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  1. kaypretzels

    S06.E02: Shakedown

    I think she doesn't want him to overhear because that would feed his ego. He's probably talked a lot of shit about her and how she's obsessed with him, etc. and she doesn't want to add to that. I was just thinking about Leah's time out situation with the girlses-- I have a 2 1/2 year old and I don't want to be all "agh I am the best mother ever"-- I only have one kid, she's a doll, my husband is an outstanding coparent... BUUUT I have no idea why those kids were put into time out? She told the older one "no you can't have these I'll get you a different kind" her kid whined, kids whine-- it's annoying... I don't understand why she was put into time out for it? Leah escalated the situation unnecessarily. Making a big deal that her kids were being difficult so she had an excuse to stick them in the corner. I would have said-- "hey kid sorry you don't have the patience. it sucks having to wait, i understand that. but you can either sit here and whine and wait a second or you can go do something to distract yourself for a bit. want me to get you your coloring book while you wait?" yelling at her and putting her in time out certainly isn't going to teach her anything about patience. and the other kid was put into time out because she wouldn't eat her dinner? i'm a firm believer that most kids will eat when they're hungry. if they're over tired or have snacked all day they'll refuse food. that's okay. when they're hungry later you warm up the plate from earlier. "you're not hungry right now? i understand, we had those yummy crackers earlier. you still need to sit at the table with us while we finish our meal.-- if whining continues let them go have some time to themselves with a toy on the kitchen floor. (even though from the looks of it no one was sitting at the table so why would she have been expected to be there?). I try REALLY HARD not to judge other mothers but that was just lazy. She's totally overwhelmed, over medicated and I don't understand why she won't take the HELP offered by her children's FATHERS.
  2. kaypretzels

    S06.E02: Shakedown

    long time lurker, rare commenter. did the disingenuity of the proposal/reaction to proposal skeeze anybody else out? i'm wondering if jennelle and nathan decided to make it a spectacle in hopes that MTV would pay them for their wedding and they'd get some tabloid feature money out of it.
  3. kaypretzels

    S03.E03: Deja Vu

    I would love to see Mariana/Wyatt explored. They could connect on a lot of things. And Callie put poor Wyatt through the wringer so hopefully she'd just be happy he'd found someone. I loved the actor who plays her current boyfriend when he was on dance academy but maaaan he's terrible when trying to put on an American accent-- there was another show where he tried to play American and was bad. I think it takes too much for him to concentrate on hiding his Australian accent.
  4. kaypretzels

    The Fosters in the Media

    DUI probation/DUI general rumors of the actor being a dick
  5. kaypretzels

    S02.E02: Shut Up And Drive

    How much time has passed between the shooting/kidnapping (that was within a couple of days of each other right?) and now in the series? gabe's hair grew 4" over night, all of the sudden tay and offie are school chums (they were INTRODUCED in the first couple of episodes of the first season... and now they've got coordinating class schedules) and the divide between taylor/max is so wide they need to "do their own thing". Oh and Bird is all the sudden the best-est bff bestie in the world even though she had Carter put in jail? I'm frustrated with the show this season. Most especially because they've taken away any humor the younger brother had left.
  6. kaypretzels

    Jessica & Ryan D

    I remember he's Ryan "D" because he's a "D bag" I'll be surprised if he manages to change my mind.
  7. kaypretzels

    S02.E03: The Wedding Night And Morning After

    I think I have a pretty different read on Jaclyn then the rest of the group. I find her brash for sure but I also find her to be a really good communicator and thats important in any relationship, especially one with a stranger! Ryan could use being a bit more forthcoming, I think she would take it well since she's a very "lay it all on the table" type of person. She did make an effort to add in some "babe"s and "hun"s along with the dude/bro... I don't think it's realistic for everyone to start with the sweetie/babe/honey talk and at least dude/bro is familiar and friendly. But it's a fine line. I think it's going to take a lot for her to put down her walls enough for romance, but it's a good sign she's accepting him as a friend. Obviously she's got some things to work through since it's been so long since she's opened herself up in that way to a romantic partner.
  8. kaypretzels

    S02.E01: Love The Way You Lie

    I'm sure that's where they'll go with it, but it's hard for me to wrap my head around a couple going through all the troubles of infertility and IVF before getting married. Just not very typical of the process. I agree they'll go with the affair route and David allowed Lori to take one of the girls so he could write a book
  9. kaypretzels

    S02.E03: The Wedding Night And Morning After

    It was too big so she took it off before the gym. I've been happily married for 8 years, I only wear my (gorgeous) wedding ring about 70% of the time, my husband wears his 24/7 but I get frustrated with having anything on that long, I take it off right when I get in from my day and usually put it on before leaving the house but if I don't I don't worry about it-- I'm still married either way.
  10. kaypretzels

    S02.E01: Love The Way You Lie

    So I guess they're just glossing over the fact that last season Elizabeth's husband (can't think of his name) said they basically only got married because she was pregnant? I think they fixed it only to create more drama later, but they're the OTP of the show for sure so if it means more brooding looks and tension, I'm all for a little Max/Taylor drama, I have no doubt they're the end game.
  11. In the picture Jason posted, that I linked you couldn't see the Ryan's rings but the other boys were showing theirs off. whistler linked a picture i hadn't seen before of the same night proving they all had their rings on
  12. I hadn't seen that picture. I assumed they were required to wear their rings but wondered if they'd be more likely to forget it if they weren't together anymore. It would be easy to assume in the picture Jason posted that with two of them showing off their rings and two of them looking as if they were hiding their hands away that maybe they'd forgotten their rings/don't wear them. It's cool that you found another picture. Maybe it's because of the quality of the picture but RealtorRyan's teeth don't look as bad here
  13. kaypretzels

    S02.E01: Love The Way You Lie

    I am way too excited (most especially for the return of Max and his amazing hair...)
  14. new to the forum-- did anyone else see the instagram picture jason (from season 1) posted the other night of him with all the grooms from this season? he and sean? (daviniah's husband, is his name sean? it's escaping me at the moment) are flaunting their rings and the other guys have their hands sort of hidden. ryan r has his hand in a sort of strange fist, i can't tell if he's fist pumping for the picture (endearing as he may be, let's face it he's a bit of a dweeb so i wouldn't put it past him) or purposely hiding that he isn't wearing a ring... https://instagram.com/bklynbad/