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  1. John S

    S05.E10: Long Live Love

    Choosing to become a convicted felon could NOT lead to a good outcome.
  2. John S

    S05.E10: Long Live Love

    Since she is a convicted felon, Bay's employment options were limited. Going to school would probably been a complete waste of time. She had already been denied entrance into art school.
  3. John S

    S05.E07: The Committee on Human Rights

    I do NOT want to see Paige working as a spy for the Russians. I did NOT want to see her go to Gabriel's home.
  4. John S

    S05.E08: Left in Charge

    Considering that Bay wanted to go to art school to become a "real" artist, being a tattoo artist is one, and probably more, steps down.
  5. John S

    Tuan Eckert: He's like one of them!

    Tuan appears to be P&E's first "son", probably in the 60's, before Paige and Henry were born.
  6. John S

    Speculation Without Spoilers Theories

    I guess we will find out in future episodes.
  7. John S

    Speculation Without Spoilers Theories

    What doesn't make sense? P&E had completely different jobs. They had their high school aged "son" Tuan. Since the show is now in 1984, Paige would be 17 or 18. That is now a completely different family - about 18 years later.
  8. John S

    Speculation Without Spoilers Theories

    Tuan was P&E's "first" child. He may have been Paige's age when he was with them but he would be, at least, 17 years older now.
  9. John S

    S05.E05: Occupy Truth

    I considered this to be a waste of an episode.
  10. John S

    S05.E04: Relation of Lines and Colors

    What if he had said YES?
  11. John S

    S05.E04: Relation of Lines and Colors

    It is strange, that with only 6 episodes left, Sean Berdy would be listed as a guest star, and NOT as one of the stars of the show. That may not be a good sign. We'll see.
  12. John S

    S05.E03: Surprise

    Two years ago I predicted that Bay taking the fall for Daphne would psychologically destroy both of them. Because Bay kept Daphne from going to jail, Daphne would feel tremendous guilt if anything ever happened to Bay. I thought that Bay would have problems with the law because she is a convicted felon. That hasn't happened. However, that guilt IS there. We FINALLY saw it - and it was not only because Daphne asked Bay to go to China with her. It looks to me like Bay might also have problems. If she goes back to Emmett, then that is messed up.
  13. You might be correct but it would have been more realistic to see her struggle with the "pain" of evening the score with Bay.
  14. Switched at Birth is coming to an end - I guess 9 more episodes are left. At the beginning of this thread, almost 2 years ago, I posted some, mostly negative, predictions of what would happen. It doesn't appear like very many of them will come true. The one positive prediction that I made was that Kathryn and Toby would win awards for their musical. That musical wasn't even mentioned in "The Call". I predicted that both Bay and Daphne would be destroyed by the fact that Bay saved Daphne from going to jail. Bay would have many problems because she is a convicted felon and Daphne would crack from the pressure of trying to become a doctor. It doesn't appear like anything like that will be happening. I predicted that, in the end, Bay and Regina, daughter and biological mother, would leave the Kennish house, never to return. John and Kathryn would end up divorced. Those things COULD still happen. In my opinion, there is NO chance that Bemmett will happen. There is more of a chance - small - that Demmett will happen. Since it takes about 12 years to become a doctor, unless they fast forward, there is no chance that Daphne will be a doctor when the show ends. Do you have any predictions - positive or negative - of how this show will end?
  15. MY GUESS for the final scene "Bay Kennish. You are under arrest".