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  1. jaigurudeva

    Killing Eve

    Seemed alright to me. It was a single stab wound approximately 4" deep and 3/4" wide. Certainly enough to hurt, but if it missed major blood vessels and organs like the doc said, it's not unbelievable that she could run around on an adrenaline rush for 30 minutes to an hour. It's not like she was filleted and holding her own intestines in. I agree that Villanelle is certainly going to kill Niko, the sudden make up really telegraphs it. It would be unnecessary and less dramatic to kill Eve's husband if they're already separated and estranged. I also think Carolyn/The Twelve are priming Eve to become one of them. That would explain Carolyn's sudden about-face in rehiring Eve, and her intense interest in how much Eve knows and how far Eve is willing to go.
  2. jaigurudeva

    S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    I took it as Paco thinking, "Joe only kills bad people, like Ron. If Joe's trying to kill Beck, Beck's probably a bad person who deserves it, too." Men are surprisingly, scarily strong, even if they aren't heavy-lifting beefcakes. For as "thin and sallow" as he looks, Penn Badgely seems able to carry Victoria Cartagena around pretty easily. I think having an actor with a more average-Joe (ha) body-type works better for the character. He's less threatening, more unassuming, and it allows his violence to go undetected for longer.
  3. jaigurudeva

    S01.E09: Candace

    Fingerprint scanners for computers and phones are actually laughably easy to fool. Casts of fingerprints in glue or prints lifted with powder and scotch tape can do the trick. I'm surprised Joe didn't do his homework and make a cast in silicon or epoxy instead of keeping the finger, for the smell alone. Agreed, not to mention he still has nightmares about his first murder, Candace's record manager, so he also feels remorse (or something close to it). He's definitely just a damaged individual who's been twisted from a difficult, abusive childhood. Not that it excuses his actions, but it explains them with a sympathetic psychology that makes for a complicated character who isn't just a mustache-twirling, evil sadist.
  4. jaigurudeva

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    I think the message isn't about astrology, it's about how terrible and dumb it is to prejudge, persecute, and condemn a group of people based on something they were born with, whether that be their astrological sign, or their race, sex, gender, or nationality. I was waiting for Ed's hand to start melting after he shook hands with the leader. "Oh, by the way, we sweat hydrofluoric acid, that isn't a problem for you aliens, is it?" After that didn't happen, I expected during the feast it would be discovered that what might be a delicacy to the Regorians is deadly poison to (most of) the crew (with Bortus obviously enjoying the meal seasoned with arsenic and washed down with mercury). You should know more about a species and culture you intend to make first contact with other than, "Can we breathe their air?" If they still have access to Kool and the Gang, they must have seen Signs. Also, where is Isaac? He only had a few brief scenes in Dr. Claire's episode, and a line in this one. You'd think he'd be one of the first to go down to scan, study, and catalog a new sentient species, since that's his whole raison d'être. I also just plain need more deadpan robot humor, he's one of my favorite characters!
  5. jaigurudeva

    S02.E05: All the World Is Birthday Cake

    I don't think Xelayans are any more indestructible as other humanoid species, they're just comparatively stronger because they're adapted to and born in high-gravity, and so have "super strength" against materials and in environments adapted to lesser gravity. I did get something of a sinister vibe from Talla, with her "punch now, ask questions later" thing. I've already deleted the episode, but when she was strangling the doctor who was going to extract their tooth samples and Ed stopped her, she seemed loathe to let him go, and she said something like, "You're lucky this time." I think her propensity to violence is going to come up again. (I agree with the rest of your post 100%!) Kelly and Bortus' genius plan was, "How can we stop these people whose prejudice believes us to be violent, homicidal criminals? I know! Let's be violent, homicidal criminals!" The astrological belief system doesn't really hold up. I can get behind that, through cultural conditioning, the other signs might be self-fulfilling prophecies. If you're indoctrinated into the global religion and are told all your life that you're going to be a great leader because of your star sign, get all the opportunities and education to track you along that career path, then you'll probably end up a great leader. But have no other signs committed violence or crime in their society, especially when it's still a capitalistic society and thus open to currency competition and wealth inequality, corporate greed, homelessness and poverty? Further still, the Giliacs in the concentration camps said that no one has ever tried to break out before, because they accept the dogma that they're inherently worthy of incarceration. They've passively accepted their lot in life, their history is 100% nonviolence, and yet the rest of society hasn't caught on that Giliacs aren't acting according to prescribed belief? With a track record like that, where are the skeptics and atheists in this society?
  6. jaigurudeva

    S04.E01: A Flock of Lost Birds

    Anyone else have beef with the trend of using high pitched sounds as a means to drive up intensity and suspense? It never fails to freak out my dog. I had to watch half of this episode on mute because they leaned so heavily on it. Otherwise, really enjoyed the episode and watching everyone come together in spite their enchantment. Missed you, Magicians!
  7. jaigurudeva

