains all leaked out---WTH---do not like Jason dipshit either and I do remember when he showed up on GH to much fanfare but now??? the nostrils and the horrid acting in a part he was horribly miscast????? I admit I am at least a week behind because why should I care? but I seriously doubt things have improved and damn---this is the only show I have left after a lifetime of ATWTs, Edge of Night etc etc---now I have these dregs of humanity??? sniff----think I am left with culinary mysteries or something-
  12. OH yeah---one of the worst days ever and now another pre-emption---perfect.
  13. So sorry to read this about MEK---he is a class act and too good for the show in it's current state and mom and I were only loving him---liked the vibe between him and Ashley but I guess that was never meant to be----UGH--we are still stuck with Cane who we have hated forever and stoopid Devon and Puka and Grampire--why again to we even care??? HATE Billy (JT) as much as I ever hated Sonny on GH---a show I quit years ago---not sure why we are here at all---happy to get rid of Sage but it is not enough----
  14. Thank you so much for the Mamacap--I so despair when the fruitcap can't happen---when the actual show is on I am doing stuff--usually in the kitchen and cannot always hear or see so any Canadian cap is a huge help to me and I know how hard it is to do--- I am not sure at this point if I can hate Undertaker Billy more but I do---also Phyllis is working on my last nerve--she will never be as hateful as the Stafford Phyl but she can come pretty damn close which is all the time lately---at least it is character hate and not windmill acting choice hate---I guess-- I still loathe Victor as u
  15. OH so fine Undertaker Billy and stoopid Jill---that makes it all OK? NOT---stay in the family of idots and slimeballs---YAY ^^^^^^^^^clarifying to say that I was not calling the family we know idiots etc just this current crop of characters that are so out of character they may as well fall off a cliff---feeling more than a little cranky about the show these days and not very tolerant
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