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  1. Oh God, oh God I miss 10 and Donna Noble...so much.
  2. I loved, loved loved Matt Smith's tenure, I loved the convoluted complexities of the stories with Amy and Rory. Anything Weeping Angels, still terrifies me. (Blink and Tenant I can't even watch it in the dark!) Some of his series I didn't love, but that's because I loved Amy and Rory and disliked Clara. I sobbed like a baby when Amy said "Goodbye" in Angels take Manhattan. Any problem I had with Stephen Moffat's era was how he paid off some of his complex story lines poorly, or not at all. While I tolerated some dropped plots, Because Capald's Doctor still had Clara, his tenure was my l
  3. What fun? I honestly watched this episode until Whitaker said she'd "had an upgrade" and I just couldn't. My husband, a very casual watcher, watched the episode, kept asking me questions while this longtime fan (and I'm a woman, so it's not all men who dislike this series's Doctor with her "fam" with the exception of Graham because Bradley Walsh can actually act) pouted and watched youtube instead. Every time I looked up at the TV The Doctor had on her O face, or her whacky quirky lip sneer face on. Nope, I'm done. I was done last series, but like my anger for Game of Thrones I really want
  4. I never really thought of it that way before, but then if I love you, chances are we did or were going to have sex anyway. I
  5. They do that, though. I don't remember what they played during Season 1 episode 4, the last part when it was "We are handmaids bitches", can't remember, the song but it was great. I'm of that generation, from the 60s to now, and often the music is my favourite part of the show. Whoever decides on the music is like they are in my head. If you don't know the music, it might surprise or startle you but it's a very important part of this series. Often I just like it because it's one of my favourite songs, not that it particularly "goes" with the them of the show, that's the point, it doesn't. Bu
  6. The best thing about this show, is the music, in my most humble opinion. Of course, it's "My" music too, from my parent's music I listened to in the womb till now, 55 years and change. More than Words, I loved, loved Extreme then and now. Such tight harmony. The 80s big hair. I am often seriously bugged by the show, but the music...I always love their music choices.
  7. By the looks of it, only Winterfell is represented at the meeting. Thus The Last Hearth (Umbers), The Carhold (Karstarks), House Cerwyn, The Dreadfort (Boltons), Deepwood Mott(Glover), Bear Island (Mormont), aren't represented at all. There are a bunch more other houses that were never shown in the show. We know what happened to The Last Hearth, Bear Island and the Dreadfort--all were killed off in the show, but the other houses...Lord Glover's house should technically still be on the hook for refusing the call.
  8. I’m not sure if I’ll come back for the prequel, but I’ll be around a few pages. I appreciate knowing ahead of time how sucky the ending would be, because between this thread and the Freefolk, I’ve been kept spoiled and happy-ish. cheers.
  9. I thought of all those kids called Khaleesi, sometime last night while my jaw was on the floor. I'm not just mad at D and D. I'm mad at George RR Martin, too. I've spent so much money, time and braincells on both this show and more importantly the books. Did Daeny going nuclear surprise me? Nope, because I have read the books and watched the series over and over. She did kind of what I expected, she was a dragon. But the franchise gets no more money from me, I will not buy TWOW or A Dream of Spring if and when they ever come out. I will watch the end next week, wipe my hands and get on
  10. Nope, not Harry's horse, he had a different bridle on. And he had 2 twisted back legs when last seen.
  11. The craziest thing, I immediately and for no reason when the stallion showed up, I thought she was Drogo, she was dead, and finally riding to the Nightlands. Haven't seen the commercial for next week but I assume Arya's alive and I was maybe drunk?
  12. I am a book reader first but I absolutely love this show. I've spent years rewatching, watching every spoiler, theory, and basically everything GOT and ASOIAF. (I watched the videos of the 2 leaked scenes today.) If you start at the beginning of the series and continue, it's abundantly clear when the show "writers" ran out of George's material. Most of season 5-7 was cringey and awful, with small parts of good in them, for one my favorite episode was The Winds of Winter, because the music was amazing. This season tops Season 7 as the most terrible. Will I get over it? Some day, but it's
  13. I listened without captions and I plainly heard . “ He never should have trusted Cersei.” Closed captions are often wrongly worded, being from hearing people who all hear differently. I am always catching problems on youtube closed caps.
  14. I love this comment so much. Not everyone wants silly sexy times in our favourite show. I don't. We don't have time for it and neither do the characters. Honestly, I've thought about my own self 25 years ago when I was still young, would I go off and screw if the world was about to end? Nope. It's fan service and nothing else. Lots of squeals of glee from shippers-- note everyone who has commented on this site alone. GRRM writes wonderfully, but he writes cringe worthy sex scenes, especially if you are listening to Roy Dotrice narrate the books. D and D like to shock, but they write cringey
  15. Leslie Jones and Seth Myers are the reason I am smitten with this show. I never was one bit interested until I saw Them together. They were hilarious. I started watching immediately, was completely unspoiled for every episode up to season 6, and after watching their skit I went to the first season and began a love affair with this show. And the books.
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