    S02.E02: Primal Urges

    Compared with other TV-14 shows like Riverdale or Arrow, where it can get pretty hot and heavy before cutting away, I thought the "porn scenes" were pretty tame; maybe two kisses total and some idle petting by dudes in trunks. Nothing that will break any 14-year-old's brain these days. I really liked that there were more rippling effects from Topa's birth and gender assignment. It will be interesting to see more as Topa (quickly) grows up and learns about their past. (Considering Bortus seems to be the first Moclan on the Orville to go back for the Ja'loja, does that make Topa less than a year old and already looking like a 7-year-old human? Edit: Just realized that Moclan years could be much longer than Earth years, for all we know Moclans pee once every 14 Earth years or something, unless this was addressed in the previous episode wherein they went to Moclus.) Maybe the lottery is meant to be more dispassionate, but I feel like the dying planet's youngest generations should have all gone, with one or two of the most educated adults to pass on the society's history and culture. This would give them the best chance at the survivors reproducing through more of their race's sexual maturity and repopulating faster and more diversely. Also surprised that the race was completely humanoid, given the creativity of the make up department on this show. Maybe they were too busy painting all those Moclans.
  8. jaigurudeva


    Great, an ending that wasn't. No answers as to who/what the Volcryn is, why Cynthia seemed to know of (and was so afraid of) the Volcryn, why the Volcryn turned babies into dust and drove people bananas but in the end only brought D'Branin to an alternate dimension to be with his family. I guess they forgot that the whole point was to glean some knowledge from the eldritch space monster and save Earth. Everyone else dies and/or gets sucked into the space monster's colon and go to their own alternate dimension(s?). At least two people get away with murder and the rest are somehow more maladjusted than before their space odyssey. Earth is still doomed. The end.
  9. jaigurudeva


    I wondered about this, too! Why were Mel and Rowan at all surprised that Roy had a robot hand/neck? Roy literally just walked out of a decontaminated room declared void of living organisms with gleaming robot eyes, but then it's only after he's axed to pieces they're like, "What are you??"
  10. jaigurudeva

    S37:E12 Are You Feeling Lucky?

    When the entire episode didn't feature Christian in the slightest (I wondered if he and Mike sat out on the reward challenge, because I didn't see a single shot of either) I figured he was a goner midway. Without his alliances with Carl, Gabby, and Nick (and with the jury full of former brochachos and allies of his) he had no way of getting to the final anyway. I'm rooting for Davie, with a dream-team final of Davie, Kara, and Alison. Davie was the only one smart enough to give that fake idol a second thought, although I'm not sure about his play with the idol from the advantage. I don't know if I would play it (even if it's the only time it can be played) if I weren't in immediate danger, since you run the risk of alienating your alliance and putting a target on your back when they see you had an idol they didn't know about. On the other hand, it seemed to flush both the fake idol and real idol out of Nick, who played both for some reason? Why not play the real idol and let everyone still assume you have another?
  11. jaigurudeva

    S05.E07: I Got Played

    It still happens all too frequently, and for the same reason asshole homophobes feel the need to inject themselves into all other aspects of LGBTQ+ lives, like dictating whether they can get married, or order wedding cakes, or if they can hold a parade or a funeral without a mob wielding "God Hates F*gs" signs showing up. The same reason why asshole transphobes feel the need to clock and out transgender people going about their day, or refusing to use their preferred pronouns. The same reasons why asshole racists feel the need to acost Latinxs to "Speak English in America" or "Go back to where you came from," or call the police on black people just for existing. Because homophobia, transphobia, and racism are still alive and well today. Because when you are in a position of majority, privilege, and power (like being cisgender, straight, or white), equality can feel like oppression. It's a knee jerk reaction to defend their privilege so they can continue to live in a society that tips in their favor. I'm not sure how I feel about Nate Sr.'s death being a deliberate assassination from the governor. It makes it seem like the disproportionate amount of shootings and killings of black people by police officers are part of a large conspiracy with mustache-twirling masterminds at the top, and not the result of systemic social prejudices and racism that continue to ripple through society today. They didn't need to make it all be a grand scheme by the governor. It would have been much more realistic, and tragic, if Nate Sr. was the victim of yet another shooting caused by racially-charged itchy trigger fingers.
  12. jaigurudeva

    S09.E04: The Obliged

    In the comics she was a lawyer, in the TV series they've never explicitly said. But she has tasked herself with creating the entire legal system of the new society, so it's a good bet she was a lawyer in this universe, too.
  13. jaigurudeva

    S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    Ah, yes, Japan, where the Yakuza gangsters are all trained samurai living by the Bushido code. The FBI acting as judge, jury, and executioner is par for the course. I can count on one hand all the people they've managed to bring in alive for questioning. I laughed out loud when the camera zoomed in on Rich's crossed fingers. Next time he'll probably just wink at the camera.
  14. jaigurudeva

    S09.E02: The Bridge

    This show is actually halfway enjoyable now that there's a focus on interpersonal dialogue instead of mustache-twirling monologues. I hope this doesn't change when we discover whatever's in the bushes picking off Saviors. I'll take a blood-thirsty Sasquatch over another Negan. At least Sasquatch can't talk.
  15. jaigurudeva

    S06.E21: Whatever Remains, However Improbable

    This season finale was a little "meh" for me. Plot contrivances made for a lot of manufactured drama, but little else. I hope next season's new location brings fresh perspective and ideas, instead trying to shoehorn yet another character plot arch like Kitty, Shinwell, and Michael.