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  1. But fans could DEFINITELY see her eyes when the HD screen zoomed in on her. And she looked amazing in still photos from the game. It seems like there’s always at least one girl Kelli keeps around because the fans will like her, even if she can’t pick up the style.
  2. Julia was fired from one job but got a freelance job with another network. Now I believe she’s a “fill-in” traffic person somewhere.
  3. Julia had zero chance at ever making the team because she was working for a TV network that Is NOT the one the Cowboys have a deal with. She would have had to quit working for that station to have a shot. So she was set up to make it look like she’s not so great at broadcasting, and the result ended up better than any of the producers ever hoped. That she then clearly stated profanity directly to the cameras and shoved a veteran was icing on the reality TV cake. They dragged out her cut to let her think she actually had a chance despite the non compete clause.
  4. Maybe it’s the angle, but Lexie’s wrist looks like it’s bent at an odd and painful angle. I think someone tried to photoshop out part of the fabric from her sleeve.
  5. Is that the same one that reposts pics from the girls’ instagrams? I had to leave that group, one of my work colleagues was yelling about lawsuits after noticing some of the copyrighted material from Instagram was copied and reposted in a private Facebook group.
  6. The reason they face away from fans is that the photographers and their cameras are on the field. No one is going to risk missing a key game shot to run up to the touchdown decks to get shots of the cheerleaders for TV. I don’t even know if they’d even be allowed in that area with COVID protocols. Face the crowd and when the cameras cut to the cheerleaders before commercials all you get is shaking ass. In the end it’s about the business, not the fans who can’t see the game.
  7. I actually am a journalist. The media has been trying to figure this out, especially the COVID aspect. The Cowboys organization refuses to comment, and so does everyone involved. Probably NDAs in some instances, but unless someone speaks out or files a lawsuit our hands are basically tied. The contract says they can be cut for basically any reason, so until someone involved legally alleges whistleblower violations there’s nothing we can do. Maybe a group like TMZ, which will report allegations that aren’t necessarily confirmed, would be interested.
  8. The thutt episode is on Pluto right now. It’s the same one where Hannah is cut for weight and Veronica is called “huge.” I cannot believe these women stay through this kind of obnoxious treatment. In no world is Meagan stocky or Veronica huge. For all that they sacrifice for this team they deserve to be treated with at least a smidge of respect. I think Hannah and Brennan ultimately will realize they came out ahead.
  9. Poor Kelsey was repeatedly humiliated by Kelli and Judy and still managed to rise above all of it. I think after about the third time they brought up the 50 yards comment I would have walked. Then there was the bacon incident, and constantly getting the “how do we know you’re not an ambassador risk?” question. She and Kyndall and Meagan Flaherty and Kalli Fullerton were treated like garbage, sometimes by the organization and sometimes by the TV editing crew.
  10. I was going to say that I didn’t have nearly this much stuff when I moved into my college dorm for an entire year.
  11. I don’t want to seem pessimistic, but I work for the media and every day we get calls about positive cases at these overnight camps. I can’t remember the name of the one that had an outbreak last week but a few different sets of parents reported that their kids got sick. This is going to get worse here before it gets better. I’m not convinced there will be a football season, or if it happens, that anyone other than players, coaches, announcers and people who own the private suites will be present.
  12. I’m a media professional with 30 years of experience and this statement about being given the topics to prepare a script is simply not true. The interviewees will often show up with a handout of suggested questions, but it’s up to the reporter whether to follow it. A lot of radio interviewers do. TV not as much because it ruins the spontaneity and makes everyone appear robotic. Newspapers (other than small-town ones) almost never use them. Someone who can give a decent sound bite is valuable. I had to interview Kelsi Reich once and she came off as pretty vapid.
  13. Katy Aldrich is not former DCC Katy Marie. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/katy-aldrich/44/55b/775
  14. I would love to see Bring It On Courtney reaudition. I saw her recently at a Stars game and she had a much more polished look than she had on the show last season. I think it would be interesting to see her try again, especially in a year where they need such a large rookie class.
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